Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Behind the Eyes

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Saying goodbye to Prison Break all over again was never going to be an easy task. 

Thankfully, Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9 brought the storyline full circle while giving the characters the endings they should have gotten in the first place. 

Out of Harm's Way - Prison Break

Hey, we've waited years for this ending, and I'm glad the characters got the justice they deserved. However, I found it so cruel that Whip was killed off like that. From a storyline standpoint, it would have been better to have Whip reunite with T-Bag before Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8

They never got time to bond and run through the years they missed, and it took away from what should have been a horrifying moment for both characters. It was almost like the quick fire death was thrown in to make it easier to digest that T-Bag would go after Jacob. 

I'm all for thrilling endings, but T-Bag changed so much throughout Prison Break Season 5. His first instinct in the past was to kill his way out of situations. What we got to see this season was some first-class character development for Robert Knepper's alter ego. 

Returning to where it all began was a fitting way for the final scene of the series to play out. It was so god damn obvious that T-Bag was in the top bunk. It was perfect but also showed that T-Bag would be spending the rest of his life on the inside. 

Is Lincoln Safe? - Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9

Jacob was a complete D-Bag at the best of times. I don't think I'll ever understand his true motives. I don't think he loved Sara for one minute. I think it was more down to the convenience of knowing that he would be with Sara if Michael ever reappeared. 

It was a good plan, but it was downright cruel, and I'm glad he was made to pay for his sins. Michael recreating the scene of the murder was pretty awesome. It actually reminded me a little of Scream 3 when Sydney was being chased through the fake home by her half brother. 

Some of Michael's decisions throughout this revival series have been downright awful, but I loved how perfectly executed his plan was to take Jacob down once and for all. Watching the happy look disappear from Jacob's face as he noticed that Michael implicated him in the murder Jacob pinned on Michael was everything. 

Jacob prided himself on always being one step ahead of Michael, but he did not bank on Michael being the smartest man on the planet. I mean, we knew Michael was smart, but something tells me he may have been downplaying it to Jacob. 

A Deal with the Devil? - Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9

The investigators seemed so happy to have Jacob in custody. In their line of work, it's probably unheard of to have something like that to happen. 

I was biting my nails when Michael was revealing the truth at the end and showing the missing frames of the image. With minutes left, it sure seemed like they were going to try to find a way to keep Michael imprisoned. 

Maybe they could have in order to use his expertise. It would have been crazy if Michael took them up on the job. Working for the people who cast such a dark cloud over his life would have been an interesting watch, but could anyone really imagine Michael doing anything other than breaking out of impossible situations?

I found Van Gogh's sudden change of heart a little bit out there. He should have been better prepared to handle A&W if she did not want to leave the group. Like, it was alright of him to help Sara out, but I'm just not buying it. 

Both A&W and Van Gogh have been ruthless throughout this revival series. Look at the way they took Paul Kellerman out without so much as thinking about it. 

Are we to assume that Van Gogh was prepared to go to prison for his crimes if he let Sara and Michael run free? Meh. 

Lincoln returning to cause some drama for Luca was just plain dumb. The police could have easily arrested Lincoln and hauled his ass back to Fox River. 

He should have just tipped off the police and watched from a distance. Nothing is ever smooth sailing on this show, so he should have known better. 

So, Michael and Sara are back together and living their life together. This is the type of ending we should have gotten after Prison Break Season 4. Waiting all of this time for this ending sucked, but the characters are officially at peace. 

That said, I found the final scene between Lincoln, Michael, Sara, Sheba and Mike to be laughably bad. It was rushed and packed very little emotional punch. 

I would have rathered one more episode if it meant slowing the pace down and letting some of the storylines sink in before ending it all. 

However, that could not happen because of conflicting schedules for the actors. I'm thankful for these nine episodes, but let's give these characters a well-deserved rest now. 

The series should only ever return if there is a storyline that is worth upsetting this tranquility for the characters. I doubt I'm the only one that may sit out of any potential returns. 

The ending may have been rushed, but it was worth the wait. 

"Behind the Eyes" would have benefited from being a 90-minute installment. So much was happening that it was difficult to process it in such a short time before the next twist reared its ugly head. 

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Over to you, Prison Break Fanatics. How did you feel about the conclusion? Was it a worthwhile revival series? Do you want more episodes?

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Behind the Eyes Review

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The secret to real power is to never betray your intentions, to wear nothing on your sleeve and to never let anyone see your face.


I'll always be a step ahead of you. I can see everything in your eyes.