Scandal Round Table: What Will Peus Do Next?!?

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Olivia and her team work best under pressure. 

That was confirmed on Scandal Season 6 Episode 12, which turned out to be one of the best episodes of the series. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Jim Garner, and Paul Dailly discuss Cyrus trying to kill Rowan, Luna's new role and what's coming next. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Cyrus tried to kill Rowan. React!

Jasmine: Bless his heart, did he think he could kill Command? I laughed, but I found myself laughing at a lot of inappropriate things during this episode.

Jim: I agree, Jasmine. He never had a chance, but I admired him a little for the drive to try and make things right.  

Paul: I found it out of the blue, but pretty comical. Could you imagine if Rowan turned up dead in the White House? 

What did you think of Luna's new role within the White House?

Jasmine: It was so unexpected! I did not see that happening at all. I really want to know more about Luna now. At this rate, this might be the closest I'll ever come to seeing an all-female ticket, so I'm game for as long as it'll last.

Jim: I saw it coming after Luna's speech early in the episode, then when Cyrus said "has to be pure" it clinched it. I'm curious to see what skeletons she brings with her to the white house. Like Jasmine, I'm game for as long as it last. 

Paul: I was floored. Like, it makes a lot of sense to go this route. It will bring the public back on board because there's someone close to the person who was initially elected inside the White House. 

Should Rowan just die already?

Jasmine: I'll admit he's probably long overdue to die, but I found him more amusing than I probably should have during the episode. If he dies then who will give epic monologues and make all those hilarious digs at Fitz? 

Jim: Every time I think there is nothing else for Papa Pope to do, Joe Morton offers up yet another amazing monologue and I'm reminded of the overall caliber of the writing on this show. I kind of hope he makes it to "retirement' or something now. But I don't see any other way it will end than him dying.

Paul: I just hate how Olivia makes excuses for him. He's wicked, and his number was up long ago. It's time to take him out, Jake. 


What will happen with Mystery Woman as a prisoner?

Jasmine: She'll find a way to shank everyone. That's assuming she even makes it there. I don't think she'll end up being a prisoner. Peus has pull and will probably have her back to terrorizing everyone in the blink of an eye.

Jim: We know Peus is going to hit the ceiling, but I really hope they don't let her out. For Elizabeth North's sake, I really hope someone takes a nine-iron to her head. I was feeling bad for David, then Fitz gave him his talk, and I agreed so much I was nearly cheering for David.  

Paul: She's going to find a way to manipulate her way back into power. It does not help that Peus has a lot of connections. 

Was Jake right to grill Liv about being with Fitz?

Jasmine: It don't see it as a right or wrong issue, but why does he even care anymore? Ironically, the man chastising Olivia for doing the same thing expecting a different himself saying the same things and hoping she'll choose a different path (or guy). 

Jim: It was all just par for the course with the Jake-Liv-Fitz triangle of unrequited love. I really like Jake and Olivia together, but I'm pretty sure this all has to end with Fitz and Olivia together.  

Paul: I'm done with the love triangle. There's been too much back and forth, and I'm enjoying Olivia being back together with Fitz. 

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Note: Scandal Season 6 Episode 13 airs May 4 on ABC. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Fitz: Rowan.
Rowan: Mr. Pope, Mr. President.
Fitz: How have you been?
Rowan: You don't actually care and I don't care to answer.

Olivia: How are you feeling?
Rowan: You mean, after being cuffed in a cave by Fitzgerald Grant?