Supernatural Round Table: A Poorly Handled Death

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Lucifer breaks free. Eileen is killed. Sam and Dean left to die? A lot happened on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 21, but was it handled the right way?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business' Alice and Nightsky were disappointed by plenty of what went down on "There's Something About Mary."

And some moments were less forgivable than others... Join in the Supernatural Round Table to let us know your thoughts on the hour.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I enjoyed the whole scene of Sam and Dean getting Eileen's letter, realizing what ACTUALLY happened, and then searching the bunker. It felt like something out of a spy movie.

Alice: Pass. I was even mad at the end credits roll, wondering how Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming deserved jobs after this.

Nightsky: I’d honestly have to rewatch the entire episode to see if I could find one. I hated that they killed Eileen, I was physically disturbed by Mary’s torture, I was embarrassed by the predictable and trite conversations between Hess and Ketch, then Ketch and Toni, and I was annoyed by the Crowley/Lucifer debacle.

I seem to remember laughing at one line, but it isn’t standing out for me anymore.

Sean: There was a lot to dislike about this episode. And that's disappointing. But I really enjoyed the short gun fight in the bunker. It was cool to watch, and seeing Sam and Dean kick some ass was fun. Even that slide by Dean was pretty awesome. It's too bad what followed, however.

Sam is sad - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 21

Were you disappointed by Eileen's death?

Christine: What was the point of even introducing Eileen? She was one of the best new hunters the show had introduced in SUCH a long time! Even more disappointing was HOW she went out. That's how "monster of the week" stories start, not how you kill off an established character with connections to the story.

Alice: You know, I just want to throw my hands up in the air because I really, really think that people running this show think we’re stupid and can be easily manipulated. As soon as she was brought back and started making googly eyes at Sam I knew she was toast.

I’m so damn tired that these writers (notorious for killing strong female characters) think that a death of a supporting character with some actual personality is supposed to drive an emotional plot. They fall back on it way too much, and it’s freaking lazy! I just roll my eyes and go, “These writers are clueless.”

There should be a rule in the writers room that says, “Hey, let’s surprise people and actually not kill characters. Lets put some effort into actually developing and evolving them. That would be different!”

The way she died was just pure lazy writing as if there weren’t 800 different ways to evoke an emotional reaction out of Sam. Bottom line, I’m tired of being treated like an idiot.  This used to be a smart show.

Nightsky: Yes, incredibly. I felt betrayed by the show. It’s almost a joke now that they bring back characters that they know we love simply to kill them. Is this a game to them? Let’s see how far we can push fans’ emotions?

Eileen was not a disposable character to us – she was treasured and had so much promise. It was Charlie all over again.

Sean: I don't really get it. Her death was handled poorly, and there seemed like so much more that could come from her story. Having her killed like she was the random character to kick off the show was just disappointing.

What did you think of Mary being brainwashed?

Christine: At first I was annoyed, but then I remembered that it was exactly what Toni had tried to do to Sam earlier in the season, so it made sense. That being said, I still hate it. Much like Eileen, I feel like we were sold something different with Mary than what we've actually received.

If they wanted to brainwash Mary, why not do that straight from the get-go? Did they think she'd willingly do their dirty work? The plot holes in this story give me headaches.

Alice: I called it in my review last week. I should be bragging, but I really, really wish I was wrong. These plots are getting too damned predictable. I’m with Christine. If that was the purpose, why didn’t they do that when she first started working with the British Men of Letters?

From what we’ve learned from their rather bizarre (and totally inconceivable) backstory, the British Men of Letters are into that manipulation and obedience thing.  I would think they would want that kind of obedience right away.

I’m just still mad that it’s episode 21 and the writers just continue to butcher her character. It’s been a waste of my time, that’s for sure.

Nightsky: It was heartbreaking. Samantha Smith did an outstanding job portraying Mary’s pain. I felt Mary’s anguish when she realized that she was killing friends and putting her boys in danger. The whole plot has thoroughly trashed her as a character.

There is a small possibility that she is faking the brainwashing in order to not let the British Men of Letters finish the process. I hope this is the case. If not, if she is truly lost until that last moment of redemption just before she dies, I will be angry for both the manipulation of Sam and Dean’s emotions and ours.

Sean: OK. I guess I buy that Toni did something similar to Sam, but this still felt out of left field. Why would they have not done this from the start? To any and all of them? It makes me wonder about Mary's fate. I really hope her final episode isn't the finale.

Mr. Ketch and Mary reunited - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 21

Why did Mr. Ketch not just kill Sam and Dean instead of leaving them in the bunker?

Christine: Because Ketch is suddenly a Vaudeville villain who gives speeches about his evil plans and twirls his mustache before running away. That's all I can come up with!

Alice: Because he loves Bond films? He is British after all. It reminded me of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: “I have an even better idea. I'm going to place him in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death.” Honestly, I don’t care about Ketch’s motivations anymore.

For a henchman that gets thrills out of blowing people’s brains out, it seemed very OOC. Either he did it for Mary to give them a chance to escape, or the writers couldn’t come up with a less contrived way to setup the plot for next week. Probably both.

Nightsky: I assume because he has made every hunter’s death look like an accident or the act of a monster. The British Men of Letters are still trying to disguise the deaths to not make other hunters suspicious.

It seemed rather contrived but symbolically, the bunker belongs to the legacy of the Men of Letters, and that is the organization that is betraying the boys, so now even the bunker, their safe haven, is betraying the brothers. It's so contrived and dumb. And it probably won't be explained why he did it that way.

Bloody Mary - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 21

Were you surprised that Lucifer was able to get free from Crowley's control?

Christine: No, but I had really hoped Crowley was going to have the upper hand. The writers really did Crowley dirty this season – he almost felt pointless. Going back in my head through the season, Crowley didn't have an arc, or a series of events he was tied to. He just popped up here and there where he had to to move the plot.

It's a disservice to Crowley. They've always built him up to be the big bad King of Hell, only to make him, essentially, useless. I love Lucifer, I just wish I didn't have to choose one over the other, and that there was a way for them t o both succeed and have a power struggle that actually goes somewhere.

Alice: Right. The freaking all powerful Prince of Darkness. I’m surprised it’s taken him this long. I’ll tell you what disappoints me the most, that anyone would write Crowley this dumb. He’s always been 10 steps ahead of people.

The whole idea that he prevented Lucifer from going into the cage so he could keep him prisoner for payback is asinine! That’s not Crowley. That’s on top of the fact that Sam and Dean are just bystanders with nothing to do this season and Castiel has spent a lot of time in the wind.

I just don’t recognize these characters anymore. The only good that came out of this scenario is that it’s fueled plenty of rat and hamster romance fan fiction.

Nightsky: No. I agree with both Alice and Christine that the entire plot has been ludicrous. Crowley was deathly afraid of Lucifer’s power. Why would he not have put Lucifer back into his cage in the first place? Crowley simply isn’t that stupid. He never under estimates his opponents.

The whole ‘mock Lucifer and parade him in front of the court” was embarrassingly out of character. We kept hoping Crowley was working a scheme within a scheme, but this episode seemed to dash those hopes.

Sean: I like both Lucifer and Crowley, but having Crowley lose on this one seems ridiculous. At this point, either Lucifer or Crowley has to die. For real. No more fake outs. No escape by rat. One has to go for there to be any real impact. It's just disappointing that Crowley really hasn't had anything to do this season either, and now this.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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