The Originals Round Table: What Will The Hollow Do Next?!?

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The Hollow is stronger than we first anticipated. 

That was confirmed on The Originals Season 4 Episode 6 when villains made an appearance at a party in New Orleans. 

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro and Amanda Steinmetz discuss Sofya's revenge plan, Hayley getting answers and The Hollow's next move. 

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Are you over people returning to get revenge on Klaus?

Mandy: Yes. Sofya's story reminded me of Katherine's. Except less exciting. And it's been established Klaus doesn't feel guilty for any of the things he's done in the past. The show is becoming stale with its recycled plots every season.

Justin: People are always going after Klaus or another of the Mikaelsons. We've seen this plot before; it's old news. This is simply rehashing the same thing over and over again.

Amanda: When you have a show about vampires that are 1000 years old, there are blessings and curses. On the bright side, you have an endless helping of flashbacks to revisit. On the other hand, you have an endless parade of people with a vendetta against the main characters. I'm pretty over that aspect at this point.

How did you feel about Keelin and Freya's unofficial date?

Mandy: I love how chill Keelin is about everything. Freya, who has zero qualms about murdering people, freaked out over what Elijah did, but Keelin let it go. Because her family has issues, too. These two are an interesting pair. Still not a lot of spark, but I enjoy their scenes.

Justin: It's still early on, and these two are figuring out their feelings for each other. It's definitely more subtle than outright. I'd be curious to see another date.

Amanda: I like the slow burn so far. I'd rather see a solid foundation form before they jump into anything romantic.

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What will happen now that Sofya knows Marcel is being cloaked?

Mandy: I think she will find a way to free him. It won't be hard to secure Mikaelson blood to break the spell. I do wonder if her feelings for Marcel run deeper than she admits. I don't think it's all about revenge with her.

Justin: As much as I agree with Mandy, is it wrong that I hope she uses this against him somehow? I prefer her as a villain with her own agenda.

Amanda: I agree with Mandy, and I think she'll find a way to free him. I think she has feelings for Marcel, but she might turn on him in her quest to destroy Klaus.

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How do you feel about Hayley getting the answers she needs to move on with her life?

Mandy: Did anyone else get Harry Potter flashbacks during the scenes? The fact that her parents died trying to stop the Hollow brings a nice full circle feeling to things now that she's doing the same to protect her child. But I still wish Hayley's past received more screen time.

Justin: I'm happy that she's getting some answers. She's been on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals for so long now without any real resolution. This could lead to her doing the same for Hope.

Amanda: Yes! It's about time Hayley got some answers. However, I will say the unfolding of answers felt a little convenient and rushed in this episode.

What will The Hollow do next?

Mandy: I hate to say this because I don't want to see any of the characters die, but it has to kill someone and take their power. Otherwise, the whole story arc will be pointless. I think Vincent will be the one to die. Again, it's a full circle thing since he brought it back in the first place. 

Justin: I agree with Mandy. Someone is going to die soon; there's something in the air that feels like a death is coming. Marcel is at the top of my list for the next to die, but Vincent is a good possibility too.

Amanda: The Hollow is definitely going to kill someone. I just don't want that person to be Vincent.

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Over to you, The Originals Fanatics. What did you think of the developments? 

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