The Originals Round Table: Will Elijah Stay Dead?!?

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Going up against The Hollow was never going to be an easy task. 

On The Originals Season 4 Episode 9, Elijah Mikaelson became a casualty of war, but there is a glimmer of hope for his survival.

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro and Paul Dailly discuss the big death, the sacrifice and Sofya's fate. 

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What do you think about Elijah dying, and will Hayley be able to save him?

Mandy: Yes, I think Hayley will be able to save him. But he might not be whole, even when he comes out of the pendant, after being shattered. Elijah's my favorite, so I'd be mad if they killed him for real. But at the same time, all of this feels pointless because it doesn't move the story.  

Justin: I have no doubt that Elijah will come back to life and be freed. Death is arbitrary on a show like The Originals (and even more so when The Vampire Diaries was on the air). Hayley will be able to bring him back, and it will cause some tension in their relationship.

Paul: It's a frustrating plot because we all know Elijah will be back in some capacity. For the most part, The Originals Season 4 has been good, but this twist has tainted it a little. 

React to Klaus wanting to sacrifice himself to save his brother. 

Mandy: My favorite part came when Vincent told him that he was finally doing something worthy of Cami's belief in him. I miss Cami, and Cami and Klaus scenes, so much. I love that Klaus has been so selfless ever since he sacrificed himself to protect his siblings on The Originals Season 3 Episode 22.

Justin: Meh. I’m a believer of action, so it was all just words to me unless Klaus had gone through with the act of sacrificing himself to protect his brother. And I agree with Mandy; I miss Cami!

Paul: I liked it. Remember when Klaus was the cutthroat asshole would dagger his family without thinking about it? I like character development, and Klaus is getting a whole lot of development. 

Did Klaus Sacrifice Himself? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 9

Did you care about whether Sofya was saved?

Mandy: No. I understand a lot can happen over five years. But I wish they would at least give us flashbacks to Marcel and Sofya bonding. I still remember her as Lucien's hench woman, so Marcel being so determined to keep her alive is jarring to me. I'm not feeling the connection.

Justin: No. Don’t get me wrong; I love a witty and self-centered villain who is only out for their own well-being. But, I’ve had the feeling all season that Sofya was going to be one of the casualties. Anything bad happening is just fulfilling the prophecy.

Paul: Meh. I can't take the character seriously. Ever since it was revealed she was in New Orleans for revenge, I've just been thinking that she's going to get her revenge and be on her way. 

What do you think will happen with The Hollow now walking around New Orleans?

Mandy: I think she'll turn against the witches she tricked into helping her. She'll also continue to target Hayley and Hope, which mean the Mikaelsons will have to do everything they can to get rid of her. But in the end, I'm sure they'll come up with a last minute, magical solution. Same as all of the other season finales.

Justin: The Hollow will cause some destruction in New Orleans. I agree with Mandy that she’ll turn against the witches, but I also feel she’ll be driven mad in her pursuit to get even more power. However, the group will stop her in time.

Paul: She'll meet Klaus and Hope and sample all the delicious pastries with them. Just kidding. She'll be looking for ways to piss the Mikaelsons off while causing heartbreak and destruction. 

Vincent In Trouble? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 9

Is Vincent going to die now that he has the book back?

Mandy: It seems pretty likely at this point. He made it clear that he couldn't be trusted with the book. I understand why he wants to take the chance since the Hollow is the latest ultimate evil. But he seems first in line for the big death of the season; the one that sticks.

Justin: I think we all need to grab a bag of popcorn and sit back to watch events unfold. The first big death of the season is coming, and just like Mandy, I agree that it’s looking like Vincent.

Paul: I have a feeling Vincent will be the one to go, and it's not fair. He wants to do whatever he can in order to save the city. 

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Over to you, The Originals Fanatics. What did you think of all the developments? Hit the comments. 

Note: The Originals continues June 2 on The CW. 

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