The Son Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Marriage Bond

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Be still my heart.

Both Pete and Sally finally got their wishes on The Son Season 1 Episode 7, as Sally got to stay in Austin with the kids and Pete got together with Maria.

Sally on the Phone - The Son Season 1 Episode 7

Everyone deserves happiness, especially Pete who is the most miserable man on the planet. Granted, his moment of happiness might be fleeting, but there has never been any doubt that his heart belonged to Maria.

Their little bit of afternoon loving wasn't planned, it just happened at the right moment. But with the way Pete's life has been going, it wouldn't surprise me if Eli walked in on them. 

In fact, that's what I was expecting the whole time they were doing their thing. That somehow their moment would be interrupted and destroyed.

They love each other and should be together, but there are so many complications in their life. Who would have guessed that Maria was still married? That throws a wrench into everything. 

Maria - The Son Season 1 Episode 7

It also makes you wonder if Pete sought solace in her because he knew she was "safe," so to speak. If she was still married, there would be no pressure on him to leave Sally for her, even if that's what he'd really like to do.

Maria is his true love, but we're starting to get a clearer picture of the relationship between Sally and Pete and why Eli pushed them together. If Eli could survive life without Prairie Flower, Pete could survive life without Maria.

That's the way I see it going. Now that Charges the Enemy and young Eli have found a herd of horses, more than likely it will be enough for Charges the Enemy to present to Prairie Flower's dad so she can become his wife.

We know there is no way young Eli is going to capture more horses. And despite Toshaway's guidance in the matter, we already know Eli didn't end up with Prairie Flower. 

Eli and Prairie Flower - The Son Season 1 Episode 7

So if Eli can live his life without the love of his life, then Pete should be able to, as well.

Maria won't be able to face her father when the truth comes out about her husband. I'm surprised the husband didn't come after Maria when she left. Maybe she lied to him like she lied to her family.

Either way, the outcome isn't going to be very happy. Even if she divorced her husband, there's no way now that she and Pete could be together. It would be a disgrace to the Garcia family.

Had she not been married...that would have been a different story. Boo on Maria for that. 

But maybe that's why Pete decided to kiss her. Maybe he knew it was safer if she was married. He doesn't really have to make a commitment to her if she's married.

He knows she's going to go away. He can try to work on his marriage to Sally without any serious consequences.

If Maria really decides to leave. She may decide to stay to be with Pete. And when Sally finds out? Watch out. There will be hell to pay. Or maybe Sally will just divorce Pete. His affair will give her the perfect excuse to break away.

And let's not forget about Niles Gilbert. He already had his confrontation with Maria and wasn't too thrilled that she stood her ground.

The woman isn't going to back down from Gilbert or anyone else, but he's a dangerous guy.

She shouldn't mess with him. I wouldn't put it past him to hand a woman if he had the chance. Especially a Mexican woman.

Whatever happens with all of it, one thing is for certain: it's going to be a huge mess. 

Phineas and Sally - The Son Season 1 Episode 7

I absolutely loved how silly Sally was at the speakeasy pretending she was married to Phineas and that they were visiting from New York.

Good for her. As much as I don't really like her (maybe I just don't like her and Pete together), she deserves happiness, as well. I can completely understand her not enjoying her life on the ranch when she thought she'd be living in the city.

And how nice of Phineas to take her away from the madness of it all for an evening of fun. 

Sally was gung ho about going to the speakeasy, but once she got there, she seemed a little shocked and uneasy. She covered it up pretty well.

She was goofy because she didn't know how to act in that situation even when Fred showed up. But she knew what was going on. You gotta love her for being so accepting of her brother-in-law especially at that time.  

When she kissed him, that was even more of a surprise, but it showed how truly unhappy she is in her marriage. It was probably forced on her as much as it was on Pete.

I wonder if there was another that Sally loved? 

Pete: If you got something to tell me, try saying it plain.
Sally: I want my kids here with me. Is that plain enough for you?

It's sad about Pete and Sally, but they are on two different ends of the spectrum. Whether they actually get divorced remains to be seen, but for now, it's all to keep Charles safe.

Jeannie is going to like living in the city. She won't want to be too far from her grandfather, and I'm sure she's going to make that point very clear, very soon.

And where did Eli go, anyway? Could he be on his way to the Garcia ranch to offer money for the land where the oil is?

The season is winding down (three episodes to go!), and it's getting very interesting in South Texas. 

What did you think of "The Marriage Bond"? Will Sally find out about Maria? Will Maria leave her husband? Where did Eli go?

Who's going to win the war for Prairie Flower?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Marriage Bond Review

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The Son Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Pete: If you got something to tell me, try saying it plain.
Sally: I want my kids here with me. Is that plain enough for you?

Pete: You realize Charles is a monster we helped create.
Eli: You mean me.
Pete: I'm not pointing fingers.