Watch Grey's Anatomy Online: Season 13 Episode 23

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What news did Owen receive?

That was a key question on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23 when a shocking blast from the past appeared at his door, with some twisted news. 

Amelia stepped up to challenge and supported him as this buzzy ABC drama approached the end of its season. 

Meanwhile, Alex attended a medical conference after making a shocking discovery at the hospital. 

What was it?

Use the video above to watch Grey's Anatomy online to get caught up with the latest twists for the workers at Seattle Grace hospital. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 23 Quotes

Is this about my sister, Megan?


There are moments when all the stars align -- when everything seems as it should be.You lie seems to have sorted itself out. It's not like all our problems go away. It's just that the problems are suddenly manageable and it seems like we conquer any problem. You feel so good you wonder if it's real. And if I've learned anything, I can tell you, it is. It's very real. But it will not last.