Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Has the Best Chemistry in Salem?

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Chloe took Holly from Nicole once again, a miracle saved Brady’s life, and Eli got Gabi to admit that Chad is the one this week on Days of Our Lives. 

Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by UhSir and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Chad and Gabi romance, Eli’s romantic future, Chloe’s insistence that Holly is hers and the couple with the best chemistry in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Eli pushed Gabi to admit what she feels for Chad. Do you think Gabi and Chad have a future together?

UhSir: I hope not. Gabi and Chad are boring. Gabi and Eli have sparks galore.

Jack: I hope not. If they do, that amulet really is cursed because I can't think of a worse punishment for Chad than being stuck with whiny, shallow, insecure Gabi for the rest of his life.

Villa281: I think they could have if they had let things happen organically, but it truly just seems incredibly forced. I am not buying it, but I do think there was potential there that was ruined by horrible writing.

Christine: Obviously, I’m in the minority, but I find Gabi and Chad a lot of fun. Everything is always so dark and serious with Chad and Abigail. I enjoy Chad and Gabi’s chemistry and I think they have great banter. 

Gabi and Chad Argue - Days of Our Lives

Is there anyone in Salem you’d like to see Eli paired with romantically?

UhSir: Oops, I got ahead. I’d very much like Eli paired with Gabi. They have amazing chemistry, even when they aren’t in scenes together. I hope Days puts them back together. But maybe they’re afraid that television screens will start exploding.

Jack: Unfortunately there's nobody worth it for him at the moment. Breaking up with Gabi was the best thing he's done for himself and his only other option seems to be Lani, who is equally stupid and immature and is currently dating the man she raped.

Villa281: I actually do like the chemistry between Eli and Gabi, but they need better writing.

Christine: I did like Eli with Gabi, but I like her better with Chad. Everyone else in Salem is either too old, too young, or too dumb. 

Eli and Gabi Talk - Days of Our Lives

Were you more interested in Paul and Sonny before Sonny left Salem, since Sonny’s been back, or has your interest level remained the same?

UhSir: I’ve liked Paul and Sonny since the beginning. I think Sonny is being a doofus right now but it looks like he might be realizing that being just like Uncle Vic doesn't work for him.

Jack: I was far more interested in Paul and Sonny before Sonny left Salem. Sonny flirting with Paul at Will's grave ruined this relationship for me a long time ago, and now I don't know who Sonny is anymore because he appears to have been replaced by a mobster doppleganger.

Villa281: It has declined since Sonny came back. I was a big fan of them during the Will affair storyline, but I have not been a fan of the way they have been writing Sonny since he returned. This edgy businessman type just doesn't suit him very well.

Christine: These two had great chemistry the first time around, but it seems to have disappeared. That mostly has to do with the complete change in Sonny’s character.

Sonny used to be this smart, kind, optimistic guy, and now he’s dark, brooding, and obsessive. It’s a real downer. 

Chloe Insists Holly is Hers - Days of Our Lives

Chloe continues to claim that Holly belongs with her. Why do you think that is, and do you agree?

UhSir: I like Chloe but I hate this story and what it’s doing to her. The only way I can think of it working out is that she’s having trouble because of the bonding. It would be nice to see Marlena helping her through this. 

Jack: Chloe lied to herself when she decided to have the baby "for Nicole." She wanted a baby, period. Now she's convinced herself that she's the mother because she gave birth and the more she acts on that wrong belief, the more she convinces herself that she's totally right.

Villa281: I completley disagree. I don't feel Chloe has any claim on Holly what so ever. I don't know what the laws of surrogacy are, but I think it should be illegal for Chloe to make the decision to implant herself with Nicole and Daniel embryo without their consent.

Christine: Chloe went from selflessly helping her best friend become a mother to stealing that baby for herself. It’s been horrible to watch and it’s dragged on way too long.

Holly needs to be given back to Nicole and Chloe needs to catch up with Philip off screen for a while. I need a Chloe break. 

Kayla and Steve At The Hospital - Days of Our Lives

Which Days couple has the best chemistry right now?

UhSir: Sonny and Paul. And if the show will let it happen, Gabi and Eli.

Jack: Sadly, there are very few rootable options. The only couple that has any chemistry at all is Claire and Theo, and that's being ruined by this Jade sex tape garbage.

Villa281: Well I actually think several couples of great chemistry Sonny and Paul, Eli and Gabi, Chad and Gabi Chad and Abby, and Dario and Abby.

The problem is the writing for them all is so horrible it makes it really hard to buy into it. The writing and storytelling is off, but the chemistry is definitely there.

Christine: As I said above, I’m enjoying Chad and Gabi. They have a fun friendship turned romance, but I fear the show will eventually throw Chad back with Abigail so I know better than to get my hopes up. 

Victor and Maggie have always had great chemistry, Lucas and Adrienne and Steve and Kayla are sweet, and Eric and Jennifer have potential. 

Lani and JJ On the Island - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

UhSir: Holly bringing Brady back to life. Puh-leez!

Jack: Instead of being stuck on the island, JJ should be in Salem. Him interviewing high school students who might have drug problems like the ones he had when he was in high school would be a compelling story that shows he's come full circle (even if he thinks he hasn't). 

Instead, he's shoved off screen so that the show can focus on Gabi/Chad and Rafe/Hope. This obsession with the Hernandez family, especially Gabi, is ruining the show.

Villa281: The Nicole, Brady, Holly scene. I know it was meant to be touching, but it just fell flat. I was not moved or touched by any of it.

Christine: Chloe still insisting that Holly is hers. When she told Nicole, “They’re going to take her one way or the other,” I really wanted to smack her. 

Also, Eric and Nicole’s “disguises” at the hospital were particularly lame. 

Nicole and Eric Sneak Around the Hospital - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite, quote, scene or storyline from the week on Days of Our Lives?

UhSir: Favorite scene: Maggie going at Deimos. And I especially loved her reaction to him asking her if she’d like a drink.

Jack: I loved Victor standing up to Deimos. FINALLY he's woken up and realized that Deimos is no brother to him.

Villa281: Favorite scene would have to be Lucas and Adrienne scene.

Christine: Justin explaining Brady’s decision for the DNR was well done, but my favorite moment was when Jennifer brought up Alice Horton helping break Roman out of jail. I was a kid when that happened and it was such fun, just the mention of it made me smile. 

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