Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is the Most Selfish Person in Salem?

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Kate became a DiMera once again, Claire was devastated when Theo lost faith in her, and Angelica Devereaux returned looking for revenge. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ted Bell from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate all of Kate’s husbands, Angelica’s returned and who is the most selfish person in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who has been your favorite of Kate’s husbands: Curis Reed, Victor Kiriakis, Roman Brady, Stefano Dimera, or Andre Dimera?

Jack: Roman. He brought out a softness in Kate that hasn't been seen since, and I'd bet some of her obnoxiousness comes from having lost him during the Salem Stalker storyline.

Ted Bell: Tony Dimera, Err… Andre! This should be a lot of fun watching their marriage shake out. And again, Andre masquerades around like Tony these days; I see a storyline in there somewhere.

Christine: I’ve always wished that Roman and Kate could find their way back together but I don’t think that’s meant to be.

Kate and Andre certainly aren’t true love, but they look like they’re going to be the most entertaining. 

Kate Roberts Contemplates What's Next - Days of Our Lives

Are you excited to have Angelica Devereaux back? Do you remember her from her years in Salem?

Jack: I remember her from her years in Salem and enjoyed her, but I'm not quite sure why she's back or where this is going. Suddenly popping up to get revenge after 30 years seems kind of like a stunt and I hope there's a point to this.

Ted Bell: Yes! She will give Kate a run for the Queen of Mean Crown. Though Kate has shown some softer moments recently, and Angelica's armor, you couldn't dent it with an RPG. It would be much better if they could have gotten the original actress for the role.

Christine: It actually makes me a little sad. First, because the role isn’t being played by Jane Elliot and then because Jack is dead, and they had such a unique step-mother/son relationship. 

And as was said above, I don’t get the point of bringing up a lame, decades-old grudge, but I’m willing to see how it all plays out. 

Chloe Shows Up At Nicole's Hearing - Days of Our Lives

Who would you nominate for the Most Selfish Person in Salem award?

Jack: Can Gabi and Lani get this award even though technically they're not in Salem? Both of them are busy obsessing over their love lives and don't seem at all concerned about the danger on the island.

In fact, Lani's pressuring JJ for sex all the time could be a distraction from him working to help keep them all safe and get them rescued.

Ted Bell: There are so many to choose from! Chloe, Demois, Dario, Jade and many others. But my choice is clearly Claire. While she did have a redeeming moment this past week, it is going to take a lot more of that to rebuild her image.

Christine: I’m torn between Chloe and Abigail.

Chloe insisting that Nicole will move on from having her child stolen is made even more ludicrous considering Chloe has a child of her own. Would she just move on if someone took Parker, even if it was done legally? Listening to her call herself Holly’s mother is one of the most selfish things I’ve ever witnessed.

Then there’s Abigail, who is so self-absorbed that she doesn’t even recognize that her mother is suffering because JJ may have died in a plane crash…after having endured Abigail faking her own death by plane crash! And yet, it’s still all about Abigail.

Abigail Considers Marriage - Days of Our Lives

Was Claire right to break up with Theo?

Jack: I’m on the fence about this. It is very hurtful to think your boyfriend would believe you wanted to make a sex tape. But, Theo has Autism. In addition, I feel like if Claire really loved Theo she would fight a little harder for their relationship.

Ted Bell: Sure, she felt terribly betrayed by Theo. I can see her side of the coin, but I am 20/20 on Theo's side of the coin as well. And this is definitely right for Theo. Move on Player.

Christine: I’m with Claire on this one. For her boyfriend to immediately and completely believe she’d do something so despicable, even after she swears she didn’t…I don’t know how you get past that lack of trust. For the time being, I think it’s time for the both of them to move on. 

Jade Posts a Video - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: So many things. That Abby is so selfish and only cares that JJ is missing because it's a good excuse for not moving forward with Dario right now, or that she even thinks this Dario thing is a good idea.

That Jade is still in Salem. 

That the island story is about who is having sex with whom, and that Chloe is continuing to be ridiculous.

Ted Bell: The Kangaroo Court of Nikki's sentencing hearing. Kidnapping is a simple misdemeanor in Salem. One night in the drunk tank. 250,000 Dead Presidents, while that is a lot, but it pales in comparison to the amount of USD, CAD, Euros and maybe even some Drachmas's that were spent trying to find her. 

When I heard the 300 hours of community service, I could picture Nikki on the side of the highway picking up trash with a Marlboro hanging out of her mouth.

Christine: That they’ve turned Chloe into such a revolting human being, and that Jade and her nonsense is turning Tripp into a character I no longer want to watch. 

Also, Nicole telling Eric to stay away from Brady. Eric and Brady are both family and friends. No matter her issues, she has no right to interfere in their relationship and I wish Brady had called her out on that. 

Tripp Falls Under Jade's Spell - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: Andre and Kate are an entertaining couple for sure, and I'm also glad to see Steve spend some time helping Adrienne out!

Ted Bell: Steve and Angelica pot-shotting each other, it was almost like old times. Pot-shotting is probably over the top, Steve is not the loose cannon he once was and this is a new Angelica. We will have to wait and see how she does. 

Although Morgan Fairchild has been getting flogged by some fans, I have signed on with the idea of not expecting much, and that way I will not be disappointed.

Christine: Kate and Andre’s wedding was the best and it gave us some wonderfully funny Days of Our Lives quotes

There's a whole supply of them in the closet. The DiMeras always have a supply of pre-nups on hand. Father married almost as many times as he died.



You know, there are going to be some ground rules. No sex, at least not between the two of us.


Now it's your turn TV Fanatics...Who is the most selfish person in Salem?

Care to chat more about the happenings in Salem? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic. 

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