iZombie Round Table: The One Where Ravi Screws Up

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Who doesn't love a threeway?

The fun, new dynamics continued on iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 when they gave us one of the best combinations to date. Liv, Blaine, and Don E chowing down on conspiracy theorist/redneck brain and sharing group visions were some of the funniest scenes in the show's history.

It was the perfect counterbalance to that frustrating and shocking moment. You know the one; Ravi outed Liv and the rest of the zombie community. Who saw that coming?

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Yana Grebeyuk, and Jasmine Blu as they react to that shocking iZombie episode.

Izombie Round Table

What would you rate the Don E, Liv, and Blaine "threeway?"

Allison: 10 out of 10. It was so fun to see all three of them breaking brain and then sharing their conspiracy theories. The three of them are never that pleasant towards one another, so it was a fun mix up in their dynamic. I'd watch the three of them solve crime any day. I hope that we get to see more of them on the same side.

Yana: Ridiculously funny, so 10, for sure. Such a zombie bonding moment; one I forgot could happen, but these are the vampires that roam Seattle, so seeing this part where they all decide to eat and have joint visions is hilarious. I actually hope we see more of this unexpected friendship in the next few episodes.

Jasmine: Definitely a 10. I could not stop laughing at all of their scenes together. I was nearly in tears when they were swapping conspiracy theories. Every character combination tops the one before. I would LOVE to see them interact more in the future.

Brain Dining

Do you think Baracus is really behind everything (Weckler, Wally etc.,), or do you think there's someone else?

Allison: I'd like to believe there's someone else, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if it was mainly him. He's got power, and he has lackeys (probably) to make sure his bidding gets done.

Yana: I think he is behind some of it, but probably not all.

Jasmine: I'm starting to think he's behind all of it. Obviously, there is a strong possibility that there is someone else out there, and the idea of it being more than one "Big Bad" is intriguing, but I'm not so sure.

Are you shocked that Ravi spilled the beans about zombies to Rachel? What about the reporter Rachel reveal?

Allison: I can't believe Ravi was that stupid. The zombie truth is something you only reveal to a select few. Clive was vetted for years before he got filled in.

I was definitely surprised that Rachel was a reporter. Honestly, I was convinced that she was the "good" person and that Shawna was the one to be watched. It looks like the opposite may be true.

Yana: I get where he might have thought it was okay since she had the idea in her mind already, but I would have played it cool, not spilling all I knew as a doctor. Just mention anything you told Harley and the others, maybe stuff you overheard, but don't write a book with diagrams and just hand it over to her.

Like Allison said, Clive should have been trusted since day one to be honest, and he was only told when they had no choice. Come on Ravi, I get it, but also, please do better next time. If Clive is still holding out on the amazing and wonderful Dale Bozzio, you can not tell everything to the newbie.

Jasmine: I was shaking my head in complete and utter disbelief. Like the others said, Clive had to wait forever to learn the truth, and he's someone that should have known since day one. It felt so unlike Ravi to do that, and I was so disappointed in him.

Rachel being a reporter didn't surprise me nearly as much as it should have. Shawna was sketchy to me, and I'm still not convinced by her either, but I didn't exactly trust Rachel.

Was Harley becoming a zombie predictable?

Allison: When we didn't see his face when Clive and Liv confronted him at the end, I knew he was a zombie. Up until then, I didn't see it coming. I can't decide how I feel about this twist. It will be interesting to see how Harley's views change now that he's a member of Team Z.

Yana: As soon as they walked inside but we weren't shown his face, I knew. I do want to see where they go from here though. I feel like Harley might want to starve it out because he hates zombies that much.

Jasmine: Like the others said, I knew the second they walked inside. Ohh, good one, Yana. I can definitely see Harley starving because he'd rather die than become something he hates.

Group Vision

What was your favorite scene from "Conspiracy Weary"?

Allison: All the Blaine, Don E., and Liv scenes. I just absolutely loved them. I also vote that Don E. narrates all visions from now on.

Yana: The preview for the next episode where it looks like Liv will be handling some terrifying visions, I am still laughing thinking about it.

Jasmine: OMG those promos for the next episode were hilarious. I have to agree with Allison though. I never in a million years thought I'd enjoy Blaine, Liv, and Don E sharing the screen like that. I seriously could watch an entire hour of them together.

We'll turn it over to you guys. Do you agree with our round table, zombie fanatics? Hit the comments below and let us know.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Blaine: Hey, my rage wore off. I need you to zap me so I can tear down this gate.
Liv: With pleasure.
Ravi: Liv, please. Can I?

They're killing machines you dumb sonuvabitch. Those things killed my brother. They'll kill us all!