Nashville Season 5 Episode 13 Review: 'Til I Can Make It on My Own

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The theme of Nashville Season 5 Episode 13, was females trying to do things on their own.

Juliette is determined to resurrect her career; Maddie wants to release her album her own way; Scarlett wants to raise the baby on her own terms; and Daphne is choosing who she wants in her life whether Deacon likes it or not.

Juliette is worried - Nashville Season 5 Episode 13

The main focus was on Juliette.

She is still rushing her recovery. To the extent that now she's ignoring obvious signs that her body isn't reacting right to the trauma she's experienced. Signs like blurry vision, dizziness and difficulty breathing.

What trauma, you ask? No, not the most recent event, which would be the plane crash. This kind of reaction is usually caused by childhood drama to which Juliette says — don't ask.

We know she was raised by her mom who had a drug problem and that her dad died when she was four.

Juliette: Hallie, I really do care about you.
Hallie: There's only one person you care about.

We didn't see much of her childhood but we saw her relationship with her mom as an adult and it was not great. Her mom clearly loved her but couldn't always show it.

Juliette's never really talked about how it was to grow up without a father.

I'm sure it wasn't easy but she actually does have some pretty healthy male relationships.

Glen is like a father to her and her and Deacon have always had a strong friendship. Even her relationship with Avery is relatively normal. Sure, she's pushed him away countless times out of fear, but at least she chose a good man who truly loves her.

I'm always on your side.

Avery [to Juliette]

Because we've never heard much about her dad, I was surprised to see him featured so prominently in her "episodes," for lack of a better word. At one point, it was even implied that he was her "happy place" when she was a little girl. 

She's also scared if she doesn't jump back into her career now, her fans will disappear.

This insecurity also stems from her childhood — a father who died too young and a mother who preferred drugs. She never feels like she's enough; always feels like she needs to be more.

Juliette performs again - Nashville Season 5 Episode 13

Of course, she's trying to deal with all of this and do everything on her own. She's kind of letting Avery in, but not completely.

For what it's worth, he's not being very forthcoming either.

Avery was offered a spot on tour but he's nervous to leave Juliette. I love that he wants to be there for her but I hate to see him pass up another opportunity. He never does anything for himself.

His life revolves around Juliette and Cadence and that's great but he needs to have something for himself too. A hobby, at least. Otherwise, he could end up bitter and resentful. Hopefully Juliette realizes that and encourages him to go on tour. I doubt this will be his last opportunity. 

Daphne doesn't exactly want to do things on her own, she'd just prefer to do them with Liv rather than her family. Deacon is suspicious; Maddie doesn't even seem to notice.

Liv proves to be the bad influence we suspected, trespassing on private property only to get caught and have to escape over a fence. I had the same look on my face as Daphne as I watched her scramble over that fence. The second I saw the barbed wire, I cringed. I just knew she was going to get cut. 

Liv: This is your house? Are you guys millionaires?
Daphne: Musicians.
Liv: Millionaire musicians.

Sweet Daphne takes her back to the Music McMansion, as Liv refers to it. Once there, Daphne seems more content then she has in months.

She laughed as she cleaned up Liv's wound, then the two of them climbed into bed to watch Daria. It was very normal teenager behavior and it made me think that maybe a friend was exactly what she needed. Even if it isn't the most responsible friend. Maybe she just needed someone to be on her level, understand and not ask anything of her.

Deacon and Maddie love her but they're grieving and trying to move on too. It makes it easier on them if Daphne is doing better, and harder on them if she isn't. Whether they mean to or not, this puts pressure on Daphne to act a certain way.

Liv doesn't do that, she just understands. Most likely because she's been through so much worse. As she mentions, her biological parents were addicts and her foster parents were drunks who didn't understand that "no means no." I think we all know what that means.

This girl is already pulling on my heart strings. When we first saw the couch was empty, I worried she may be casing the house or something. But that single tear as she stared at Daphne's family photo? Damn near broke my heart. What a powerful few seconds.

Liv is clearly another female trying to do things on her own, except in her case, she has no choice.

Scarlett: I'm pregnant and you're the father.
Damien: Wait, let's slow things down for a minute. That's impossible.
Scarlett: You do understand the process of conception?

Going off theme for a minute I have to talk about Bucky because it was heartbreaking to watch him walk away too.

He's been with Rayna since the beginning, as more than just a manager. Deacon knows that, Maddie knows that. He's family.

That's why it was so sad to see him put the company before himself. We know he was doing it for Deacon and the girls, but I still don't think it's what Rayna would have wanted. It's for that reason that I don't buy it. Deacon will find a way to bring him back because THAT'S what Rayna would have wanted.

I actually agreed with Zack's ideas but why does he have to be so heartless in implementing them? It makes it really hard for anyone to give him a chance.

Side notes:

  • I love when we get to see Avery perform! He's basically every girl's dream guy at this point, right?
  • Scarlett told Damien about the baby. Is he really in love with her? Or does he just feel obligated? Do you think he'll stick around?
  • I liked that Juliette and Hallie worked through their issues but I still feel like something is off with them.
  • Gunnar has perfected the sad puppy dog face and it gets me every time. What exactly is the status with him and Scarlett? I feel like he's going to get hurt in all this.

What did you guys think of the episode? If you missed it, you can watch Nashville online via TV Fanatic.

'Til I Can Make It on My Own Review

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Scarlett: I'm pregnant and you're the father.
Damien: Wait, let's slow things down for a minute. That's impossible.
Scarlett: You do understand the process of conception?

Liv: This is your house? Are you guys millionaires?
Daphne: Musicians.
Liv: Millionaire musicians.