Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Out of the Shadows

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Kirsten Clarke's life is more complicated than ever on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1 "Out of the Shadows."

Thanks to a true team effort, Cameron was able to pull Kirsten back from the stitch where she and her mother were trapped.

But not before someone else slipped in a message for Kirsten.

Kirsten is not happy - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

The team assumed Kirsten's father was the one messing with the stitch using his quantum computer. So the easy explanation for the rogue message would be to assume he spoke through her mother.

Except that doesn't fit with the idea of him trapping Kirsten in the memory in the first place. Whoever did that wanted her to stop stitching. That person wanted to take her off the chess board to protect his/her secrets.

That doesn't match up with encouraging her to keep searching. And it definitely doesn't fit with her father murdering Nathan Blair to send her another message.

Who's Dead? - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

While explaining Project Grasshopper, Director Blair implied that Kirsten's mother has an evolved brain. The whole point of the Stitchers program is for them to be able to tap into her resources.

What if she can do that, too? We know they're keeping her somewhere safe, allegedly. What if she can use her brain to connect with a quantum computer? Maybe she sent the message directly.

It can't be any weirder than stitching into dead bodies, right?

Kirsten: I can't do this without my team.
Blair: Yes, you can. They're very, very smart people, but they're just people. You will stay with the program if you want to save your mother, Ms. Clarke.

As for Director Blair, we may have seen the last of him now that Kirsten went over his head. I love that she found leverage against him in the stitch he forced her to do.

It's hard to feel sorry for him over the loss of his son. Of course, it's a tragedy and was made even worse because it was a deliberate act, but he hasn't exactly earned our sympathy.

Aside from the bedtime story memory, Blair treated his son the same way he treats the team. Like he's a piece of his property that needs to do as he's told. 

Between that memory, the way he held Camille at gunpoint, and then threatened Ivy, we can all applaud Kirsten for having him removed as director. Watching her outsmart petty men is the best.

Stitchers Team, Represent! Season 3 Episode 1

While we weren't too worried about the team members being reassigned (because we understand how TV works), Kirsten's undercover scenes did a fantastic job lightening the mood.

It was hilarious to watch her team with Ivy and Tim, and then nearly get caught several times to rescue her friends. And then they were relaxing like they were hanging out at a friend's house rather than in federal custody.

These light moments, combined with snappy dialogue, and the team's genuine chemistry with one another hold the show together. It's nice not to have to think about the confusing plot or who's a double agent for the entire hour.

Kirsten: I thought you guys were in trouble. It's like a country club.
Maggie: We're being reassigned, not waterboarded.

Unfortunately, not all of the moments were light.

Stitchers Season 2 ended with Linus' dad preparing to undergo risky surgery. After being trapped in the lab, Linus finally had a chance to check in with his mother, only to learn his father had died.

That one hurt. Linus often gets the short end of the stick. First, when his relationship with Camille ended, and now this. At least his father knew the truth about what he did for a living. 

It might not take away with the pain, but having his parents' blessing will comfort him in the long run.

A letter from Dad? - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

On the bright side, Kirsten didn't stay mad at Cameron for too long.

For a moment, I worried this issue would linger between them and extend the will they/won't they game they've been playing since Stitchers Season 1 Episode 1. And considering how much chemistry the actors have, dragging the inevitable relationship out much longer would have sucked.

Thankfully, Cameron was conveniently dumped offscreen by Nina. Don't get me wrong. She seemed lovely, but we haven't been tuning in for three seasons to watch Cameron and Kirsten date other people.

Kirsten: How long would you have waited for me when I was trapped in my memory?
Cameron: Forever.
Kirsten: Everything makes sense when I'm with you.

Even though it wasn't technically the first kiss Kirsten and Cameron shared, this one was the best because no one is dating anyone else or trapped in a memory or having an emotional breakdown. 

It was finally the two giving into the feelings stirring between them since the beginning.

Is it going to make things awkward at work? Possibly. Cameron's already shaky after almost losing Kirsten to the stitch. Being a couple will only strengthen those feelings and his fear.

And knowing Kirsten, she'll push back against it. But as long as they come out stronger on the other side, we'll take it.

Here to Help - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1

Stitchers' fanatics, it's your turn to share your thoughts with us! What did you think of "Out of the Shadows?"

Who's behind the message from Kirsten's mother? Do you trust Ivy? Will Maggie have more power once she's director? How happy are you now that Kirsten and Cameron kissed?

Remember, you can watch Stitchers online anytime!

Out of the Shadows Review

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

[Fisher is brought in handcuffed with a bloody lip]
Camille: Oh my God, Fisher!
Maggie: Quincy, what happened?
Fisher: I wasn't being cooperative [smiles].
Cameron: Are you all right?
Fisher: You should see the other guy.
Cameron: I'm serious. Are you all right?
Fisher: I'm serious. You should see the other guy [winks]
[Cameron turns and sees other guy being brought out on a stretcher]

Camille: Are you ready?
Cameron: Does it matter?
Camille: Cameron, when this is over, win or lose, they're going to disappear us. You know that, right?
Cameron: When this is over, if Kirsten's dead, I won't care.