The Originals Round Table: Did Kol & Davina Deserve a Happy Ending?

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Not all couples are doomed in New Orleans. 

That's one of the biggest things on our minds after The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 in which Davina and Kol got their happy ending. 

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro and Amanda Steinmetz discuss the happy ending for the above characters, The Hollow's new plan and whether Hayley is departing New Orleans. 

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How did you feel about Kol and Davina's happy ending?

Mandy: It seems too easy. I'm all for Davina being alive again, but will it stick once The Hollow is removed from Hope? I'm not sure. If it does stick, I hope Davina does the smart thing and stays as far away from New Orleans as possible. It's the only way she'll be safe.

Justin: I am so happy about this! Kol and Davina are the couple I've shipped hard on The Originals. They need to stick together and stay far away from New Orleans; only death and trouble will follow them if they ever come back.

Amanda: While I agree with Mandy that the whole reunion seemed too easy, I am glad they made it out of New Orleans. Kol and Davina need to stay away from that city and his family. If Kol is smart, he'll keep her away from his siblings. After all, they did kill her once before. They're a cute couple, so I'm rooting for them.

Back Together? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 11

Is Hayley gearing up to depart New Orleans with Hope?

Mandy: I'm torn on this one. That was my first thought, too. But she also reiterated that she's a monster. And that makes me wonder if she thinks she's bad for Hope as well. Either way, it's not too hard to see where this is going... right to Alaric and Caroline's school.

Justin: I'm not sure if Hayley will depart New Orleans. I could see a scenario similar to the ending of The Originals Season 1 where Hope is sent away, but Hayley stays behind for her own protection. But I agree with Mandy that Hope could find her way to the school.

Amanda: While I think it would be interesting to see Hope hightail it out of New Orleans with Hope, I see her sending her daughter to Alaric and Caroline's school at the end of the season. It's probably a better environment for her anyway.

Mommy Needs to Go Away - The Originals Season 4 Episode 11

Did you expect Klaus to murder Kol?

Mandy: Not murder him, but dagger him. As warped as they are, I don't think Klaus would ever kill any of his siblings forever. But putting them in a box for a few centuries is his favorite means of punishment. I am tired of people invoking Cami's name to manipulate Klaus. It only reminds me how pointless her death was.

Justin: Daggering Kol seemed like the most obvious choice. Klaus doesn't kill family unless it is the absolute requirement and it would've been more of a punishment to have Kol trapped in a box forever than be reunited with Davina in death.

Amanda: No, I figured Kol would use Cami's name as a way to settle Klaus' anger. Kol was right. Klaus would have done anything to save Cami if he could. Klaus can't blame Kol for trying to keep his love alive.

A New Spell - The Originals Season 4 Episode 11

How will the family find out about The Hollow taking over Hope?

Mandy: I think The Hollow will reveal herself. She's quite arrogant, which makes her an interesting foe for the family. She believes she's more powerful than anyone, and now that she's inside Hope, it's possible she is. I can see her bragging about what she did rather than trying to hide it.

Justin: Eventually her evil nature will seep through and make its presence known. The Hollow isn't one for secrecy. The evil Hope will make a power play, and the others will be alerted to the return of their foe.

Amanda: Not long. The Hollow won't care to keep up the charade. She'll try to harness Hope's powers, but I think it would be interesting to have Hope fight The Hollow from within.

Always & Forever - The Originals Season 4 Episode 11

Do you even care about Marcel and Rebekah as a couple?

Mandy: It's hard to when we know that Claire Holt is only a guest star. They'll find a new way to send her off after the premiere of The Originals Season 5. It's hard to invest when it's temporary.

Justin: Meh. I've lost interest in this relationship ever since Rebekah departed in The Originals Season 1. They're not meant to be together; fate will tear them apart again. Both of them should find happiness elsewhere.

Amanda: Unless Rebekah sticks around for more than a handful of episodes, I'm not putting too much stock into those two.

A Truce? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 11

Will Freya try and keep her distance now that The Hollow is messing with loved ones?

Mandy: No, because like the rest of her family, she's prone to making the selfish choice. She tried to let Keelin go once, but it didn't stick. She might try again, but I don't expect that to last, either.

Justin: Freya will be back to get into the thick of things. Just like Mandy said, she's like her family and will the selfish choice. I have no doubt that distance will only last for a very short while.

Amanda: She might, but Freya has a hard time letting things go.

Over to you, The Originals fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Note: The Originals Season 4 Episode 12 airs June 16 on The CW. 

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