The Originals Round Table: The Sacrifice

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The Originals have been forced to live apart.

That was revealed on The Originals Season 4 Episode 13 as the family tried one final time to save Hope's life.

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro and Amanda Steinmetz discuss the big finish, Hayley's next move and Marcel ditching New Orleans. 

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Would the episode have worked for you as a series finale?

Mandy: Absolutely. The Mikaelson family being alive, but separated seems like a terrible punishment for them, but it's almost fitting. As much as I love them, they are monsters. I'm not sure any of them, other than Hope, deserves a true happy ending. I think this would have been a nice way to end the series.

Justin: For the longest time, I had expected The Original Season 4 Episode 13 to be the series finale. It worked perfectly well as an ending to the story. I think the writers were covering their bases in case the renewal news didn't go their way.

Amanda: The entire episode felt like a series finale, so I can only assume it was designed that way since they shot it without knowing if the show was going to be picked up for another season. While the ending was bittersweet, I would have been okay had this been the end.

The Final Battle - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

What's next for Hayley now that Hope's at boarding school?

Mandy: It'll probably take her a while to let her guard down. She spent five years protecting the family and trying to bring them back to life. It won't be an easy adjustment for her to live a somewhat normal life in Mystic Falls while her daughter attends school. I'm guessing she'll eventually settle into life there; maybe meet other parents. I wouldn't be surprised if she has new allies once Season 5 starts.

Justin: I agree with Mandy. Hayley will try to adjust to this new type of life for herself. She's been used to taking care of Hope or worrying about what's going to happy to the family, and about learning about the past. This is a new start for her.

Amanda: I can only assume Hayley would want to keep as low a profile as possible. She'll stay as close to her daughter as possible. After everything they've been through, it would be a mistake to let her guard down.

To Life - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

Were you surprised Marcel ditched his kingdom and made his way to New York to be with Rebekah?

Mandy: Yes! Happily surprised, but so surprised. After he committed himself to Sofya, I can't believe he changed his mind. Not only to end the relationship but also to leave New Orleans behind. I know things will change with the new season, but I love the idea of these two finding happiness and making a home somewhere other than NOLA.

Justin: I am. It's been many seasons of this on-again-off-again relationship, and the two seemed aligned that they didn't work together. Now that he's given it up, this is going to create a vacuum and people are going to be trying to get to the top in New Orleans now. At least Rebekah and Marcel have found some happiness.

Amanda: No, but I don't know how their relationship is going to move forward without Claire Holt being in more than a handful of episodes. I would have accepted this development more if I knew the show wasn't going to keep going, but now that we know it's coming back, I don't know what the writers are going to about Rebekah and Marcel.

The Brothers - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

How did you feel about Marcel compelling Elijah to forget everything?

Mandy: It was a smart call on Elijah's part. He wouldn't have been able to stay away from Klaus. He's spent his entire life devoted to his brother. It's honorable that he did this to keep his promise. But at the same time, I'm not sure he's earned the right to let go of everything that made him who he is. It feels almost like a cop out. I'm curious if Marcel will undo the compulsion at some point.

Justin: I don't expect this hold to last long. He'll remember everything at some point in The Originals Season 5, and the drama will begin again.

Amanda: I definitely had conflicting emotions. Elijah has always struggled to be a good man, and getting rid of his memories gives him the chance to start fresh. However, I know the writers are just going to have to work their way out of this narrative hole come next season.

The Sisters - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

Would you have liked to see Freya as a vampire?

Mandy: No. I'm so happy Kol showed up because I don't want every member of the family to be a vampire. Plus, Freya would be a normal vampire, not an Original, and that seems wrong. I'd much rather have her be a powerful witch. And this way, she can stay connected to her siblings, and to Hope.

Justin: No! Freya is an amazing witch, and I love her character. She's not a vampire and takes more after her mother; she's like what Rebekah could've been if she had not been turned into a vampire. I would've hated if Freya if they forced this switch on her.

Amanda: Not at all. I don't really care for Freya, but I like how she is a powerful witch. It gives her a different perspective. Also, Mandy has a point. Turning Freya into a vampire still, wouldn't make her an Original.

The Plan - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

What are your hopes for The Originals Season 5?

Mandy: I don't have any. That feels weird to say, but this finale felt like the end to me. I know there will be a magical loophole that allows them to reunite at some point. And a new monster to fight. But I like this ending a lot. The story of the Mikaelson family and always and forever finished with a bittersweet ending for me.

Justin: I agree with Mandy. I'm not sure what to expect for next year and I'm not really hoping for anything. I think maybe a few more absolute happy endings to the supporting characters, like Josh, and hope that some of our main Mikaelsons will learn to stay away from the New Orleans drama to have a happy life for themselves.

Amanda: Just that the writers come up with a way for Elijah to regain his memories without the whole mind-compulsion plot seeming like a waste of time. Also, if a time jump is in store, I would like for the teenage version of Hope to not be annoying.

Over to you, The Originals Fanatics. What did you think of the developments? Sound off below. 

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