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That's the way you do drama!

Before Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 3 we had many reasons to worry about one of our favorite couples.

After, worrying about them will take on a completely different look.

Hollywood made a big decision that will change the future for him and Violet.

The divorce proceedings between Charley and Davis got very ugly.

In what way? Regarding Micah's custody.

We never thought it would be Charley who would care so little about the welfare of her child, but what she did put her son right in the middle of her divorce proceedings and it's unfair.

No child should have to participate in their parents' divorce, and because of Charley's actions, that's what might have to happen.

Find out what decision Hollywood made and what stupid move Charley made regarding her divorce.

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One of the best dramas on television is waiting for you.

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I know you don't want to hear this right now. By remaining silent when one must speak, it's the slow death of freedom. I want you to be free.


One day away from you is one day too long. Baby, don't give up on us again.