Watch The Originals Online: Season 4 Episode 10

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Did the family manage to save Elijah?

That was the key concern on The Originals Season 4 Episode 10 when it became apparent it was going to take the power of the whole family to get him back.

With Hayley making a trip inside the pendant, she was given a devastating ultimatum that made her question everything. 

With Rebekah and Kol back in the mix, they were forced to make a decision about their future in New Orleans. 

Did they want to stick around?

Use the video above to watch The Originals online to get up to speed with the latest drama as the family battles to save one of their own. 

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The Originals Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I've never told you, but over countless years you've meant so much to me. You've been a redeemer, a confidante, a rival and a friend. And at times, yes, you've been a royal pain in the arse. Now, look at you. I am so sorry, my brother. This will not be your end.


Hayley: Please tell me that you can do this?
Freya: He's my brother. I'm not going to stop until he's safe.