Younger Premiere: Kelsey and Josh "Need Each Other" Dish Cast & Producers from ATX

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The Younger cast and creatives made their way to ATX Festival in Austin to screen Younger Season 4 Episode 1.

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with writer/producer Alison Brown, Nico Tortorella (Josh), Peter Hermann (Charles), Miriam Shor (Diana), and Molly Bernard (Lauren).

Let’s talk about that ending of Younger Season 4 Episode 1! As soon as the door shuts behind Kelsey as she walked into Josh’s apartment, my jaw dropped. Tortorella teased, “it’s going to be an interesting season for those two.” Personally, I think “interesting” is an understatement.

Kelsey Knows the Truth - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

The decision to have Kelsey and Josh grow closer was one that caused a bit of a debate in the writers' room. 

Brown stated that, “we all feel very protective over the Liza/Kelsey relationship because it’s the first important relationship that we saw on the show.” But she said, “It all is good. Liza did this. She created this problem for herself, and it makes sense that they have each other."

Tortorella believes that Josh and Kelsey bonding and moving in together makes sense in a lot of ways. He said that Josh and Kelsey “vibe well together.”

The preview for Younger Season 4 suggested that Josh and Kelsey might vibe a little bit too well together, and Tortorella’s response was to laugh, “They did that on purpose. A job well done.”

Synchronicity - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

Tortorella elaborated on Josh and Kelsey’s decision to live together by stating, “They both got their hearts broken by Liza, you know, and it doesn’t matter that Kelsey and Liza, you know, were friends, and Josh and Liza were dating, maybe even soon to be engaged, they are treated equally as important.

"And I love that about the show. And I think that makes sense that Josh and Kelsey find each other, you know? They need each other right now. There’s nobody else they can talk to about any of this stuff.”

Tortorella believes “that Josh is really trying to do the best that he can to just deflect any sort of feelings about this at all. Like, ‘I’m not talking about this. I don’t ever want to think about this again.’ Out of sight, out of mind. But I think probably deep, deep down, being close to Kelsey is in one way or another a way for him to be closer to Liza right now, too.”

Younger Season 4 Episode 1 ended with Lauren and Liza finding out about Kelsey moving in with Josh through Uber, which is “so of the moment,” as Hermann put it. He added that he “love[s] the elegance of all of that.”

Tortorella noted, “it takes a lot longer to get to Williamsburg though in real life. I mean in our time it was really quick.” Lauren and Liza must have stared at Lauren’s phone for a while…

Odd Woman Out - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

As for Kelsey, Bernard described her as “very shut down for a bit because I think she really is pretty heartbroken about the Liza thing, and I think she’s trying to figure out who she’s going to tell, how she’s going to move through this.”

Shor shared a line Kelsey has later on in the season: “when she’s like, ‘I can’t even trust my own judgment of people.’”

Shor went on to explain that she loves that line because it’s relatable: “When you’ve been hurt in a relationship, whether it’s a romantic one or otherwise, you feel that. You suddenly feel like your compass is off, and you can’t judge people, and you’re not safe to judge someone, and you shut down a little bit.”

It’s not hard to understand why Kelsey feels so betrayed by Liza, and as an audience, you support Kelsey’s anger, in a sense. Liza kept something monumental from one of her closest friends and business partners.

Brown believes that “the audience feels about Liza how Kelsey feels about Liza. So Kelsey’s mad, the audience is going to be like, ‘Yeah, I know. Me too.’”

29 Under 29 - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

Liza’s suffering during Younger Season 4 Episode 1, and it looks like the rest of the season won’t get much better for her.

Brown stated, “She has to pay her dues, I think. She has to live with what she did and how she hurt Kelsey for a while, which she should.”

Remember you can watch Younger online anytime right here via TV Fanatic.

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