Younger Season 4: ATX Festival Interview with the Cast and Producer

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Cast of Younger at ATX Festival 2017

It’s almost time for Younger Season 4! Are you excited?

We had the opportunity at ATX Festival to sit down and talk with writer/producer Alison Brown, Nico Tortorella (Josh), Peter Hermann (Charles), Miriam Shor (Diana), and Molly Bernard (Lauren).

As the promos make clear, things are not going well for Liza when we pick up on Younger Season 4 Episode 1.

Bernard stated that Younger “is like candy in so many ways, and then there are these sucker punch moments that are like a drama? I mean it’s not a dramedy, let’s be real. It’s a comedy. But the real moments, all I’m saying is sometimes the show can get surprisingly heavy, and I love when that happens.”

Season 4 will feature a lot of growth for everyone. Tortorella states, “We all grow up some this season in a really beautiful way.”

Brown elaborated, saying that we, as an audience, “learn more about each character like I feel like you don’t know a lot about Charles and Josh as much as you do the women of the show. So we kind of take you into their lives, which I think will be really interesting to people.”

Learning more about characters is always a good thing, as is pairing up characters who don’t share scenes together typically. The promos have strongly hinted that Josh and Kelsey will be spending some one on one time together, and apparently, Younger Season 4 will feature a lot of interesting pair ups.

While she could not reveal much, Shor teased, “that there’s a moment between Diana and Maggie,” and, “it’s freaking awesome.”

Bernard stated that Maggie and Diana spending time together is “long overdue,” and it’s apparently something that could have happened back on Younger Season 2!

Younger Cast at ATX Festival 2017

Brown explained, “We wanted that to happen for a while now because we thought, ‘these two would get along.’ And we wrote a whole story season two where they met and hung out and went to a bar together, and then it wasn’t working for whatever reason, and we scrapped it and kept it, and we brought it back!”

Shor also shared that “there’s also something that Diana has to deal with,” and Bernard described it as, “disgusting.” Disgusting is not something you typically associate with Diana, so whatever happens is bound to be ridiculously entertaining.

Bernard could not share much about what antics Lauren will get up to this season, but she did share a funny teaser: “Lauren, Kelsey, and Josh touch a lot of phallic things later in the season.”

Shor chimed in, “Fun with phalluses!”

These phallic things are, according to Bernard, “infinitely more surprising and bizarre [than vibrators]. It’s truly weird.”

The biggest news to come out of ATX Festival about Younger Season 4 is that the show is going to Ireland this season! Now, of course, we have no idea who is going, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Liza goes. A lot of information is included on your passport...

In the past, Younger has left NYC and had some big moments, such as the Charles and Liza kiss and almost proposal in Montauk on Younger Season 3 Episode 11 and 12.

Tortorella states that the Ireland trip “is a thousand times bigger than that moment.” What’s bigger than Charles and Liza (finally!) kissing, and Josh seeing it causing him to rescind his soon-to-be proposal?

Hermann mentions, “you find out so many things about someone” when you’re traveling, especially “when you’re dating somebody, and you travel with them for the first time.”

Hmm, who do you think is going on this Ireland trip? If it’s for Empirical, perhaps Liza and Charles make the trip.

Let’s get a status update on Charles and Liza from Hermann.

As a reminder, Hermann stated, “Charles says at the end of three, he sort of makes a vow not to interfere.” It doesn’t look like Charles will keep that vow for long.

Hermann explains, “There are people that just will not leave our hearts alone, and I think that Liza just won’t leave Charles’ heart alone.”

“Their relationship,” Hermann elaborated, “what they mean in each other’s lives, both her willingness to risk and his willingness to risk, that certainly gets explored, and then all hell breaks loose.” Hermann laughed before continuing, “which is fun.”

Peter Hermann at ATX Festival 2017 - Younger

Brown said, “There is an obstacle that comes up that sort of impedes Liza and Charles that is not Josh-related.”

She went on to say, “I’m really excited for people to see that. It happens middle to end of the season, but I think it’s really going to be good.”

We should probably chat about work before wrapping this up. Brown stated, “we definitely go into the book world a lot in this season.”

Brown teased, “Episode 4 is a really fun author story that kicks off this little, um, arc.” She continued, “So they are on the search for a new author, there’s some author poaching may be going on, there are new relationships with people at other publishing houses.”

Younger Season 4 Episode 1 airs June 28 at 10/9c on TVLand. 

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