Younger Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Post Truth

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The biggest shock of the premiere wasn't Kelsey and Josh deciding to shack up together.

No. In fact, that made a lot of sense if they both needed a roommate. Instead, I was surprised while watching Younger Season 4 Episode 1 that Kelsey was being deceived yet again because she seems to be under the impression Josh and Liza broke up due to Liza's truth.

Was I wrong in my understanding of that conversation? Let's run it all down.

The Truth is Out There - Younger

Nothing about Liza telling the truth was ever going to be easy.

But I would have been livid if I were Kelsey to learn she gave that EW chick a contract on her stupid book just to keep her secret. It worked out just right, really, because I can't imagine how Liza was going to defend herself without the words, "I did it because she threatened to out me."

Using it to get onto the 29 people under 29 list (or 31 people under 29 list) was a great idea to keep Liza out of hot water.

Diana and Charles Look Shocked - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

Kelsey was thinking about her imprint in a split second decision to keep Liza from telling her truth. She has no idea of the burden she just brought upon herself by keeping Liza's age a secret.

Can anyone enlighten me on Liza's role at both Empirical and Millennial? Is she an assistant at both?

When Kelsey decided to build a life for Liza with Lauren's help, there was some downplaying to Liza about why she was "still an assistant."

Odd Woman Out - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

If she's only an assistant, would her role at Millennial as a 40-year-old woman be that bad? And when are they going to see her age as an opportunity instead of a hindrance?

I take that back. Any other person in Liza's position wouldn't be as far behind as she is. 

Since Liza started working at Empirical, she's been playing on social media platforms quite frequently. She's responsible for making a life for Diana on those platforms. Why hasn't she gotten sucked into the life herself?

Why is Liza still so behind the eight ball in all things relevant?

Am I really supposed to believe she has no idea what Black Mirror is? Or Maggie? Come on! 

Maggie is an artist, hanging with the hippest of the hip. Liza has been playing in the sandbox with twenty-somethings and dating one for a year. I do not buy these women are so damned mature.

Forty is not the old 60. 

Synchronicity - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

Yes, it's very cool that Charles and Liza share their love of Hemingway, but Charles is selling the collection, not hiding it under his pillow.

You guys, my MOTHER uses Twitter. No, she doesn't SnapChat nor does she post photos on Instagram, but she follows people on Instagram! How is it my retired mother knows the ways of the world but I'm to believe Liza, who needs these things in her life to prove she's alive, still hasn't succumbed?

I'm still having a little bit of an issue with the portrayal of real world 40 vs 26. Maybe Hollywood types don't do that stuff, just like no actors really know how to type. 

You know what I mean, right? When you see a person who is supposed to be a whiz on a keyboard, they're usually plucking away at the same three keys with their fingers as if we don't recognize how to type or something.

But Hollywood isn't the real world. So a little research is needed.


29 Under 29 - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

I was soooo bummed by the disconnect between Charles and Liza.

Not only by his offhand remark about being the oldest person at the 29 under 29 party (it grows tiresome) but by this:

I don't want to contribute to the idea that truth is whatever you're comfortable with even if it means taking a hit to the bottom line. I guess I'm old fashioned that way.


He thought he was impressing her, but he missed the way her face fell at his remark. Will the timing for the two of them never be right?

Charles obviously feels like he's robbing the cradle being as into a 26-year-old as he is with her, and he doesn't understand what it is about her that makes her so different. 

But here's the thing. Liza has always been different than the other kids. She didn't turn 40 and develop a love of books. She's always loved books and learned lines from them the way others learn lines from their favorite songs. These things aren't age related.

They're essential to her being, and she'd be the same person whether she was 20, 40, 60, or 80. She might be a little wiser than she was at 20 and move better now than she will at 80, but the essentials don't change.

I'm not sure how Charles will take the news of Liza's age, but he's going to have to take it, as is Diana. 

Liza is a beautiful woman inside and out and proves age shouldn't be the determining factor in any discussion. How would Liza do her job differently if her age were revealed? She wouldn't. 

That should be all that matters, and that's the discussion I hope at some point takes place. 

Kelsey Knows the Truth - Younger Season 4 Episode 1

In the meantime, is Liza going to drive herself nuts wondering what's going on with Kelsey and Josh? 

Nothing is going on with Kelsey and Josh other than friends who can lean on each other and share a truth only they know about a woman they love. Since Josh made Kelsey promise never to ask about the night they broke up, it's possible they won't talk about that truth at all.

Will that mean Kelsey will remain in the dark about how long Josh knew the truth? Because thinking Josh ended things with Liza because of her age will only help her continue her feud with her friend, assuming that knowing the truth is hating the truth.

Maybe I misunderstood the whole thing. Hey, maybe Liza will even ask Kelsey what's up with moving into Josh's place. No, honest discussions like that rarely happen on TV, although they should.

The pain between the friends we love so much is going to brew a while longer.

The person hurt the most was Josh, and the pain has nothing to do with Liza's secret. It's about betrayal. He's not expected to forgive and forget, looking at the foundation of their friendship to move them forward. 

Kelsey getting closer to Josh and misunderstanding the situation could be the biggest hindrance to rebuilding her relationship with Liza, but she won't even know it.

What do you guys think? Share all of your thoughts on what's going to go down this season in the comments below!

And don't forget to watch Younger online if you need to find out how we got here in the first place.

Post Truth Review

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And Kelsey, next to my own daughter and Maggie, you are the most precious thing in the world to me.


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