Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Dig

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How far will Smurf go to get what she wants?

Smurf showed how deep her dark side went on Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 7 as she manipulated her boys to help her with the Javi situation.

How Far Will They Go - Animal Kingdom

Smurf wanted Javi dead and she was going to get what she wanted no matter what.

Her attempts at manipulated the boys to kill Javi didn't quite work, but she manipulated them enough to do her bidding by getting Javi's dad's body out of the house where he was buried.

It was another intense hour where you had to wonder if the boys were finally going to get caught. All those neighbors watching what was going on was quite unnerving. Deran was freaked out, but there was really nothing he could do about it. 

Pope and the others had to keep digging. If they got busted, they got busted. Pope is always the calm one and he didn't seem worried about it at all, but I was waiting for the cops to pull up at any minute. 

Even when they got out of the house, I thought he cops were going to pull up, and they'd be caught red-handed with a dead guy's bones in their possession.

Deran didn't want to help Smurf at all with anything. He was convinced that Smurf was lying to them and that may have been true. 

Javi had a different story than the one Smurf told the boys, and I'm leaning towards believing his story instead of hers.

She always makes herself out to be the victim. Granted she was the victim when Jake ripped her off at the hotel and Javi threatened her, but she put herself in that situation.

J is Thinking - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 7

On the other hand, if Javi really wanted to get back at Smurf, he should have just gone to the cops in the first place. Why ask for money? 

And then when he didn't get the money he made another deal with Baz for even more money. That's what bothers me about Javi, but what would be the point of Javi lying to Baz?

Javi opened up to him about how he wished Smurf would have taken him in after his dad was killed, but she never did. So it seems as though he's acting out. Maybe he saw and still sees Smurf as a mother figure and is just hurt at her actions.

Why did she take in Baz and not Javi? What's the real story behind that. 

It caught Baz off guard when Javi told him what Manny used to say about Smurf. Baz didn't need to be reminded that he's not Smurf's kid, but it really hit home after Javi's was shot by his own man.

And when Smurf said Javi wasn't family that cut Baz deep. Smurf waited before clarifying, but I get the feeling she was trying to send Baz a subliminal message -- that she is willing to do whatever is necessary to save her own skin. 

She doesn't care about Baz, and I doubt she really cares about her own sons or J or Nicky, for that matter.

Pope on the Job - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 7

Yet, they keep doing things for her out of loyalty, but how much loyalty does she have for them?

Deep down Deran is already on to her, and Baz is getting an idea, but it may be already too late for him.

If the cops are poking around Catherine's death, you can be sure she won't let Pope take the fall for her death. If she's willing to kill Javi, you can bet she's willing to kill Baz.

If she has any loyalty to anyone, it will be for Pope. And maybe J.

There's still a special thing between her and Pope that goes beyond what a mother/son relationship should be. But how far is Pope willing to go for Smurf? And does Smurf really have as much control over Pope as she thinks?

And one final thing. How long with the Cody luck last? 

There's plenty of mystery and intrigue on this show, and it makes for some damn good television, doesn't it?

What did you think of "Dig"? Would Smurf give up her boys to save herself? Does Smurf really consider Baz part of the family?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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