Days of Our Lives Round Table: Abby's Bad Choices

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Abigail chose to run out on her family once again, Steve began to suspect Tripp of wrongdoing, Abe flipped when he learned of Theo’s new job, and a letter from Sami had fans speculating on a return to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stephanie and Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abigail’s choices, if Abe over reacted, and who is their favorite actor on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Could Abigail have made a better choice than running off with Dario?

Jack: Absolutely. She had a million chances to tell Chad what was going on. She could have told her brother the cop too (which would have given JJ a storyline -- the writers need to stop being allergic to that), gone to the Pub and lamented to Roman the ex-cop, made Tripp think that Dario killed Ava...

I'm kidding about the last one but seriously, she had so many choices other than giving in to this ridiculous blackmail plot.

Stephanie: Abigail made her choice because she wanted to protect Chad. However, I think letting him know about the incriminating photo would have been a much better way to protect him than running off with Dario.

By running off, she is leaving Thomas without a mother again, and is leaving everyone who loves her completely confused about her actions. Chad has a much better chance of protecting himself if he knows what he is up against.

Andy: Another person surely could have made a better choice, but Abigail has made one poor choice after another for years now. She got herself into this mess and now she's paying the consequences.

Regardless of how she feels about Chad, if she really cared about Thomas, she would have tried much harder to not have to leave him again instead of just giving up.

Christine: Bad choices are Abigail’s specialty. If she’d told Chad about the photo, he could have protected himself, instead she decides to abandon her son, mother, and brother all over again after putting them all through hell last year. Who does that?

Dario Blackmails Abigail - Days of Our Lives

After setting up Kayla, is Tripp redeemable?

Jack: I want Tripp to be redeemable but every time he seems to be developing a conscience he turns evil again! Does he not get that people could have died? Nurse Shelly even said she wouldn't risk people's lives over a grudge, right in front of him, and he had no reaction.

Stephanie: I think Tripp could be redeemable if he fesses up about what he did and willingly suffers the consequences for it. Honestly, he confuses me. Once minute, he feels bad about what he’s done to Kayla, and the next, he’s trying to frame her again. He needs to tell the truth and be done with it!

Andy: I think he is redeemable. What he did was horrible, could have killed people, and is potentially ruining Kayla's career. But who hasn't done all that on this show before?

Tripp genuinely believes Kayla murdered his mother before he got a chance to meet her, so of course he's going to try to avenge her death. This is what happens when people cover up the truth.

Christine: I get that Tripp wanted revenge on Kayla, but what he did put other people’s lives in danger, and I’m not sure he gets that, which makes him either dumb or a sociopath. 

That said, I think he is redeemable. Tripp’s biggest problem is that he swings from likable to mean-spirited and back again and it’s making my head spin. If the writers would just give the character some consistency, I think he could be redeemed. 

Abe Confronts Theo - Days of Our Lives

Was Abe overreacting when he took Theo’s laptop?

Jack: On a scale from 1 to 10, his overreaction was about 100000. Theo is an adult. Abe not only interfered with his job but took his personal property and threw a tantrum all over town about Theo working for the Dimeras.

Abe is one of my favorite characters, but he was totally wrong here.

Stephanie: While I understand Abe’s feelings about Theo working for DiMera Enterprises, he should not have taken the laptop.

His son is a young adult who, although he has autism, has proven capable of taking care of himself and making his own decisions. I’m glad Abe saw the error of his ways and gave the laptop back on Friday.

Andy: I get that Abe is trying to be protective of Theo and has reason to be concerned about the Dimeras' influence over him, but Theo is an adult capable of making his own decisions. He doesn't need to be treated like a child and essentially "grounded" from using his own laptop.

It's fine for Abe to voice his concerns, but let Theo make his own decisions (and potential mistakes).

Christine: Abe reacted as if Theo was a 12 year old, not an adult living on his own. It’s ironic that Abe was the one throwing a tantrum, while Theo remained calm and tried to reason with him. 

Lani and JJ On the Island - Days of Our Lives

Who is your favorite actor or actress on the show?

Jack: The uber talented and super-underused Casey Moss. He's proven himself over and over, and even with what little he's been given to work with lately, he brings his A game.

Of the three people who were hypnotized recently, JJ was the only one who appeared hypnotized rather than just talking with his eyes closed. I wish the writers and producers would realize it and give him more to do.

Stephanie: My favorite actor is Kyler Pettis. I think he is very realistic in the way he portrays Theo’s awkwardness in social situations.

That kind of material can be hard for a young actor to work with, but he really does well with it. He makes me feel for Theo when he has a hard choice to make but doesn’t fully understand the ramifications of it.

Asking For Theo's Help - Days of Our Lives

Andy: My favorite actor from a mostly superficial standpoint is Casey Moss (JJ). I wish they would give him actual storylines again! Being relegated to the police force just pushed him into the background of other people's stories.

I always thought he did such a good job through his troubled teen years and affair with Eve. At least they got him out of that horrible cop uniform, but please give him more to do!! 

Christine: I enjoy Billy Flynn as Chad the most, especially when he’s given the more emotional stories like when he confronted Abigail this week as she was set to run off with Dario.

Before Billy Flynn came along, Chad was a one-note character I’d barely noticed, but in Flynn’s hands, Chad is a character who rules the screen. 

Chad Agrees to Divorce Abigail - Days of Our Lives

Roman and Marlana heard from Sami. Would you like to see her, or any of her children, return to Salem?

Jack: I'd love to see Sami get back together with Lucas! And the photo that Roman saw that we didn't makes me think a SORAS-ed Johnny, Allie and Sydney may soon be on their way!

I always loved Sami's kids, especially the twins, and want to see what's been happening for them since they left for Hollywood.

Stephanie: I think it would be interesting to see Sami return. I didn’t always like her choices or actions, but she was never someone who was dull! I’m also interested to see what her children would be like now that they have been off screen for a while.

Andy: I may be alone on this, but I really do miss Sami. I get that she may have been over utilized, but I grew up watching her the way a lot of fans grew up with the older generation.

And I terribly miss Will! Killing him off was one of the worst decisions the writers have made on this show.

I think it would be cool to see Allie and Johnny come back as teenagers too, hopefully played by much better young actors than the current teen scene.

Christine: Love her or hate her, Sami was never boring, but I really only want Sami back if EJ can come back too, as I liked him even more than I liked her.

I feel it’s a bit soon to SORAS Sami’s kids, and I’m a little skittish after the debacle of SORASing Ciara and Joey. Sami’s kids can NOT be played by weak actors. That would be unacceptable.

Hattie Confronts Marlena - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Was JJ even on? If he was I missed it. Other than that, I was pretty happy, though Steve should have seen through Tripp's act way earlier, and Abe should have acted like an adult despite his concerns for Theo. 

Oh, and can we please never see a picture of Ava or hear her name again? 

Stephanie: I was disappointed by the choices Abby made regarding her dilemma. She is once again setting herself up to be a damsel in distress who needs to be saved by Chad. 

The writers made her divorce Chad so that she could work on becoming a strong independent woman, which is a type of character I think we need to see more of on soaps and other TV shows. So far, she is not doing that.

Andy: I wasn't thrilled with more attention given to the Brady/Nicole/Eric triangle (with Jennifer on the side as well). It feels played out and contrived. 

Let Brady and Nicole be happy for more than a minute and just deal with the Holly drama. Let Eric and Jennifer explore their relationship further. They can have a lot of the same angst over Daniel if necessary, Jen loved him at one point too. Just do something new.

Christine: More Hattie/Bonnie/Anjelica. I’m not a fan of this ridiculous, nonsense storyline and find it a waste of time. 

Also, watching Abigail let Dario push her around and manipulate her some more was really disappointing 

Kayla Packs Up - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from the week?

Jack: I loved Steve and Kayla taking time out from their storyline to celebrate their anniversary! I also really liked Chad confronting Abigail.

Stephanie: My favorite scene was Nicole finally forgiving Eric. I am glad she was able to find peace with Eric’s part in Daniel’s death after reading Eric’s letters. The scenes where she read them were sweet and emotional, and it will be good to see her be able to fully move on with her life now.

Andy: As frustrating as it is to watch because of Abigail's poor decisions, I thought Chad was really great in their scenes on Friday. And there was some good tension between Dario trying to rush Abigail out and Theo deleting the pictures and then the random car at the end. 

I was also happy to see Steve start to suspect Tripp. Curious to see how he'll confront this situation.

Christine: Chad calling Abigail out on running off on their son once again was my favorite. If I’m supposed to feel badly for her then she needed to put up more of a fight with Dario, if not for herself, at least for her kid. 

I also enjoyed the scenes between Jennifer and Eric. It’s so refreshing to see two mature, stable characters have honest conversations. I wish we had more of that. 

Want more about the happenings in Salem? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic. 

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