Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is JJ A Murderer?

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On this week's Days of Our Lives, Deimos turned up dead after spiking a bunch of party drinks with Halo and JJ was accused of murdering him, while a bunch of people got together while under the influence and were shocked and confused when they sobered up.

Our TV Fanatic Jack Ori is joined by Trey and Ronnie from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate Deimos' death, which couple they'd like to get together for real, and whether JJ had any involvement in the murder.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Deimos' murder was a fitting end to this character?

Trey: Yes. Deimos' character had no redemptive value. He was a good villain and he shook Salem up in death just like he did in life.

Ronnie: I still think Deimos is a character who shouldn't even have existed in the first place. His introduction was botched and the character never made any sense.

Jack: I tend to agree with Ronnie. While Deimos had potential, he was never really fully defined and was all over the place, from heartbroken lover to totally evil. I'm not a big fan of murder mysteries, but I'm glad to see Deimos go.

Someone Stabs Deimos - Days of Our Lives

JJ has been accused of killing Deimos. On a scale from 1 to 10, what do you think the likelihood is that he actually did it?

Trey: Zero while I think that JJ was a hothead, Deimos was out of JJ's league and probably bested JJ. Plus it would take somebody smarter than JJ to take a villain like Deimos down. And it's a soap so who knows who actually did it. It's never the first person you think!

Ronnie: ZERO! There is no way JJ killed Deimos. For the simple reason that he's the first suspect and on a soap, it means that you're innocent.

Jack: JJ is a lot of things, but a killer isn't one of them. I think he's plenty smart and resourceful, and he does have a quick temper, but I doubt he had anything to do with the murder. It's just not who he is, drugs or no drugs.

At his worst, he never committed more than relatively minor crimes so it's not logical that he would kill anyone, and his style is more to beat people at their own game (e.g. Theresa, Eve, Clyde, etc).

What was your favorite and least favorite scene at the Martin House party prior to Deimos' murder?

Trey: There were a lot of positives at the Martin house party. I really liked that Julie gave the house to Eli as a part of his heritage and as a way of honoring her son (his dad). I also thought everyone getting loopy and nostalgic for their former romances was nice.

I miss JJ and Gabi, Eric and Nicole, and Chad and Abigail pairings. Seems like all the couples I root for are destined to be with someone else. But I did root for these couples to finally say what was in their true hearts for a change.

Ronnie: I thought the scenes where they all first started acting high were really funny. And I also loved Julie's face when Eli told her that Gabi and him weren't together anymore. It was classic Julie!

Jack: I guess I'm in the minority here because I hated all the scenes of everyone getting high, although Gabi calling Lani out on being scared of a ringtone was funny because it was so true. I liked Eric's toast.

Gabi's attitude towards JJ over the last nine months or so have really soured me on this couple, but I did like their dance.

Four couples got together while under the influence of Halo: Chad/Abby, JJ/Gabi, Nicole/Eric, and Eli/Lani. Which of these couples do you most hope gets together for real?

Trey: That's hard to answer because I still hold out hope for all of them! I really feel that Chad and Abby really need to confront their feelings and go to counseling. Even if they don't want to be a couple anymore, they should do it for their son.

While there's been so much bad history between Eric and Nicole, I think they were good together before Kristen mucked it all up.

Ronnie: I have the most hope for JJ/Gabi but objectively Chad/Abby are the ones who have shown over the years that their love can survive anything.

Jack: I'm not a big fan of any of these couples. At least Eli/Lani would get Lani away from JJ, though I wish Paige could be resurrected and get JJ away from both her and Gabi.

How far do you think Tripp will go in his plan to sabotage Kayla's career?

Trey: Tripp is as crazy as his mom. He was too quick to believe Kayla was bad. I think he's afraid of being accepted into a good home and family, and he's going to destroy himself. Maybe he's self-sabotaging?

Ronnie: He could have killed Hope if he hadn't come back in time, so I'm afraid somebody will have to get seriously hurt for him realize that he's going too far.

Jack: Sadly, I agree with everyone else on this. Tripp is obsessed with avenging Ava and doesn't have his facts right, so I don't think there's anything he won't do to undermine Kayla.

Who do you think gave the best performance this week?

Trey: It's hard to choose but I think that Eric with his self-loathing and attempting to forgive himself after Daniel's death was very well acted. I think the crew looked like they were having a lot of fun this week.

Ronnie: Before Friday's episode I would have picked Greg Vaughan but Casey Moss really blew me away on Friday. So this one goes to him.

Jack: Casey Moss and Greg Vaughan were my picks for this week too. These were two very solid, emotional performances.

What was your favorite and least favorite moment this week?

Trey: Least favorite was definitely Nicole. While I am normally a Nicole fan, I think this week she's just been mean and vindictive.

I understand why, but I just don't like to see her stoop so low and be so mean, especially because she's done some awful things in the past that have hurt many people so deeply and has sought forgiveness.

Runner-up: Abigail's behavior and divorce. She is such a fool! Favorite: the party while everyone was drugged. I also liked Julie and Eli. Very warm moments!

Ronnie: Favorite: Deimos being dead. Least favorite: Gabi acting like she has any right to question Chad and Abigail. Considering what went down between Chad and her in the freezer while he was married to Abby, she should not throw stones.

Jack: I liked seeing Abe have some father-son time with Theo early this week. My least favorite scenes were anything Lani related. She is petty, jealous, and stupid, and I suspect she implicated JJ in getting back at him for waking up next to Gabi.

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