Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2 Review: A Skinner, Darkly

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We are family.

That was the none-too-subtle theme of Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2.

Most importantly, by the end, Johnny's "emo walkabout," as Turin called it was over. The gang was back together.

Searching For a Replacement - Killjoys

One thing I'm totally puzzled about is how D'avin returned. In a scene late in Killjoys Seasons 3 Episode 1, he got boosted up into one of the Black Root Hullen ships and it vanished.

But he was back this episode like nothing had happened. And Turin said something to the effect of "We don't know how to get into the Hullen ships." Did I miss something?

Maybe that back story will get sandwiched in somewhere in the future with a flashback. In the meantime, let's roll with it and not sweat the continuity details. 

Early on, like nothing happened, Dutch and D'avin were on a mission to retrieve data. They proved that while they may be keen military strategists, they're not rocket scientists, as they blew up a computer by entering a code incorrectly.

Message: They need Johnny, a point Turin sarcastically hammered home while urging them to find a fill-in nerd, which they both resisted.

Team Consultation - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2

But nerd tryouts took place anyway.

It was pretty obvious to me that Zephyr, the female nerd, was the one who had the right stuff. The two boys looked like they wanted to wet themselves throughout the mission.

Zephyr, on the other hand, could tell something was off. She was the only one of the trio to realize the mission was a simulation, and as a result, she was more concerned with completing the assigned task than, well, surviving.

Dutch was wise enough to realize that Zephyr was exactly what she needed. Facing a biological threat, she needed someone with biological-research skills to combat it.

I think Zephyr will be a good addition to the team. She's smart like Johnny, but lacking any social skills. Even Lucy has a better sense of humor. I'm just not certain if she'll be taken out on missions, or just work in the lab.

But even more fun than Dutch and D'avin in Revenge of the Nerds was Johnny exploring the icky world of hackmods with Ollie.

That's Ollie, who actually ended up being a skin-suited and mind-wiped Clara.

Well, that's an ingenious way to deal with the storyline and casting problem. If Stephanie Leonidas becomes available again, then, voila, Clara can come out of her Ollie suit and make an appearance.

Smiling Villain - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2

The whole skin-suit storyline was pretty creepy. The hackmods get a form of revenge on their masters by taking their form and heading off to a hackmod colony.

But Niko was getting performing these black-market surgeries, of which most hackmods weren't fully aware. What kind of person she was became pretty clear when she put her foot down in a most murderous way early on.

Still, despite the fact they had been treated as second-class citizens, most of the hackmods were decent people, who had Johnny's back in the end, after Ollie/Clara's stirring speech.

In for an Overhaul - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2

I'm sorry to see Ollie/Clara go so soon. She could kick ass but still needed Johnny's help to find out about who she actually was. Having her stay with her own people was a convenient plot device and a way to get Johnny home. Still, I expect to see her and the hackmods again before season's end.

Using info he got from Niko's lab enabled Johnny to complete his green plasma map. That's a lot of sites to take out with only a handful of Killjoys as part of a secret mission. 

And who was happier to see Johnny back: Dutch or Lucy?

Aneela returned as well, and she has a secret weapon: the royal bitch Kendry, who knows all the Killjoys' secrets.

That includes the fact that Johnny shot her. I wondered why he wasn't a wanted fugitive. Maybe because Kendry's body disappeared?

With that monster Black Root cruiser, how are Dutch and her crew supposed to take out Aneela?

It will definitely have to be a guerilla action because they're outnumbered big time.

To catch up during the early season, watch Killjoys online.

Are you sorry to see Ollie/Clara go so soon? Or was it more important to get the Killjoy team back together? How can they tackle Aneela?

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A Skinner, Darkly Review

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Dutch [to D'avin]: C'mon. Let's go traumatize some lab rats.
Turin: This time, try not to explode 'em.

Turin: We still don't know why the Hullen left a secret squad of ships here, how to get inside 'em, or where to find Aneela. You two going to solve all that with your shitty cologne and sexual tension?
D'avin: I smell great.