Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Attack the Rack

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It's going to be an uphill climb.

It appeared that Dutch and the rebel Killjoys were making progress, but in the end, things got harder on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5.

Extreme Measures - Killjoys

Aneela seemed to know Dutch a whole lot better than Dutch knew Aneela, and that knowledge gap is only going to make winning her war more difficult for Dutch.

Dutch's biggest problem was that she didn't know who was Hullen. You'd think Zephyr could come up with a test for Hullen-ness, but she wasn't even around.

So the anti-Hullen forces had to settle for slashing potential Hullen instead. No wonder they tried to knock out everybody first.

A Hullen Hunt - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5

I have to wonder how it is that none of the rebels know who exactly is Hullen, but lowly McAvoy was able to get word through to the Hullen about the planned attack. That didn't make much sense to me.

And as badly as Fancy was treated by the other captains and even Turin, no wonder the rest of the former Hullen RAC agents are in hiding rather than hurrying back to offer their services. The distrust was palpable.

So you've got an enemy that's both difficult to identify and near impossible to kill. I mean, it's got to be hard to get the right angle to puncture the brain stem. 

Isn't there some way D'avin could use his Hullen hoodoo to detect Hullens in his vicinity? Is there some way to mechanize or weaponize his ability?

There are too many unknowns about the Hullen. How are human hosts selected? Why do some get to maintain the personalities and abilities of the human host while others become strictly cannon fodder? How many are there throughout the J?

Dutch and Turin knew they needed an army, which is why the three other sector captains were abducted. They even proved to them why it was essential to join the fight.

Too bad Aneela blew up all the other RAC ships. So much for reinforcements.

Maybe this genetic bomb is the solution. Johnny, maybe aided by Zephyr, should be able to reverse-engineer it. It did a nice job on the Hullen in and near the station. But what kind of range does it have? Could that range be enhanced to take out a sector?

For that matter, shouldn't that fleet of Hullen ships be somehow useful to the rebels? Or the Remnant from Killjoys Season 3 Episode 3?

In Killjoys Season 3 Episode 4, Zephyr figured out the right combo of Khlyen DNA and green goo to open the Remnant, but didn't share that with anybody. And this episode skipped right over that fact. I figure that's got to be a key plot point.

The Jaqobis brotherly bond shined throughout this episode, even in the face of torture.

Secret Weapon - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5

D'avin is going to be a wanted man by Aneela, even though "the package" escaped her this time. When he psychically visited her ship on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 4, Aneela knew that Khlyen had altered him somehow. And now she knows more about him.

Another question is whether the trauma torture will affect Johnny's brain in the future because they're going to need it badly.

It's disappointing that Dutch and Banyon discovered their misconceptions about each other way too late. They could have been allies in the Hullen war, if, you know, Dutch hadn't accidentally killed Banyon.

The only upside of Banyon's death, and the nuking of the Hullen in the sector is that Dutch and Turin can bring their campaign out in the open.

Aneela's Scheme - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5

Aneela and Kendry are forming an intriguing relationship. Kendry has wormed her way into Aneela's confidence, both as her consigliere and her consort.

Look for Gander to find some way to take Kendry out of the picture, without falling into disfavor with Aneela.

What exactly is Aneela? Human? Hullen? Some unique hybrid?

And what's the motive behind her takeover of the quadrant and her hunting of Dutch? "Daddy liked you best:?

Did Kendry fill her head with the idea that Dutch killed Khlyen, or did Aneela reach that conclusion on her own?

So where do the Killjoys go from here?

Other than tracking down the former Hullen agents gone to ground, there are few options for reinforcements. So that leaving using weaponry, and guile, to fight Aneela's forces. It's going to have to be guerilla warfare since they would lose a battle of attrition.

To catch up on the war so far, watch Killjoys online.

Are you sorry to see Banyon gone so soon? What's Dutch's next move to overcome the Hullen? Who's gone first, Gander or Kendry? Comment below.

Attack the Rack Review

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Cardiff: I'm not going to pretend I ever liked you, Turin, but I never took you for a traitor.
Turin: That's OK, Cardiff, I always took you for a moron.

My ears need a shower.

to D'avin}