Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Was The Reveal a Dud?

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A.D. has been revealed, but was the reveal worth it?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20, Alex Drake was revealed to be the villain, while some of the other characters reached milestones. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Paul Dailly are joined by super fan Meaghan Frey. Read on as they discuss the big reveal. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the big reveal that Spencer's twin was A.D.?

Meaghan: At first, I legit cheered. I was so happy that after so many years saying Spencer's twin existed it actually happened. Then the reveal went on, and my joy slowly went away. 

I don't know if it was the time constraint of trying to fit it into this last episode, but the reveal just didn't feel like it was executed well. Alex would explain something and contradict herself or things we've already learned. 

I think if Alex had been revealed to be the A behind this all from the start since Ali started receiving A texts, that would have fixed everything. Finding out she had only been A since Charlotte died felt anticlimactic.

So those are the aspects I was disappointed with. But the actual reveal  (the mirror image reveal was surprisingly good) and the fact that it was her twin, I loved. 

Jay: I wish we would've had more time with Alex, or at the very least, Spencer had found out about Alex much earlier on and tried to find her so the reveal that she was being tortured by her long-lost twin would've had more weight behind it.

Paul: It was so obvious after all of the hints peppered throughout recent episodes. I did not think the reveal was that good, and the horrible accent just made me laugh out loud. 

I laughed, even more, when I read an interview with Troian in which she said she wanted it to be an Essex accent. 

Aria Can't Marry Ezra - Pretty Little Liars

What did you think of Aria's conflict?

Meaghan: The baby issue? It was sad and all, but it didn't need to be squeezed into the last episode. That's something that could have been revealed right after the initial time jump in 6B, and we could have watched Aria deal with it and come to terms with it.

Jay: Fitting for the series. While Spencer is being kidnapped and held hostage by her evil twin who is trying to steal her life, Aria is worrying about Ezra and her wedding. It sums up the last seven seasons.

Paul: It felt like it was purely thrown in there to give Aria something to do in the episode. It would have worked better if we got this reveal much earlier, so we could have witnessed her coming to terms with it. 

Is Mona a Killer? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19

Are you buying Mona having Mary and Alex in the basement of a shop in France?

Meaghan: I might have rolled my eyes a bit, but that was a very Pretty Little Liars and Mona thing to do so I accept it  I'm glad that Mona at least finally got to have her game and the real life dolls she always longed for. 

Really though, when did Mona have time to hook up with that hot French guy? Hasn't she been in a mental institution for a year? Do they allow the patients to use Tinder? Mona may be batshit crazy, but she apparently has more game than me.

Jay: I think it works for Mona's story, and it is a happy ending (for her). She won the game, and thankfully she's not going after innocents anymore. I can live with her torturing Alex and Mary after what they did to Spencer. 

Paul: I would like to think Mona is in a sanitarium and that final scene was a figment of her imagination. There's absolutely no way she managed to get Mary and Alex to France. 

It was a shocker, for sure. But not for the right reasons. 

What did you like most about the finale?

Meaghan: Everything non-AD related. I loved the moments with the parents. The return of the Real Housewives of Rosewood was incredible. The shipper moments were great. I even cried when the Emison proposal happened (no comment on the pug sweatshirt they forced Sasha to wear), which I never thought I would approve of. 

End of the day though, the best parts were The Liars. Their friendships have been the backbone of this show for 7 years and watching their final moments together was so bittersweet. 

Jay: I really enjoyed Alex Drake and her backstory. I'm one of the few, but seeing Troian play both girls was incredible, and it was nice to see a fan theory actually put into motion. 

Paul: I'm with Meaghan. The horrible villain's backstory aside, getting to see all of the characters and how far they've come over the years was exciting. 

It's just a shame the reveal was botched and felt like it should have occurred at the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 6

What did you dislike most about the final-ever installment?

Meaghan: The lack of answers. We were promised answers to all our unanswered questions before the show ended, but there were hardly any answers at all. Now we will never get them.

Jay: I'm with Meaghan. There were no answers. We didn't even really find out who shot Spencer, Marlene had to answer that in an interview post-finale. It's disappointing that we were told there would be answers, again, and we got maybe three.

Paul: Yes, the lack of answers. The cast and crew publicly stated we would have the answers before the series concludes, and we're sitting here questioning where they are. 

Would you watch a spin-off? If so, what would you like it to be about?

Meaghan: I liked the theory that you posted Paul, that it could be a spin off into The Perfectionists. It would be a very good idea to create that world inside the existing world of Rosewood so we could have cameos from our PLL characters but still get a brand new story. 

Jay: I'm not sure. Marlene and the writers would have to try really hard to get me to tune in after watching this show for seven years and seeing little answers / never knowing what'll happen now.

Paul: Not a chance in hell. I'm so done with this franchise. I would welcome a spin-off if we knew we would get all of the answers, but I could never watch a show from the people that made Pretty Little Liars again. I'd maybe catch up on it after the series is over if I know there are legitimate answers. 

Were you annoyed that Wren was killed off screen?

Meaghan: Yes! Wren Kingston deserved so much better. Poor sexy British man. He just wanted a piece of Spencer Hastings, and he ends up a necklace. It's just too bad that his British D couldn't compete with Toby's nightstick. 

Jay: Alex saying she turned him into a diamond was the best line of the finale, and knowing they had to work around Julian Morris' availability, I understand and I'm not annoyed.

Paul: Yes. For so long, Wren has been one of those characters that had a lot of significance, yet was rarely on screen. I would have rathered if he did not return and instead, someone else returned who could film the number of scenes required to make the story worthwhile. 

Grade the series finale. 

Meaghan: B-. It was so close to being a great finale, but the AD reveal just fell short. It's been a wild ride these past seven years, with a lot of ups and downs, but I truly am going to miss Pretty Little Liars. 

Jay: C. The lack of answers will forever bother me as I go to bed every night pondering what happened to Eddie Lamb, what was in the barrel, where was Alison during her time while she was "dead," how'd she get that mark on her body, etc. It'll forever haunt me.

Paul: D. The acting was excellent from everyone involved. It's just a shame it was let down by the lack of answers, and downright bizarre developments. 

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Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. What did you think of the twists?

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