Supernatural Spoilers: Castiel's Fate, Mary's Predicament & MORE!!

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Losing a string of characters is never easy. 

As you are all likely well aware, Supernatural Season 12 featured a lot of death as it came to a close and fans have been questioning the direction the show will go in when it returns. 

SN Comic con

The cast and crew had a lot to talk about when they hit up San Diego Comic-Con for an exciting panel that gave a lot of information away. 

With Castiel seemingly dead, fans questioned whether his appearance at Comic-Con meant he was still part of the show. 

“Misha [Collins] had become a bit of a prima donna,” EP Robert Singer joked about Castiel’s death. “We say when we write these things, you have to go where the story takes you.”

Castiel has purpose - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 23

Collins added, “Take the story where it went, but I’m not going away.”

So, there's the answer. Castiel WILL be back, but we'll need to stay tuned to find out more on the matter. 

With Mary and Castiel seemingly out of the picture, there were questions about how the brothers would deal with the demon spawn that is Jack. 

“Obviously, with mom being gone and Cas and all of this turmoil the brothers find themselves in, now they have this person, this thing, this entity [that] in Dean’s mind simply has to go,” star Jensen Ackles shared.

The actor does not see “why anyone would want to see how that [half-demon child] works out. Dean’s a bit more practical: ‘I have an idea. Let’s shoot it in the face.”

Sam keeps looking at the ground - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 20

With all of the death, you would think that some of them would stick, but it appears that Mary is most definitely not dead. 

“Dean is pretty sure that’s curtains for mom,” Singer previewed.

“While he’s bereft over that, he’s ready to accept that.” But Sam, as always, is “holding onto the fact that she could still be alive. That’s a problem between the guys” as they bicker about which of their many problems to take care of first. 

Also, it has been revealed that Mary will come across some past characters in her apocalyptic world.

Mary comforts Kelly - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 23

“Some people that have been long dead in our show are less dead in the apocalyptic world,” EP Andrew Dabb teased.

Like we said, nobody is ever really dead on this show. 

Also teased: Psychic Missouri Moseley is returning. Could her return be linked to THIS?

Over to you, Supernatural Fanatics. What do you think of all the details?

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