The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 9 Review: Hola, Fantasy Suites

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There's no date like a fantasy suite date.

But first (Julie Chen voice), it was time for Peter, Eric and Bryan to meet Rachel's family on The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 9.

Off To Spain - The Bachelorette

Before Peter goes to Rachel's house, he *finally* tells Rachel that he loves her. Rachel kind of said it back (there's a big difference between "I love you" and "I'm finally in love with you" on this show apparently).

I still think it's a mistake to drop any L-bombs if you're the lead. They should make all future Bachelors and Bachelorettes watch Ben Higgins' season to learn why.

Rachel's dad wasn't at her hometown date with Nick last season, and isn't on this episode either. I have a feeling he doesn't approve of his daughter's reality TV career.

I hope this doesn't mean we won't get a televised wedding (start trying to convince Rachel's dad to be comfortable on camera now, Chris Harrison).

Peter tells Rachel's family about his parents getting married after one month of dating, and you can tell they really like him. (Moment of silence for Khloe and Lamar and their one month courtship #RIPKhlomar).

Her family briefly mentions Nick, which reminds me, it's only a matter of time before the E! News alert that Nick and Vanessa broke up, right?

Sidenote: Rachel's pregnant sister is GORGEOUS and looks amazing in that black outfit.

Peter says there are no red flags on his end, so I guess the two other guys don't count.

He asks for Rachel's mother's permission to keep dating Rachel, which I think his cute. Rachel, on the other hand, has made it clear she doesn't just want a "boyfriend."

The next day when Rachel goes back to the hotel to pick up Eric, I realized that both Peter and Eric are personal trainers. 

This means that if she picks either of them, she will be super fit and take over the fitness (Instagram) world with Kaityln and Shawn. #PowerCouples #FitFam

Speaking of Instagram, Eric has such a great smile that I would almost consider buying the teeth whitening products he will inevitably sell on social media.

Rachel's family says, "welcome home," when Eric walks into their living room. Deja. Vu.

I like Eric, and so does Rachel's family. However, if I was on this date, I would drink every time Eric says "you know."

Eric asks for permission to propose, and Rachel's mom says she trusts him and Rachel. 

When Rachel comes to pick up Bryan, Eric points out that Bryan and Rachel are wearing the watches from their date in Switzerland. If I was Eric, I would steal the watch and hide it to sabotage Bryan (too far?).

He's got this confident Miami swagger.


It's clear Eric and Peter don't like Bryan, which might be one of the reasons I don't like Bryan.

However, he gets to meet her friends and her family, so you know he's the frontrunner. (Nothing says I'm serious about my boyfriend like brunch with your girlfriends).

Rachel's friends seem to like Bryan enough, but I couldn't help but laugh when he told them he was 37 and they said "oh, cool."

Let's just be real. I thought he was a douchebag.


She admits to thinking Bryan was a douchebag on the first night, and all I have to say is sometimes first impressions are accurate.

Trust your gut, Rach! 

I feel like I live at Rachel's house because we've spent so much time here tonight.

Bryan is totally lying when he said he would pick Rachel's side instead of his mother's if they were in a fight. #MamasBoy

And you know Bryan's mother did not like hearing that. And because she asked that question, it's safe to say Rachel's mom and Bryan's mom will not get along.

On another note, I wonder how Rachel's family decided what to cook for each guy. To make it more even and fair, they should all have the same meal (made by Chris Harrison).

After getting the third degree, Bryan asks to be excused from the table. Lame.

I'm chill until I'm not.


Rachel's sister seems the most skeptical of Bryan. She thinks his answers are scripted and you can tell she thinks he has an agenda.

Rachel's mother, however, comes around and tells Bryan that she has her permission to propose.

I like Rachel's family because they seem to really trust Rachel, but also are protective of her feelings.

Four for you Rachel's family! You go Rachel's family! And none for Rachel's dad, bye.

Vamos a Espana!

The trip to Spain starts off with an ad for Rachel's suitcase (I'm guessing) and then a date with Eric.

We out here.


They make a wish on a bell, and you just know Eric is wishing for Rachel and Rachel is wishing for... Bryan.

Eric tells Rachel "we've had so many moments together... like 5 minutes ago in the helicopter" and I still think he kind of lives in the friend-zone.

I kind of hope after Rachel and Bryan/Peter break up, Rachel calls Eric. I don't think they're ready to get married now, but their friendship is solid and down the line it could totally blossom into a beautiful relationship.

She gives him the fantasy suite card, and they spent the night together.

Peter's date is in a winery... aka my dream come true. Minus the random singing man. And the random interruption by that little girl.

I believe that engagement is marriage. I want to do it just as many times as I do it in my life, which is once


The relationship between Peter and Rachel seems perfect, except for disagreeing on the definition of engagement.

Can't Peter just agree to propose for the free Neil Lane ring and have a super long engagement? (I realize that sounds ridiculous, but this is the Bachelorette! Normal rules don't apply.)

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