Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Part 11

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Remember when some of us thought Cooper would be his old self by at least half way through the revival? 

All that went out the window during Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 11, when Cooper was still getting small moments of clarity, but nothing actually broke him out of this spell. There was also a deeper look into Becky and her family, specifically confirming who her father really is.

The group in South Dakota made a discovery that ended up killing Hastings, and the casino guys didn't go through with their plan to kill Dougie.

There's Fire - Twin Peaks

Bobby was never a huge selling point for me, but watching him with his family and then without Shelly was worth the wait. 

I might not have been meant to like Bobby when he was still the young guy wrecking havoc in Twin Peaks. It wasn't until he grew out of that and became more respectful in his career and life that he was easy to root for.

Now if only this guy could catch a break in his regular work day. 

First, he gets a call from his ex-wife that their daughter has a gun and is heading to find her husband. Then he meets them and tries to put his foot down so he could make his daughter's life better. All of this, only to end up watching his ex kissing some guy when it is obvious that he still wants to be with her.

And then there is the shooting at the diner. Bobby tries to diffuse the situation and instead ends up in the beginning of some evil possession movie?

Honestly, what even was that girl and that whole choking thing? It was all so high pressure that I couldn't process what was happening.

Could it in any way be connected to the guy who killed people back in the day and needed a light?

I don't have a fucking car.


Cooper managed to not end up in the line of fire when the brothers from the casino decided to use the old, "I had a dream that predicted the future" to pull the plug on their own plan.

Who knew that a cherry pie and a check could end a feud that looked like it would be a real risk?

I was waiting for this to be a plan still being set into motion, so the fact that it was resolved so quickly was great because it was starting to get old. But the next question has to be about the point of all this.

Why have the casino guys in this grand set up if they don't end up hurting Cooper but befriending him? Maybe they will be the final key to pushing Cooper to the edge of his memories. 

Also, I really want to know if I could get away all day at work just repeating the ends of people's sentences. Cooper has been doing that for weeks and no one sees to be any wiser. 

In fact, acting so quiet and throwing back what he heard from the person in question ends up helping him in some cases. No one else could possibly have this much luck, although it probably isn't luck since he is struggling in this other life when he could be with his people. 

Gordon: Think there's one in there, Albert?
Albert: We'll soon find out.

Diane is up to something, and I can't wait to see what it is.

The team in South Dakota made some crazy discoveries but the most interesting scene was when Diane was trying to memorize the information from the picture of the dead body. Who is she working for?

Is it possible that that horrible night with Evil Cooper really did sway her to the dark side? 

The prospect of seeing Diane working for someone unexpected is wonderful, and as always I want to pitch the idea of Diane and Audrey knowing each other this whole time. 

It doesn't look like Gordon or Albert are that trusting of Diane right now, so the truth is bound to be revealed very soon.

There's no backup.


At first, it seemed like Becky wouldn't be around much, or at least her story with her husband Steve wouldn't be.

But watching her go after him with a gun was chaotic and captivating because it came out of nowhere. 

Becky and Steve always mirrored Shelly and Leo a bit too much, with Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 10 confirming that when we saw him hurting her. 

The only wish I have is for Becky to listen to her parents and let Steve go; he isn't doing her any good, and she could put her whole future at risk chasing him around all her life. 

Maybe there is even a chance for Becky to get a job at the diner, continuing where her mother began. That is if she doesn't leave town to get away from the constant cycle that is following that family around.

At this point, I'm not even sure what would make more sense. I'm partial to whatever keeps Becky around and happy. 

My log is afraid of fire. There's fire where you are going.


What was the highlight of this episode for you? What story do you want to see more of? Are you frustrated that Cooper is still not that close to getting back to Twin Peaks? What are some theories you have about everything coming together? Let us know below.

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Part 11 Review

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Gordon: Think there's one in there, Albert?
Albert: We'll soon find out.

I don't have a fucking car.