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When you watch Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 5 online, you might get the idea Micah is Nova's good luck charm.

After all, when he accompanies Nova to a volunteer mission at Habitat for Humanity, she gets lucky!

Getting lucky is the easy part, though. Acting on said luck might be a little more difficult for Nova.

When Nova discovers someone really likes her, will she run too far away to take advantage of her good fortune?

And Darla decides to reach out to Charlie for some career advice.

Will it surprise you to learn that advice may not come easily from Charley? Of course not.

Darla's jealousy over one of Blue's possessions gets Ralph Angel into trouble for one of the oddest things.

Are you interested in finding out how an old high school friend helps Ralph Angel get out of the jam?

If so, click on the video above to watch Queen Sugar online. You won't be disappointed!

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Charley: I'm not raising Micah the way I was raised.
Therapist: Is there a reason for that?
Charley: It's not that I don't appreciate my parents, I just want Micah to know that he can come to me.
Therapist: Can I ask, did you feel you couldn't talk to your parents when you were growing up?
Charley: Well, my mother brought me up mostly, and I love her, don't get me wrong, but she wanted me to be perfect and we didn't talk about things that fell outside of those lines. But believe me, I know the line between excellence and perfectionism. I'm not forcing that on Micah.
Therapist: And he knows that?

God did not mold you to be no peace keeper. They grown, you grown, and you deserve to live the life you want to live, so we're going to make that happen.