Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Joey Go to Prison?

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Rafe and Hope arrested Abe in the middle of the Salem town square, while Brady and Lucas struggled to get back on the wagon, and Joey decided to turn himself in for Ava’s murder.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined DoolFan4Life and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abe’s guilt, Brady’s drinking, and how long Bonnie and Hattie should stick around Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Abe is guilty?

DoolFan4Life: Not a chance. I don't think Abe is guilty because of how it played out. Hope and Rafe never once said, Are you sure it's Abe? Plus, Raines was really angry until he saw Abe in cuffs, and then he just said, Job well done. 

Jack: Absolutely not. I agree with Julie that Abe has served the community honorably for decades. And his concern for Theo's illegal activities was not phony. It would be so far out of character for Abe to actually be guilty that it would constitute the worst act of character assassination in the history of the show, and that's saying a lot. 

Either Abe is part of a setup to catch the real bad guy or Andre is framing him to get revenge for his interference in Theo's work for the Dimeras.

Villa281: I don't think so I think they are stringing us along.

Christine: I think it would have been far more interesting if they spent more than a day trying to make us think Abe was really guilty, but they didn’t. And as Jack said, Abe has been a pillar of Salem for decades. 

My guess is that this is all a ruse to make real suspect, and I’m betting that’s Raines, let down his guard so they’ll be able to catch him. 

Abe Is Arrested - Days of Our Lives

Was Brady right to think that finding the amulet means Eric killed Deimos?

DoolFan4Life: No, Eric could be covering for someone, or it may not be as it seems.

Jack: Not necessarily. Who knows what anyone did that night? Eric might have taken the amulet after Deimos was dead for reasons unknown.

Villa281: I don't think Eric killed Deimos. I think they will be stringing us along for several months before we find out who actually killed him.

Christine: Eric could have picked it up off the floor, for goodness sake. I think it was sad that Brady was so quick to point the finger at Eric for murder.  

Brady Confronts Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Should Victor have told Maggie about Brady’s drinking?

DoolFan4Life: 100% yes! As Brady's sponsor, and Victor’s wife, she should have been told. She could have helped and certainly wouldn't have gone public with it!

Jack: That's a hard one. On the one hand, keeping it secret could be enabling. On the other hand, telling other people instead of leaving it to the alcoholic to tell his own news could also be enabling. 

Maggie is Brady's sponsor, but it's really his responsibility to admit to it, so I'm leaning towards no.

Villa281: I think so. I believe Maggie is Brady's sponsor, and she would best know how to advise him. Victor covering for Brady is actually hurting him more.

Christine: I hate that Victor is hiding this from Maggie, but I don’t think outing Brady’s drinking will help him at this point. However I do wish that Victor would have pushed him to talk to Maggie instead of agreeing to keep it from her so readily. 

"Marlena" Breaks Up with John - Days of Our Lives

How do you hope the Hattie and Bonnie kidnap Marlena and Adrienne story ends?

DoolFan4Life: Soon. It gives me a headache.

Jack: I hope the imposters are found out and the real people are freed and returned to their normal lives. And I hope it happens fast. Thursday's imposter-centered episode was a bit too much for me.

Villa281:  I am not sure, but I hope it ends soon. That storyline is a little to campy for my personal taste.

Christine: It can’t end soon enough. A little camp can go a long way, and they’ve overplayed this story. I’d really like to see John, Roman, Lucas, and Kate all come together and figure this thing out. Perhaps that could be entertaining. 

Tripp Apologizes to Kayla - Days of Our Lives

What do you think should happen to Joey if he turns himself in?

DoolFan4Life: He should serve a sentence offscreen, and then be recast later.

Jack: I think he should get a psychiatric evaluation, and maybe a plea arrangement could be worked out where he gets some sort of mental health treatment in a secure facility. 

His age and the fact that he (finally) came forward should be taken into account but he needs more than a slap on the wrist for taking another's life, even if he was in questionable mental health at the time and afterwards.

Villa281: I don't want him to go to prison. I hate all these murderers like Ava, Stefano, and Victor can just walk around town free, but characters like Eric, Hope, and Kayla have all been to prison. 

I don't think Joey will benefit at all from prison. Hopefully he will go away to get some great therapy and come back with a new actor playing him. 

I think Joey needs to be in Salem, but he needs a good actor. I kind of wish the actor who plays Tripp would have been brought in as a Joey recast.

Christine: No matter what the circumstances, Joey killed an unarmed, sick woman in her hospital bed, and he needs to pay for that. Hopefully he gets good psychiatric care instead of prison.

But I also agree that this character needs to be recast, and I think it would be great to have Joey and Stephanie come back to Salem to be with Kayla, Steve, and Tripp. 

Lucas and Brady Fall Off the Wagon - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

DoolFan4Life: Lucas falling off the wagon.

Jack: JJ was little more than a background character, which was ridiculous. He's known Abe all his life and Abe was one of the first people to encourage him to keep it up after he began to turn his life around. 

Also, Brady's rehab was unrealistically fast while Lucas continues to slip into alcoholism when this behavior is far more in character for Brady. 

Finally, there's not enough disbelief about Abe's predicament. The whole town should be in an uproar and convinced he is innocent and that this is a travesty of justice (Except for Andre, who I'm glad was in character in his gloating about it.)

Villa281: How easily Kayla forgave Tripp, I know it's in character but I would have liked her anger and resentment to play a little bit longer.

Christine: Brady! He couldn’t wait to run to the police with his so-called evidence to accuse his brother of murder. And he’d rather brood and drink than actually confront Nicole or Eric. Brady spent a lot of time whining and making excuses, but took very little responsibility for his own behavior. 

Roman Is Confused - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives?

DoolFan4Life: Andre reminding Kate that like Stefano, he also doesn't make idol threats. I hope he puts her in her place soon.

Jack: I loved Joey's story about Grandma Caroline. 

Abe's arrest was also very dramatic and engaging even if it's ridiculous that anyone believes he is guilty. 

And Roman and Kate shared a kiss! I love this couple.

Villa281: I would say anything with Mary-Beth Evans she really knocked my socks off this week, she was amazing. I think she will get nominated for another Emmy.

Christine: I agree about Mary Beth Evans deserving an Emmy. She was amazing this week. 

But I also really loved Victor calling out Brady on how he doesn’t think. Just when I think I can start to root for Brady, he slips back into his stupid, self destructive behavior and it’a so disappointing. 

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