Grey's Anatomy: Abigail Spencer Boards In Major Recast!

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Abigail Spencer is making her way to the halls of Seattle Grace in a major Grey's Anatomy recast. 

The Timeless actress has been added to the show's upcoming fourteenth season in a major recurring role as Megan Hunt. 

Abigail Spencer Attends SiriusXM Event

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you will likely remember Megan as Owen's presumed-dead sister who was revealed to be alive towards the end of Grey's Anatomy Season 13

The reason for the switcheroo is that Bridget Regan's commitment to TNT's The Last Ship means her availability is limited.

Spencer, meanwhile, is a series regular on Timeless, but that show does not go into production until January.

At one point it seemed like Timeless was never going to enter production again. 

Abigail Spencer Wears Hat

Thanks to some last minute wheeling and dealing and irate fans, NBC reversed its decision to cancel the time travel drama. 

With Megan apparently back in the mix, viewers questioned whether it was her because they did not get a good enough glimpse of her. 

Owen has struggled with the news that his sister has returned because he's skeptical whether the person found is the real deal. 

Even when he was going to meet her again for the first time, he had an out of body experience, presumably down to the severity of the situation. 

Distraught Owen

It is make or break for him, and everyone who loved her dearly. 

Thankfully, the season premiere will span two hours, so we will likely get some goodies from this juicy storyline. 

Will Megan be the same person, or will she have changed in her down time? We're intrigued to find out what's coming next. 

Nazi Germany - Timeless

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the casting announcement. 

Note: Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, September 28 on ABC. 

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