Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Necropolis Now

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Things aren't getting any easier for Dutch and her crew.

She had trouble finding volunteers to help her fight the war against the Hullen on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6.

Personal Hell - Killjoys

Just before a memorial for the RAC agents who fell on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5, Dutch was having all kinds of doubts, to the point that she couldn't give the eulogy on which Turin had ducked out.

After accidentally killing Banyon Grey, Dutch was having to deal with the one thing she can't afford in the midst of an uphill battle – uncertainty.

Good thing D'avin was there to set her straight, giving her a fiery speech about soldiering on for all those who have come before.

Dutch was so grateful for D'avin's support that she wanted to make out with him. D'avin showed a rare burst of common sense and backed away, just as Johnny walked in.

Remembrance - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6

Good things events were happening so fast and furious that there was no time to deal with that incestuous mess. Maybe next time. But probably not. All three will just internalize their feelings and move forward.

Dutch seemed to have gotten over her qualms, since she was back to being a hard-ass at the end, threatening a member of the Nine for all she was worth.

D'avin really has become an equal member of the Killjoys team and not just Johnny's screwed-up brother. He knew the right thing to say to Dutch to pull her out of her funk, and he took over for her when she foundered during the eulogy at the memorial service.

Still both Dutch and D'avin are people of action. Some of the show's funniest moments come when they are forced into Johnny and Zephyr's nerdish orbit, because they're so out of their element.

A good example of this was the brain cells that Zephyr found inside the Remnant, something that promises to be a key component for the rest of the season. D'avin blew her off, and Dutch would have too, if it hadn't given her an excuse to skip a difficult talk with D'avin.

A Somber Occasion - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6

Johnny finally got his closure with the family Simms, as the lone remaining member, Louella, turned out to be a mass murderer. He used his big brains to save everyone left alive, except for himself of course. But he stalled long enough for Dutch and D'avin to rescue him.

Poor Johnny can't catch a break. He loses Pawter, his true love, last season. This season, so far, he lost his traveling buddy Clara, got temporarily replaced by a new nerd, got charged for the murder of a Hullen, and found out Dutch has been holding him back and now his ex-"sister-in-law" tried to kill him.

As the most well-rounded Killjoy, he deserves better.

It was good to see Alvis back. It's always a plus to have the J's most irreverent monk around.

Things aren't going well in Dutch's war. First, Aneela blows up the other ships of RAC agents. Now Dutch has to browbeat recalcitrant Nine leaders, who are trying to sneak out the back door.

Unwilling Participant - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6

About the only thing that's going well is that Aneela is, well, actually a prisoner. Granted, an extremely powerful prisoner, who seemed to have killed off a good portion of her jailers. But a prisoner none the less.

It seems that Gander has kept her somewhat under control through the use of distraction, whether that be a vision of Khlyen or a new pet in Kendry.

But now, because of whatever the green sponge is that Aneela created, Gander didn't feel they needed her any longer. Instead, they impregnated Kendry with something that's going to take Aneela's place.

So, long story short, there's a civil war underway on Aneela's ship. And with a leader who's coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs looking catatonic over the loss of her buddy, that's got to be an advantage for Dutch and the Killjoys, right?

And what exactly is Kendry carrying? That scene had a real Alien look to it.

Finally, how can having Aneela's missing brain cells help Dutch? There's got to be some secrets hidden there, and that probably means more Zephyr coming up. And what lengths will Dutch go to in order to access them? (That's a hint to check of Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7.)

To see what important details you may have missed, watch Killjoys online.

What's going on with Aneela? What dangerous stunt is next for an obsessed Dutch? Can Johnny and D'avin save her from herself? Comment below.

Necropolis Now Review

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dutch: Tough love is supposed to have some love in it.
D'avin: Sorry. Soldier D'avin is kind of a dick.

Dutch: Virgins don't prep this much for wedding nights, D'av. It's morbid.
D'avin: It's not morbid. It's ritual. Everything important deserves a ritual.