Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Heist, Heist Baby

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It still looks like a long-shot to me.

Yes, Johnny discovered a method to screw with Hullen technology in Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8. Also, Aneela has turned the Hullen into mindless followers, which suddenly makes her forces more vulnerable.

Still in the Fight - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8

All it may cost the forces of good is Dutch.

If I understand correctly, Aneela is Dutch's original source, and she created Dutch from her memories. So if Aneela is killed, Dutch dies too. 

But Hullen regenerate unless they're killed in just the right way. And Aneela is a special kind of Hullen.

So she should be very difficult to kill. And since Dutch has Aneela's DNA, shouldn't she likewise be difficult to kill?

Also, does this make Dutch a Hullen? The only way to tell is to kill her, which seems a little extreme.

This whole Hullen thing has got to get firmed up. On the other hand, it does give the show's writers all kind of escape routes for this storyline.

This whole staring-death-in-the-face thing has certainly brought up a whole new Dutch. After all, what does she have to lose?

Uncomfortably in the Know - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8

Poor Zephyr has gotten sucked right into the middle of things, since she's the only one keeping Dutch's secret. Zephyr has quickly become an important part of the Killjoys team, and I suspect she'll have a contribution to make in this war against the Hullen.

I know Dutch is just trying to protect Johnny and D'avin by keeping them in the dark and pursuing her own agenda. Still I think the Killjoys are stronger together and should go in that direction instead.

Planning a Theft - Killjoys

It was nice to have a good-old Killjoys mission this episode. Those have been too infrequent in the midst of Dutch's crusade.

We finally found out what happened to Jelco after the Killjoys kicked his ass last season. It seems his love for Big Borna has made him into a more tolerable human being. It was amusing to listen to he and D'avin swap profound thoughts about relationships with the significant women in their lives.

Exasperated Leader - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8

Of course, like many past missions, things didn't go as planned, and they had to make things on the fly. That's all because Jelco had to get Borna an anniversary gift.

The Killjoys' ability to improvise will come in handy in the quickly oncoming war.

Seeking An Approach - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8

Johnny's new tactic of disrupting Hullen technology sounds good on paper. But considering that the RAC agents plan to use Hullen ships as part of their attack force, maybe not.

I have a feeling that Johnny will develop some method that can differentiate between current and former Hullen so that those Black Root ships don't go to waste.

Aneela certainly was thinking big picture when she essentially neutered all the Hullen but herself, Kendry and her handmaiden, Britt. Part of any battle is being able to change plans at the moment's notice, and you need thinking soldiers to do that.

But it's been established right along that Aneela is nuts. It's Khlyen's fault, not hers, but that still doesn't mean that she's always thinking clearly.

She's gone from being a lab experiment to the person is charge,and that's not a good thing for the Hullen side. She's figured out how to cut her captors out of the equation.

I can't believe that The Lady, whoever she is, will give up control that easily. I've got to believe that the Hullen on that ship weren't the only ones she has at her disposal. So now Aneela is fighting a war on two fronts.

Does this mean Dutch and company are also going to be fighting on two fronts as well, since it's now Dutch's Hullen and another, unspecified group of Hullens out there? I didn't see anything in this episode that led me to feel that Aneela is controlling them all yet.

Frankly, it should be a little alarming to Kendry that Aneela doesn't seem to know what's going on with Kendry's "child." Since her condition is based on Aneela's experiment, shouldn't Aneela have a better idea what's going on?

So now D'avin's army (he has taken to leadership well) has a bit more of a chance in the upcoming battle, thanks to Johnny's invention and Aneela's erratic state of mind. Next episode, Johnny comes face to face with Kendry, who he tried to kill, badly it ends up.

To catch up on developments in the Dutch/Aneela conflict, watch Killjoys online.

How is Dutch handling her seeming fate? How do you like D'avin as commander? How will the brains of the team contribute to the war effort? Comment below.

Heist, Heist Baby Review

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

D'avin: We've got a war ringing our doorbell any minute now, John, and we need a leader. And whether we like it or not, it's not going to be Dutch.
Johnny: I don't like it. But if we have to follow somebody else into shitty odds and a fiery death, I don't hate that it's you.

D'avin: Since when do you let biology make you her bitch?
Johnny: Since 127 consecutive outcomes agree.