Suits Season 7 Episode 8 Review: Happy 100!

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Frank Gallo has been a villain on Suits ever since Mike's big prison storyline during Suits Season 6

On Suits Season 7 Episode 8, the character nobody wanted to return in any capacity was written out of the series for good. 

What Do We Do? - Suits Season 7 Episode 8

I would like to say it was bittersweet that he did something good before he left, but for those who watch Suits online, we already knew he would go to absolutely any lengths to get what he wanted. 

Until now, those things had been freedom and money, but more recently, he gave Mike the whole shtick about having a daughter. While that humanized him somewhat, his death did not even register in the feels. 

The way he treated Mike on his first night in prison and on subsequent episodes left a bad taste in my mouth, and I had to agree with the way Rachel acted when she learned what was playing out. 

What Do We Have To Do? - Suits Season 7 Episode 8

In Rachel's defense, she felt betrayed initially because of the secrecy surrounding the whole case, and she only really knew Frank as the man who was threatening Mike and everyone closest to him. 

In short, she knew he was trash and would likely kill someone if he ever set foot out of prison. Bringing Robert Zane seemed like a bit much at first, but the whole thing came together at the end. 

Tommy: What the hell is this?
Alex: Tommy.
Tommy: You mind telling me how the hell you got in here?
Alex: People like me here, Tommy. That's how I got in. But the question you should be asking is why I'm here.
Tommy: I don't give a shit why you're here.
Alex: I want my god damn affidavit back.
Tommy: Sure thing. You also want me to sign over the deed to my house in the Hamptons to you while I'm at it?
Alex: You can keep your shitty house because you're going to need somewhere to go after you resign.
Tommy: What did you just say to me?
Harvey: He said he's here for his affidavit and your resignation you smug piece of shit.

Watching the smug look wiped off of Roger's face when the iPad with Frank's confession was handed over to him was one of the most satisfying scenes in recent memory. 

Also, the way Robert told him he had something to watch. To wit:

Roger: What the hell is going on here?
Robert: I'll tell you what's going on, I got something for you to see ... and it's not on Netflix.

However, Roger paying a hefty sum of cash and getting a smack on the wrist was an injustice. I hope he somehow gets more of a comeuppance down the line, but something tells me we will be starting fresh on Suits Season 7 Episode 9. 

My Way - Suits Season 7 Episode 8

Harvey getting the signed confession for Alex to use as leverage to become a free agent was a great way to pay Alex back for essentially putting him in the situation in the first place. 

Tommy was a right piece of work, but he was no match for Harvey and Alex. Now, we should hopefully see a much lighter side to the character of Alex without this dark cloud of deceit hanging over him. 

One of the best scenes of the milestone episode had to be Mike showing up at Harvey's in the dead of night to put their beef aside and reaffirm their status as Batman and Robin. 

Let's cut out all the lies and allow their friendship to flourish the way it managed to for so long before the big prison case. 

Donna meeting up with Paula was so awkward. Paula knows a lot of stuff about Donna based on what happened during her therapy sessions with Harvey. 

What's Going On? - Suits Season 7 Episode 8

The key thing about the scene was it confirmed Donna still had romantic feelings for Harvey, and I loved that her first instinct was not to destroy it. 

With Paula picking the correct restaurant, it was almost like a moment of realization for Donna that Harvey was with someone who got him, and despite her not being the woman waking up with him, she knew Paula was a worthy runner-up. 

Surprisingly, I was digging the dynamic between Donna and Mark during their lunch date, but the immediate red flag came when Mark confirmed he was married. 

No matter how shitty his marriage is, he should have let Donna know straight off the bat. Donna was ecstatic at the way things were going, and her happiness turned to sadness when she learned the truth. 

The Old Times - Suits Season 7 Episode 8

There is also the possibility that she was recycling an old relationship as a way to move on from Harvey once and for all. But I was so glad she turned around when Rachel texted her and left Mark standing in the hotel. 

Hypothetically speaking, if Donna was to sleep with Mark, he could have been full of promises to leave his wife when he returned home and then, when reality set in, Donna could have been left out in the cold. 

While Donna may have called off her tryst with Mark, Louis decided it was a good idea to get jiggy with Sheila one last time before she became a married woman. 

Let's just say Sheila's phone call came completely out of the blue, and I did not for one minute expect her to agree to sleep with Louis again. She spent so long trying to get away from him that her call was shocking. 

Comfort Zone - Suits

Then again, should she really be getting married to someone else if she wants to sleep with Louis? Hopefully, this storyline does not turn into something more with Louis being obsessive about getting back together with Sheila. 

I would love for Louis to get a happy ending, but Sheila is not the one for him and several seasons of the show have proven that. 

"100" was a solid episode that wrapped up a lot of storylines while referencing some of the biggest ones that got us to this point with the show. There was a sense of finality to a lot of it. 

I would have liked Mike and Rachel to finally tie the knot because we've been waiting on that forever. But we still have eight episodes left of Suits Season 7, so there is time. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Rachel walking in on Louis after that phone call was one of the funniest scenes of the entire series. 
  • Was anyone else surprised Jessica was not reeled in to help with the case? It seemed foolish she was not part of such a momentous occasion. The same goes for Katrina. Where was she?
  • Gretchen needs to be on the show every single week. Her interactions with Louis are what make me laugh out loud. 
  • It was very nice of Mike to go to Frank's daughter and give her the check. 

Over to you, Suits Fanatics. What did you think of this episode?

Sound off below!

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Suits Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Assistant: You can't go in there.
Harvey: Try and stop me. You son of a bitch. You murdered Frank Gallo.
Roger: Ashley, I'll handle this. I have no idea what you're talking about.
Harvey: Bullshit. You said if I couldn't stop him from testifying you'd find someone who could.
Roger: I meant I'd get Thomas Bratten involved. I didn't mean I'd kill a man and you did stop Gallo from testifying so why would it matter?
Harvey: Because you wanted to make sure that Robet Zane didn't reverse it, so you had him murdered.

Roger: What the hell is going on here?
Robert: I'll tell you what's going on, I got something for you to see ... and it's not on Netflix.