The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Before Tequila Sunrise

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On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 9, things got extreme in one of the best episodes so far. Everyone has decisions to make, and nothing stays the same after they do.

Jane finally realizes that she wants to work for Incite, officially leaving her job at Scarlet. Kat and Adena share a lifetime of moments in one night, but in the end Kat can't make the jump to go back home with Adena for now. And Sutton sleeps with Alex when she is still not over Richard which doesn't look good.

A lot shifted this time around, relationships specifically, but also the path of each girl. The last thing I expected was for Jane to leave Scarlet, especially when she is Scarlet in our minds by now.

Relationships Are Reevaluated - The Bold Type

Jane continued to struggle with the knowledge that her political pieces weren't going to be the priority during her time at Scarlet. She was waiting for something to change and then couldn't wait any longer.

I couldn't imagine that she would leave even though it was so obvious that it was going in that direction.

I doubt it matters if Jacqueline actually saw the list, although her advice sounded like she had an idea about it. But the advice really was the final confirmation that Jane was going to leave, and I don't know where things go from here.

Our connection to the magazine was through Jane, which is what continues to confuse me when talking about her not liking what she is doing there. What she saw in the magazine was what she fell in love with, and now she doesn't while we all continue.

How will things go on with The Bold Type if the central portion of it has changed so much? 

Jane's journey is going outside of what any of us expected, Jane included. At this point, I don't know where any of this is going, so I'm just along for the ride.

As for Ryan and Jane, I didn't hate them this time around. Maybe because they spent together without us having to buy into the fact they will get together.

Ryan hanging out with the others and having fun was a nice addition, and I wanted him to somehow join Scarlet for a hot second. He is a change because he is not used to all things Scarlet and through him, we have new experiences with the magazine, too.

I wouldn't even mind him sticking around in Jane's life because we can't pretend there weren't still some hints about them not being over. Maybe we are actually headed towards those two having a conversation about their relationship and what they are looking for.

Only time will tell, yet I have to mention that Jane's romantic life will probably not be the most important thing right now.

Nevertheless, we will persist.


Kat and Adena shared the most romantic night at the airport, and all I want to know is if it really is that magical in first class?

Is that what I am missing?

But really, how beautiful were the moments these two ladies shared? My heart hurt from how raw and emotional I was every time they interacted because it really stood out.

Adena and Kat continue to capture my heart, both together and apart. The characters are nothing short of stunning, and I can't explain how lucky I feel to experience this kind of representation.

Even at the end when Kat couldn't get on the plane, this wasn't the time for Adena to give her some kind of ultimatum.

Their relationship is built on trust and understanding, so Adena knew that Kat needed to have this adventure with no second thoughts.

And that is why Adena left on her own and didn't force Kat into a situation that she might not have been ready for because she did mention before that she can't always be brave herself. 

My only wish now is that there is some way for Adena to return and build a home in NY, with Kat. I can't experience that amazing date night and then that morning after and not demand Kat and Adena forever and ever. 

Also, can I mention how shocked I was that we got a sex scene between Kat and Adena on Freeform? They actually started to include LGBT ships and all those kinds of relationship moments on other shows this TV season, including Stitchers and Shadowhunters

Freeform is doing some wonderful work, which means they should continue to give us endless Kat and Adena experiences. 

Some of us have plans to drink alone tonight.


Sutton slept with Alex, and I'm still not sure how to fully react to this news.

Like really, I love them together, but for them to work it is all about the right time. Was that it?

Was a time when Sutton is still trying to move on from Richard and when they were both drunk a nice basis for something more?

Then again, I could buy that this was a one-time thing, if only Alex didn't react the way he did the morning after. There wasn't much to go by but he seemed very happy and not like he was expecting them to never mention what happened again.

That makes sense since Alex was interested in Sutton. That didn't go away when she broke up with Richard. Meanwhile, Sutton doesn't appear to be focused on finding someone else when she is still listening to Richard's messages and having such huge reactions to them.

Things happen, not all of them are clean and simple. Sutton and Alex sleeping together is one of those things, my only hope is that this doesn't ruin the initial relationship that they had.

Whether Alex and Sutton try dating or Sutton tries to make it work with Richard or she decides to focus on anything but romance, all that matters is that she is happy.

I'm here. I'm in this with you.


The Bold Type once again reminded me that I will never not love this show. Each episode somehow gets even better than the one before, standing out on its own. 

This time around, I really couldn't predict how much I would feel when watching drunk Sutton having so much fun, or Kat and Adena connecting on an even bigger emotional and physical scale, or even Jane trying to figure out where she was going from here.

The Bold Type continues to steal my heart and make me wish there were even more stories being told because I don't want to talk about how there is only a finale left for now. 

It's not easy to get attached to a show that wins you over more with each new episode. There is a general excitement whenever I watch a new story on this show, and I feel incredibly lucky to witness that and connect with it like I have. 

Turns out I'm actually happy where I am.


Where will Jane go from here? And how do you see Jacqueline reacting to the news? Will Sutton and Alex make things work or was it a one time thing? Do you think this was the right time for them to sleep together? what about Kat and Adena? Should Kat have gone on that flight or did it make sense for who she was?

Let us know your thoughts below!
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Before Tequila Sunrise Review

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