The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Chasing Waterfalls

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That was a classic hour of The Fosters.

Sweet, solemn, and touching; The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7 hit all the right notes.

The family dynamic was strong, and the communication was even stronger. Which, of course, is a monumental achievement.

An Important Chat - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

The top of the hour was almost misleading because it appeared as if it would be wrought with tension and the standard miscommunication. Then, something remarkable happened, everyone started talking.

Almost everything was out in the open, and the characters stated how they felt, came to realizations and hashed issues out. It was refreshing, pleasant, and gratifying.

Stef and Lena are often guilty of poor communication within their relationship, and it was perfectly set up for the pair to clash again. The oh so neighborly Dean devised a plan to help Stef and Lena with their finances and the housing situation, and Lena was none the wiser that Stef shared so much with him.

Stef and Lena Take A Stroll - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

They appeared to disagree on the best course to take and when to bring up Stewart signing over the title. Still, it mostly worked out by the end.

The only gripe is that it felt like Stef sprung everything on Lena and then decided things for them, and Lena was too distracted by her father's behavioral changes that she didn't put up much of a fight. They didn't end up in a huge blowout and Stef was up front throughout most of the hour, so in a sense, it was some progress.

Stef also applied that attitude to talking things out with Tess. Finally! It was a long time coming but was a tad underwhelming in the execution. It could have been a longer scene with more said, but there were significant parts.

Tess didn't appear very surprised about Stef's feelings for her. It's still hard to tell if she had any sort of attraction to Stef despite her true-to-form, blunt parting words. Is it just me? I can't figure out Tess.

Tess: If you had those feelings back in high school, why did you marry Mike?
Stef: Because I thought I was supposed to. And I'm happy with the way things are now, but I know that I caused Mike a lot of pain, and I know that I hurt you too, and I want to apologize.

Tess asking about Stef's decision to marry Mike was an unexpected moment. It's interesting because it's not considered PC; it's bordering on taboo to acknowledge the straight former partners of gays and lesbians.

So much is put into making sure that the person coming to grips and/or accepting their sexuality isn't shamed or made to feel bad, and that's very important.

However, the feelings of the people who fall in love with said person are important too, yet they get downplayed or take a backseat to someone's coming out moment, and they aren't given the space to be angry, sad, or grieve without feeling or looking like an insensitive cad.

Mike had quite the road trying to find his way after feeling displaced, and it was rather refreshing to see Stef acknowledge that she hurt him even though she didn't mean to. You rarely see that.

Trouble in Paradise - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

That chat and trip down memory road prompted her to OK Brandon planning an engagement party. She loved Mike once, and he's her friend. He found a way to be happy again, and she's happy for him. They have come a long way through a situation that others don't successfully make it through.

Dana and Stewart are always a welcome sight. This was no exception.

Lena is at the age where she feels the crunch between taking care of her children and taking care of her parents. Stef bringing up the title to the house could have taken a terrible turn and been poor timing because Stewart is clearly in the early stages of dementia.

Don't Walk Away - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

Typically, when the grandparents come, Dana is the one who stands out the most. Stewart is usually quiet, loving, and subdued.

This time around, he was easily the highlight of the hour. It was painful watching him struggle to remember words or forgetting major details about his life, but it was balanced out with his compassion and undying love for his family.

All of his sweet moments and his beautiful spirit somehow made his declining mental faculties feel less melancholic.

Stef still resents her deceased father for sending her to church in hopes of "fixing" her, and while that reminder at the dinner table was uncomfortable and sad, the scene it led to between her and Stewart was beautiful.

Stewart and Stef

Stewart couldn't comprehend a father not loving his daughter, sexuality be damned. His kind words, and his referring to Stef as his daughter didn’t appear outwardly to effect Stef, but it was something she needed and will treasure.

But, Stewart's one on one with Lena was a total sob-fest. It's actually nice that Lena didn't question her father about his mental health but instead took a moment to reminisce on how great of a father he was to her growing up.

She simply enjoyed the moment, a moment that she could still have and cherish with her father while he's alive and mentally present. Stewart didn't have to say anything about his situation, either.  Deep down, he has to know.

Daddy and Me - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

Every moment he spent with a member of the family felt as if he was making sure it was memorable. The moment with Stef telling her something she needed to hear and he's felt for years, and his enthusiasm catching up with the kids' lives and giving them a car.

Then he apologized to Lena for his word choice of using "still love you" instead of I love you' when she came out. It was so minor, I would never have given it much thought because his intent was clear, but he felt the need to clarify anyway.

It's also good to know his relationship with Dana is still strong after everything they went through. She was so vulnerable when she admitted to Stef and Lena that Stewart had been declining for a year. She doesn't want to lose him.

Devastated Dana

On a lighter note, Dana’s classic "Awesome Grandma" moment in this installment was with her secret favorite, Jude. Seriously, she adores Jude, and their relationship is very underrated but so darn cute.

Jude was torn between Noah and Taylor, and Dana's solution was the best. A JudiCorn custody arrangement for the win.

It's odd that Noah and Taylor are suddenly butting heads. When did that start happening? Noah's annoyance with Jude's video game obsession is understandable, but is there something more to it? It comes across that way.

Dana: You get Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on one week. You get Tuesdays and Thursdays on the other. On Saturdays, you all hang out together.
Jude: What about Sundays?
Dana: On Sundays, you rest, dear. You're going to need it.

I liked that all parties were vocal about the situation not working for them. Again, the communication was crucial. But will it last now that Jude has this new gaming opportunity?

Taylor is under the impression she's included in the offer, and Noah is sick of the whole thing. Jude may not have a best friend or a boyfriend when this is finished.

Callie may have a boyfriend for the long term. She and Aaron have progressed quite nicely.

Aaron hasn't told Callie anything she hasn't heard before from her family and her previous boyfriends. The only real difference is he somehow manages to get through to her. She hears him.

Maybe they're right. Maybe I don't have a voice as an artist. Maybe I don't have anything to say. Maybe I only rushed into this to prove something to my moms.


The feedback Callie received from her peers was more critical than constructive. They hazed her a bit; tried to see what she was made of, and Callie did a Callie and shut down.

Aaron was able to reassure her and ask her about her low self-confidence which is something fans have asked since the show's inception. Why is it so hard for Callie to believe in herself?

The beautiful scenery, emotionally honest and real communication between the two and their love for each other was enough to put them in the mood. One thing is certain, those two are head over heels for each other.

They haven't professed their love for one another, but you can see it in their eyes. Aaron looks at Callie like she's the moon and the stars.

Charming Romeo - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

So, even though their initial plan was to take things slow, it felt right that they finally slept together because it unfolded organically. It also felt right that it was such an understated, simple, normal scene.

There is nothing abnormal about their love, and it was great that as much as the significance of this pairing has been brought up, when it came down to finally having sex, it was like any other scene between any other couple. It was a sexy scene, too. I'm going need Aaron's playlist.

Calron Heard It Up

Thank God Cortney, of all people, put the kibosh on the thing she had going on with Gabe before any sexytimes happened. I might actually start liking her after all.

Brandon wasn't a happy camper, and as is customary with the Foster clan, he used Gabe as his verbal punching bag.  Gabe can't win for losing with these folks.

I love Gabe, but he screwed the pooch this time (by almost screwing Cortney). Brandon's reaction was a tad childish but didn't strike me as jealous. Can't a guy be pissed that his adopted siblings' biological father was trying to get it on with his ex-girlfriend without it being about jealousy?

I do think I have to go. Honestly, I shouldn't be kissing anyone right now. I need to focus on my kid, and being a good mom, and getting my life together.


Anyway, so long Cortney. You won't be missed, but you went out on a high note, and that's respectable.

Now, the next woman to disrupt Brandon and Grace's relationship is Grace's mother. What is with that phone call?

It was the perfect reminder that we know very little about Grace other than her being sheltered as a kid and doing something that scares her every day.  When you think about it, that gives off an ominous vibe. What are her secrets, and when will they be spilled?

Sayonara Cort

Another woman that may appear to raise a little hell is Logan's girlfriend. It was cute that Mariana tried to help Logan make up with his girlfriend even though she has ulterior motives.

Logan's girlfriend sees right through them, though. Is it wrong that I smirked at that threatening text message? Oh, Mariana, a storm is coming, and you might be out of your depth this time.

Did you miss Jesus? Are Noah and Jude in trouble? Has Callie found her perfect match in Aaron?

Don’t be shy, share your thoughts below! Don’t forget you can watch The Fosters online here at TV Fanatic!

Chasing Waterfalls Review

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