Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Reckoning

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We finally made it to the Siege of Yorktown, and several characters make life or death decisions (on and off the battlefield) on Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 9.

Let’s begin with the life part of the equation. Peggy finally gave birth to Traitor Jr., but only with the help of that saint of a woman, Abigail.

Laying Siege - Turn: Washington's Spies

She delivered a breech baby, kept her cool as Peggy droned on about a dead British officer and even had time to reunite with her long-lost hubby.

The reunion was short-lived because Akinbode left within a few minutes to search for Cicero.

While Peggy was bringing new life into the world, Simcoe was just about ready to make his exit.

Didn’t you feel a little guilty about not feeling bad at all as he struggled to breath on his deathbed? Yeah, me neither.

Were we supposed to feel something when he showed “mercy” on his murderous band of Queen’s Rangers by telling them to flee?

Well, that softie Maj. Hewlett felt something when he witnessed that last act.

He found Simcoe on the HMS Bonetta, on his way back to England.

Then he stuffed an apple in his mouth and told him the take a bite.

Of all the men I have forged from weaklings to warriors, you may have been my greatest creation.

Simcoe [to Msj. Hewlett]

Simcoe is right about one thing -- Maj. Hewlett has certainly changed over the course of the series. Whether or not that was Simcoe’s doing is up for debate.

Two seasons ago he would never have accepted obviously false intelligence in order to pursue vengeance on a fellow officer.

But once he got within a blade’s length of Simcoe, he couldn’t actually kill him.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed how he toyed with his emotions using fresh fruit. That was positively Simcoe-esque.

This is what mercy tastes like...bittersweet.

Maj. Hewlett [biting into the apple]

I’ve always liked Maj. Hewlett, and I don’t have a problem with the way he left things with his arch enemy. I think the best case scenario is that Simcoe will end up dying from the bullet fired by Caleb Brewster.

Back in Yorktown, Abe tells Mary that he has to stay and fight with the Continental army.

I can't abandon the cause now.

Abe [to his wife]

His time behind enemy lines was invaluable, and he was able to tell Head of Intelligence Maj. Ben Tallmadge information about Gen. Arnold’s activities, the troop movements, and supply levels.

Abe proves to be a good soldier, but early in the Siege of Yorktown, he gets shot in the left shoulder.

His wife, super-spy Mary, also turns out to be a pretty good impromptu surgeon and removes the bullet.

The British are caught unprepared at Yorktown because of Ben’s “faux” love letter to Anna that was “intercepted” and made its way into the hands of Gen. Clinton in New York.

Why didn’t anyone read the letter to the audience? Tell us how you really feel Maj. Tallmadge.

This is one storyline I wish we saw more of this season. Less Pegadict, more Benna!

I thought we would get to witness a soapy love triangle when Anna’s hubby Selah showed up in camp, but he left the decision up to her and never returned.

And Ben never even made a move.

Anna [about the faux love letters]: Are you sure they're convincing?
Ben: Convincing enough.

Too bad there is only one episode left for those two to get together.

Speaking of the finale, here are some other things I hope we’ll see:

  • Confirmation of the death of Simcoe;
  • Maj. Hewlett relaxing outside of Whitehall in Setauket;
  • Treaty negotiations; Cicero at home with his parents;
  • Benedict Arnold in England without Peggy;
  • Caleb heading security for Gen. Washington;
  • Culper Jr. running Selah’s old pub in Setauket;
  • Abe contemplating a career in politics;
  • Mary running his campaign;
  • Little Tommy Patriot playing with deflated balls.

What do you think will become of these characters?

Still, need to catch up on the adventures of the original Americans circa 1781? You can watch Turn: Washington's Spies online now.

Reckoning Review

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Anna [about the faux love letters]: Are you sure they're convincing?
Ben: Convincing enough.

Even though I can't help my own son right now, I'm glad I could help yours.

Abigail [to new mom Peggy]