Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Part 14

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Sarah Palmer confused us, and then she proved that she was the one we had to keep an eye on this whole time. 

Basically, Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 14 gave us a scene to remember when Sarah attacked a disgusting man at the bar. Biting at his neck killed him, but it left a mess first.

Meanwhile, everyone trying to connect the dots with Cooper gets a few steps closer to cracking the code. Gordon and his team are on the edge of actually discovering Cooper, and the Sheriff and his team is cracking the code of there being two Coopers. 

And as always, I'm disappointed that it has taken this long for there to be some movement in the right direction, especially since now there is barely any time left for anything else.

Audrey Returns - Twin Peaks  Season 1 Episode 14

Diane having a connection to Janey-E was the most unexpected part of all of this, at least for me. I didn't see her having a connection beyond Cooper and the night that included a horrible meeting with Evil Cooper.

But it looks like Diane has somehow ended up in the middle of all the Coopers out there, although she must not have been Dougie if she didn't mention that he looked exactly like Cooper.

Of course that will change soon, at least I hope so because it really is about time.

Does that mean though that Diane isn't headed to Twin Peaks just yet?

There are too many people juggling too many stories and not enough time in an episode for them all to be told.

Like can Diane be trusted yet or are we still not sure about her intentions?

Hawk: Who ordered just cheese?
Andy: I did.

Andy is the purest of them all, so he got the run down of everything we have been trying to piece together so far.

I wonder if he also got a written version, connecting all the dots that the images might not have helped out with. 

Regardless, he is the one in Twin Peaks who also now knows that there were two Coopers in The Black Lodge. For now he is focused on the woman that resurfaced in the woods.

She saw the real Cooper but I don't know how communication is going to work between them. 

The Twin Peaks crew though is getting closer to their answers, they are now in contact with Gordon again and if they can connect what they have together they may have a map to the end of the journey. 

I am the Fireman.

The Giant

Gordon brought back a key moment that not everyone may have caught.

I barely thought about that time when Cooper was pointed out to Gordon, yet it all lines up now. And he is even more aware of the fact that something was off about the Cooper he thought he knew after they rescued him from The Black Lodge. 

They got Tami up to the speed, and she might be able to point things out from the perspective of a fresh mind that hasn't gone over this case again and again.

At this point I'm wondering who will manage to piece it all together first.

I thought they would join forces in Twin Peaks, but if they seperate to hunt down answers for different questions, that might not actually happen.

With Andy seeing everything that happened before though, he might know more and that gives them an advantage of figuring it out quicker. 

Meanwhile, Gordon and his team could discover the actual Cooper first. Whoever finds him and gets him back to his old self is the true winner, and what better reminded for Cooper than all of his old friends?

It's my birthday today.


James might be singing some familiar songs in between his job, but in his actual spare time he is a security guard at the Great Northern.

That is the last job I could have imagined for him, and yet it kind of works really well for him.

If only he wasn't spending his birthday exploring a creepy halllway and listening to a very long story about some guy's gloves.

We get it, he is connected to the Fireman and might be useful going forward. But the most use out of him right now might just be not talking because his simple story felt like it went on for hours.

Or maybe it was just his accent that made it feel so never ending. 

Regardless, James should invest in a new friend group. He obviously won't be hanging out with Donna at the moment, but anyone else would be more interesting for him.

I'm not sure yet what role he could be or is currently playing in all this, for all we know he is simply there being James and not headed on a path to helping them figure it all out.

We’re like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream.

Monica Bellucci

Where do you see things going from here? What did you enjoy the most about this episode? What could you have done without? What are some theories you have about everything coming together? Who else needs another cup of coffee and slice of cherry pie? Let us know below.

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Hawk: Who ordered just cheese?
Andy: I did.

I am the Fireman.

The Giant