Zoo Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Once Upon a Time in the Nest

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Someone gets out of here alive. Some has to or we're going to need an entirely new cast.

Once again, Jamie was trying to run the show on Zoo Season 3 Episode 10, and she didn't have all the information she needed to be doing that.

The consequences could be catastrophic. She needs to be more of a team player.

Rushing In  - Zoo Season 3 Episode 10

The easiest way out of their situation if you're a knee-jerk kind of gal might be to kill Abigail.

But after everything Jamie has been through during the past 11 years, wouldn't she have known better than to assume anything about Abigail's life?

At the very least, making an assumption about Abi's death and the gizmo in Mitch's head was misjudging everything she knows about Abigail. Having a switch in her hands means very little.

What's hard with Zoo is we never know how much time has passed to ascertain if anyone has been debriefed. Logically, we can now say Jackson didn't debrief everyone about everything he learned about Abi. 

It's a Sack! - Zoo Season 3 Episode 10

Wouldn't knowing she was a hybrid give them some pause that killing her wouldn't be as easy as it seemed? Why am I even asking questions? Of course. The answers are easy. The drama that comes with tossing logic aside, though, makes everyone toss logic aside no matter how annoying it is.

That must also be why you guys have all disappeared on me. We were doing do good early on during Zoo Season 3, but readership is an at an all-time low. Have they lost you with another organization like the IADG?

Maybe it's too much to ask to suspend your disbelief when Jackson has an idea to join Jackson in Seoul to get more spinal fluid so they can use what they have to save Abigail, Jamie questions if that's why the plane is accelerating and by the time Jackson turns around, he's stepping into the room with Logan.

It's like one of those mash-up commercials where a kid throws a ball in the US, another kid catches it in Italy, a third rounds base in Russia and a fourth slides into home in South Africa. It's cute but illogical.

Invasion of the Pod Killers - Zoo Season 3 Episode 10

Equally illogical was that nobody considered Abigail's connection to the beacons upon her death. Big duh. But far worse was that the beacons didn't immediately trigger across the world the moment her heart stopped beating. I call BS on that. Abigail wouldn't have set a time delay.

Why they didn't trigger at once is the real mystery. 

Sam Parker was a pointless introduction to the story, the nest was sadly uneventful overall and even Dariela's goodbye to Abraham earlier this season was worthless.

From wanting to protect Isaac and give him a normal, safe environment in which to grow up, a few days later she's interested in becoming an IADG warrior. To do this, Isaac is at home alone with 24/7 guard duty on the house. Hey, at least Dariela tucked him in and said goodbye.

It's hard to grasp the strings of this storyline without pulling too hard and seeing the entire thing unravel, isn't it?

Just Resting - Zoo Season 3 Episode 10

At least Mr. Duncan is gone, so witty Mitch can continue pleasing us with his commentary on everything that shakes out. Or can he?

Duncan: You can get rid of me now, but the die has been cast.
Jamie: What do you mean?
Duncan: We left you a treat. Death is just the beginning.

Max was as worthless at thinking things through as Jamie. Hell, maybe Max has been in the clutches of Abigail, too, and his own brain implant was triggered when Duncan talked about the treat. 

Wouldn't a person with a beacon waiting to be switched be the most effective enemy against the group? Or is the newly awakened Abigail the deeper, darker enemy? She didn't waste any time talking to anyone given her second chance at life.

There's a huge probability someone will die. 

Abraham was stabbed in a vital organ. The amount of blood pouring out of him can't possibly be replaced in time to save him when the whole lot of them are down for the count.

Whatever he shot into Clementine seemed to have put her pregnancy into overdrive. She's ready to pop! Kudos to her for pulling her pregnant self out of that tank. That's a feat I wish we could have witnessed.

Abigail wasn't exactly aiming at her prey, so most of those who are injured shouldn't be hurt too badly. More likely they're shocked they've been shot and had the wind knocked out of them and might need some minor surgery. 

That's not necessarily available, but if you watch Zoo online, you know they've been through worse.

Clementine is going to give birth to some kind of super baby, and she's going to need help. It might come down to her and Sam doing this on their own. Maybe he's on his way to becoming one of the good guys.

I'm worried Zoo has lost its mojo. While it was balls to the wall excitement at the beginning of the season, what its lost along the way is the connection between the characters, and without that, it's just another Saturday night C movie that used to play on Syfy. Even Syfy abandoned those.

Can Abigail's shots be the adrenaline the series needs to save it before the end of the season? Will almost dying bring everyone together so they remember why they're fighting this good fight?

Zoo Season 3 Episode 11 is titled Cradles and Graves. While someone here will get out alive, someone (or someoneS) is getting off the plane in a box. Who will it be?

My bet is on Abraham and Max. What about you?

Once Upon a Time in the Nest Review

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Duncan: I told you, I'm programmed to serve one person and one person only. You think you thought this through, but you have no idea what you did.
Jamie: What are you talking about?
Duncan: By killing Abigail, you just ended the world.

Jackson: Dariela said the nest contains every kind of hybrid, right?
Abraham: What are you thinking?
Jackson: Use the fluid to save Abigail. We'll get more. We're going to Seoul.