Zoo Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Black Forest

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Robert Oz named his daughter very well.

After all, she's Abby Normal. 

And if you have to ask what the heck that means, you shouldn't just be watching Zoo Season 3 Episode 9, but you need to dig into the archives and check out Young Frankenstein, too.

Bloody Mr. Duncan - Zoo Season 3 Episode 9

We did get a lot of the puzzle pieces during "The Black Forest," but I'm not making a lot of sense of them right now.

I know we've touched on this before, but it needs to be said again.

The way the characters pop all over the darn place as if they have the ability to teleport is making my head spin. It's getting to the point I can hardly keep up with the story I'm sometimes so confused.

The reason I'm getting confused is I spend so much time thinking I must have missed something. One second Logan is in the middle of nowhere stamping out a hybrid next, and the next he's on the plane.

The same plane that almost just crashed seconds earlier, but didn't, and somehow managed to drop Mr. Duncan so close to Copenhagen it took Mitch two minutes to thumb a ride over to Abigail's place after he parachuted out. At the same time, Dariela and Isaac were hitching a ride home to middle America. 

Goodbye for Now - Zoo Season 3 Episode 9

Seriously. Whose head wasn't spinning trying to keep up with this incessant around the world back and forth?

It's better than what happened on Suits recently, when they had a past and present episode in which the only mark of time was a swish of hair. The male characters barely look any different and I drove myself nuts trying to keep up with the timelines.

I can't be the only one who multi-tasks while watching TV, right? I mean, I am recapping and catching quotes while watching, and occasionally I even read an email. I'm sorry!

Enough of that. Maybe I'm jealous that in the real world a flight is sheer hell. It's quicker for me to drive to New York City from Pittsburgh with the two hour before your flight takes off nonsense. There I go again.

Back to the importance of this hour, which rests directly on Abigail's shoulders. Everything that happened of interest is because of Abby Normal.

Abi Normal

The reveal she is a hybrid, albeit a far better one than that she created and named Abendagos, is stunning. She and Jackson are complete opposites. It's wonderful!

The time she was mind melding a hybrid while Jackson was mind melding the lions makes sense now. As does her appearance in Jackson's life without any warning. She may have been created in a lab for all we know. 

And discovering the extent to which Abigail is abnormal even managed to make her a sympathetic character. It would have seemed downright impossible until Jackson figured that out. She also needs to stay alive in order to fix humanity's sterility problem. Voila. She has a purpose beyond annoyance.

That's one of the better done reveals in a very long time. It wasn't overly complicated, and it wasn't too sappy. There is plenty left to learn as time goes on.

But overall, it now makes perfect sense why she wants more hybrids. She's not just a lunatic. Abinormal wants to feel like she belongs somewhere in a world where she really doesn't fit.

Abigail: And now you know our father's greatest secret. The one he shared with no one, not even me.
Jackson: You're the last piece we need to cure sterility. You're a hybrid.

What a horrid man Robert Oz was. It even makes sense now why she created Mr. Duncan. An "off" Mitch would feel more welcoming to her than the real thing, even if he turned to her side. Normal isn't her thing.

Abi is one hell of a liar, though. She managed to have Sam Parker so snowed that he even forgot he was pumped full of whatever garbage she pumped into him when his blood started flowing into his very own child.

Sam appeared genuinely shocked and worried when Clementine went into a fit in the tank. What did the guy expect? Even if his blood was a perfect match, he was a personal vial of poison sent by Abi to sabotage the baby.

I'd love to know what she had been telling him all along and what Clementine knows of Abigail. When she said they would get Clem back, that led me to believe they had been together when Clem got pregnant.

Searching for Mr. Duncan - Zoo

Since Abigail needs to be alive for the foreseeable future, what the heck is Jamie going to do with Mr. Duncan that Mitch would never do?

That's an ominous statement to make when Jamie herself has no problem taking out shepherds or generally doing what needs to be done. Jackson called for help, not help killing his hybrid sister. Jackson needs to get her spinal fluid (which looked alright to me) and keep her alive.

So yet again, I ask: what the heck am I missing?

And oh Zoo. You do what you do so well. That abandoned parking structure in Seoul was filled to the brim with hanging sacks full of baby tentacled hybrids. Not only does that Logan fella really get around, but that's going to be one fun place to be when those babies start kicking.

I'm so glad we don't have to suffer through another hour of Jackson hanging from the ceiling, and it could be helpful having the Mitch/Duncan switch moving forward.

What did you think of this one? Did you already suspect Abi to a hybrid? How do you think that came about? What the heck is next?! 

After you watch Zoo online be sure to come back and hit me up in the comments. Feel free to go off on a tangent like me, too! We're all friends here. 


PS: I just saw the preview, and it looks like Zoo Season 3 Episode 10 is going to be out of this world!! Those sacks hold every type of hybrid (except Abigail, we can assume)? Did you see Clem's pregnancy progression? Let's get this out now.  Squeeeeeee!!!!

The Black Forest Review

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Duncan: Abigail. Who is this person?
Abigail: Duncan, meet Sam Parker, the father of Clementine's baby.

That's OK. We have Jackson. We can use him to get Clementine back.