Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Wargasm

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Now that's how you mount a cliffhanger.

Nearly every major character was left in peril on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10.

It's a good thing Syfy renewed Killjoys for two more seasons, or there would have been a lot of pissed-off fans (as I'm sure Dark Matter fans are.)

Going to War - Killjoys

First the good news: other than Alvis, no major or minor characters died ... yet. Yes, a bunch of red-shirt Cleansed pilots perished in the dogfight, but we didn't really have the chance to even learn their names.

Johnny was close, after being skewered by Aneela once he discovered her deception.

Zephyr saved him from a punctured lung, then professed her love to him in her own goofy way, to try to keep him from leaving. But protecting Dutch from herself has always been Johnny's priority.

First Strike - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10

Still Aneela's plan had its desired effect. Alvis's death threw Dutch off her game. Johnny's being stabbed brought D'avin racing to him, leaving Turin, of all people, in charge of the war.

Not that Turin did badly as substitute general. The sonic disrupter did have the Hullen on the ropes.

How did they find out where the disrupter was being used? Did Aneela as Dutch provide intelligence back to the Hullen, or was there another Hullen insider (maybe one of the not-so-Cleansed)?

Turin was in fine, sarcastic form, up until the time he got captured trying to use a broken genetic bomb on the Hullen. But he was defiant until the end, when Fancy rescued him from being Hullenized.

My favorite scene was the battle prelude, with Pree and Garet getting married Ferren-style. The former warlord-turned-bar owner and the former miner are an adorable couple. I was afraid the writers were going to take the cheap way out and kill off Garet when the Hullen attacked the ground forces. Fortunately not.

Zephyr and Pip? War does make for strange bedfellows.

I've really enjoyed the addition of Zephyr this season. She's become Dutch's little sister and someone for Johnny to joust with intellectually. They definitely selected the right substitute nerd.

Brothers United - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10

Hard to believe the most effective weapon in the final battle was psychological warfare. Johnny appealed to Kendry's affection for Aneela to get her to halt the battle, just as her forces were taking control. The frenemies joined forces to protect those they love from their own bad impulses.

Johhny and D'avin kept Kendry off balance, Johnny used his pseudo-scientific bullshit about Aneela's destiny being linked to Dutch (apparently, from the ending, it was). Then D'avin loudly claimed his parental rights to Kendry's spawn.

D'avin's buying the ranch land for Johnny (with robot goats!) was also touching, as big brother found a way to protect little brother in the event of Dutch's death.

The conflict also turned when a new enemy who has been hinted at for much of the season, The Lady, entered the battlefield.

It was her Hullen that were swaming the RAC. Why I'm not exactly sure. It would have made more sense to sit back and let the forces of Aneela and the RAC kill each other, then sweep in to clean up.

But then I'm not sure if she was supporting Aneela's troops or if she just wanted to line up new potential Hullen.

Uneasy Prisoner - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10

We found out that Aneela wasn't as horrible as we'd all assumed. She seemed a lot more human after Dutch restored her missing memories. And the more the pair talked, the more they came to understand each other. They were both victims of Khlyen's efforts to keep them hidden from The Lady.

So how has Khlyen managed to live on in the green? Or is he just a manifestation of Aneela's psyche?

It's clear that The Lady is going to be next season's big bad, with Aneela and Dutch joining forces to kill her..Who is she? What does she want? It was tough enough to tackle Aneela, with her mental defects. How much harder will it be to take on the woman behind Aneela and the Hullen?

I figure Dutch and D'avin have some enhancements we have yet to see explored. The good guys are going to need more than scientific gimmicks to win the next war.

I really enjoyed this season. The Killjoys went on a crusade rather than just chasing warrants. Aneela was a much better villain that the faceless masses of the Nine and the Company. And a cliffhanger segues nicely into a new season.

To experience it all again, watch Killjoys online.

How did you enjoy Killjoys Season 3? Which characters stood out for you? Which ones could you do without? Comment below.

Wargasm Review

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You're a really good person. I don't think you get told that enough.

Zephyr [to Dutch]

Johnny: I know they say size doesn't matter ..,.
Dutch and Pip: It does.
Johnny: But I would not want to whip it out in front of this beauty.