Scream Season 3: Surprising Film Series Connection Revealed!

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Scream is coming back with a brand new cast and location. 

That much has been confirmed by MTV, and now, in a somewhat exciting move, the new iteration of the series will be throwing it all the way back to the Woodsboro murders by having the killer(s) wear the mask from the original film series. 

The Identity of a Killer - Scream

From the moment Scream: The TV Series was announced, there was always a lot of negative publicity because the show was not using the original mask. 

Fans of the film series had their hopes of having a nice dose of nostalgia dashed when the news broke. And now, a few years later, the show is going in a new direction. 

Scream Season 3 Mask

If you watch Scream online, you will already know that the Lakewood teens still had a lot of stories left to tell and there was not much in the way of closure when the curtain fell on Scream Season 2

Given the fact that the ratings were atrocious, the only other possibility would have been to cancel the series.

It would have made sense to have given the wrap-up special for the Lakewood teens, but it seems like MTV wants to forget all about them. 

Keke Palmer

The rumblings are that the show will be taking on an anthology approach and it has already been confirmed the show will follow a group of people with ties to the music industry. 

Scream Queens veteran Keke Palmer is on board to lead the cast that includes the likes of RJ Cyler, Jessica Sula, Giorgia Whigham, Giullian Yao Gioiello, Tyga and C.J. Wallace

Production is underway in Atlanta for a 2018 premiere, and it will span six episodes this time around. That's a significant drop from the first two seasons. 

But, if the producers want to craft a thrilling six-episode event, it probably makes sense to trim out the fat to craft a fast-paced murder mystery that is sure to find everyone pointing the finger. 

Will the anthology format work for the series, or will it slip further into mediocrity? 

cj wallace

We have no idea, but the use of the original mask is a great start. 

Over to you, Scream Fanatics. What do you think of the inclusion of the mask?

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