Somewhere Between: Who Really Killed Susanna?

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Everything is connected on Somewhere Between.

If Laura and Nico want to save Serena, then they have to solve Susanna's murder. The closer the pair get to the truth, the more forces come out to stop them.

Unfortunately, time is running out.


Somewhere Between has been the perfect summer guilty pleasure. It's a murder mystery, police procedural, family drama, and suspense thriller all tied up in a supernatural bow.

There's romance, too; if you're into the ridiculous sexual tension between Laura and Nico. Seriously, who speaks that close together all of the time?


Getting Close - Somewhere Between

There are enough twists and turns in this limited series to make your head spin. Only a couple of episodes remain, and with Laura committed to a mental facility, and Serena's death closing in on them, the stakes are higher than ever. 

So, who's behind the summer's biggest mystery? We have a theory!

Whoever is behind the murders and cover-ups has serious power, money, and influence. Also, many strings are being pulled to ensure their identity is kept secret.

But first, let's run down what we do know.

Haskell is the Serial Killer

Danny has been serving time for a series of murders that he didn't commit. Haskell killed most of the women, and Danny took the blame for them.

As a result, Haskell continued killing and chose to look after Ruby as penance. Who knew serial killers had a moral code?

Haskell's M.O. was killing women he felt were terrible mothers. The only female victims that did not fit the profile were Susanna and Serena. Therefore, Haskell was not responsible for their deaths.

Haskell - Somewhere Between

In fact, someone impersonating Haskell was behind killing Serena before the reset. Haskell knew who was behind covering up his misdeeds and framing Danny, but he was taken out before he could reveal the truth.

Tom and Glenn Were being Blackmailed

The man (or woman) pulling the strings has serious reach. His or her power extends to the police department and the DA's office.

Tom and Glenn were blackmailed into tampering with and hiding evidence. They were also tasked with making sure no one went digging into the truth, including Laura and Nico.

Tom is in Over His Head

Glenn was desperate and operating under duress. He was at risk of being exposed for being a dirty cop.  In the end, he killed himself rather than give up the name of who was responsible, but he told Nico the cover up was "bigger" than Nico could imagine.

Tom has come across more opportunistic and ambitious. Withholding Susanna's murder weapon (the yellow scarf) and stealing the victim's jewelry from evidence was a move to impress and appease someone.

Sure, word of his affair with Mara would have impacted his career, but Tom is angling for more power and prestige. This unknown person he keeps contacting is the person to give it to him.

The only thing Tom loves more than his career is Serena, so it's hard to imagine he'd know his daughter's life was threatened and not do anything about it. Would he?


Tom is a pawn more than a big player, so he can't be behind Susanna's death, but he knows more than he's letting on. Does Serena's impending death have something to do with Tom not covering up the truth or keeping Laura in line?

Neither Danny nor Nico Killed Susanna

Danny has been on death row for a decade, but he's not the person who killed Susanna. All of the damning evidence that suggested otherwise was questionable or planted, and the evidence that could clear him had mysteriously disappeared.

Files and videos were destroyed, and the yellow scarf was missing for years. Evidence that could clear him or point to someone else was conveniently absent or omitted as well.

Not to mention Danny's confession was coerced and forced. Someone told Danny what to say, and Danny was willing to say it to protect Nico.

However, contrary to what Danny thought, Nico was innocent, too. Despite arguments and being in a drunken rage the night of the murder, Nico passed out drunk and was out cold at the time of Susanna's death.

Murder under the Moonlight- Somewhere Between

Almost Everyone in the Photo is Dead

Susanna, Jesse Reed, both Tanner brothers, and the mysterious fourth man all got matching tattoos on the same day, and from that moment forward none of their lives were the same.

Susanna was murdered that same night. One of the Tanner boys committed suicide, Jason Tanner set his house on fire and was committed to a psychiatric facility, and Jesse Reed was mysteriously killed in a car crash not long after going to the DA's office a decade later.

Susanna - Somewhere Between

The unidentified fourth man is the same man who kidnapped Laura and killed Serena, Haskell, and the others. He's picking off everyone in that photo who knows the truth about what really happened to Susanna, and someone is protecting him, but why?

The Number Five Is Significant

Could the number five be the biggest clue yet? It's a number that keeps popping up, so I can't help but wonder if there is some significance to it.

There was a five on the hourglass where Nico and Laura found the jewelry of Haskell's victims. Susanna's mother (the psychic) who warned Laura from beyond the grave died in a mysterious fire (the same one that Jason Tanner started, maybe?) five years prior.

Supernatural Team Up

There were five people with matching tattoos in the photo from Independence Day. Jason Tanner flipped out and started saying "five" over and over again when describing Susanna's killer. Why is the number five so important?

Who Killed Susanna?

Someone is going to great lengths to protect the identity of the person who really killed Susanna. That means the real killer has to be important.

Paid contractors have been sent to tie up loose ends, and there are moles in both the DA's office and the police department. That type of firepower wouldn't be used to protect someone inconsequential.

Jason Tanner saw the real killer, and he didn't freak out over Nico or the picture of Danny. Could the reason Jason kept saying "five" and pointing at his drawing of the killer be because there is a fifth guy who wasn't photographed?

A Witness - Somewhere Between

Danny's camera was broken, so he didn't actually take the photo of Susanna and the guys with the matching tattoos, but someone else had to have taken it. What if there is a fifth man who killed Susanna and is behind the deaths of the others in that photo? Could there be someone in addition to the mysterious motorcyclist?

That fifth man could be the Governor's son, Logan. He's around the same age as the others in the photo, and he could have known them.

Logan and his mother are adamant about getting the governor to invoke the death penalty. They also want Danny to be the first one executed despite the potential negative optics of killing a man with a mental disability.

The Governor's Son - Somewhere Between

Maybe they want Danny dead because the last loose end would be tied. If Danny, the perfect patsy, dies, then maybe Logan's misdeeds die with him. If Logan's misdeeds are buried, then they in no way will affect his political future nor the political reputation of his father.

The governor is trying to climb the political ladder and improve his approval ratings. What if this massive cover-up is to keep his political reputation intact and scandal-free?

The governor, or maybe his wife, could be using the power and prestige of the office to protect their son and bury the truth about Susanna's murder.

Anyone who comes close to discovering and/or revealing the truth ends up threatened or dead. Jesse was killed because he knew the truth and was going to tell, and so was Haskell.

It's all Connected- Somewhere Between

The Tanner boys knew the truth, and one of them was driven to madness, and the other was either killed or killed himself rather than expose it all, much like Glenn.

Maybe everything being "bigger" than Nico imagined, means that the Governor is somehow behind all of this. Or, perhaps his wife. Behind every strong man is an equally as strong woman.

Could it really be just about politics, or is it something much bigger at play? How are Susanna and all these guys related anyhow? Why would Logan kill Susanna in the first place? Maybe he was infatuated with her, and it was a crime of passion.

Do you think we're on the right track? Is Serena's death in the future connected to Susanna's murder? Is the killer someone we've seen already or someone we don't know? What are your theories? Sound off below!

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