Stitchers Canceled by Freeform After Three Seasons

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Is Freeform going to be the next network changing its direction?

We're here this Friday evening to report a bit of bad news.

After three seasons and a whopper of a cliffhanger with Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10, the sci-fi procedural has been canceled.


Fridays are a favorite time for nets to sneak in and pull off of the schedule a show you might love in the hopes you don't even notice.

When it doesn't return someday in the future, the hope might be several new shows on the schedule will have already erased any potentially terrible memories left behind.

At the time our writer delivered her kudos for a terrific season finale, she noted the frustration she felt at the cliffhanger was surpassed by the skill the writers used to pull the wool over her eyes.

Fisher Disapproves - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 9

She also suggested the answers to the questions left may never be discovered given the surprise Season 3 renewal and odds against a Season 4 pickup.

She was right.

All is not lost, however, as Freeform still has on its docket another season of sci-fi series Beyond coming your way.

While it may not seem there is a formula for what works on the network and what doesn't, they've been swinging, finding hits, and there are new series on the way, too.

The Bold Type struck a chord with young viewers, and while it has yet to score a renewal, I'd be surprised if it hasn't earned the respect of the network securing a place on the 2018 schedule.


There is another seemingly sci-fi natured series on the way about a mermaid called Siren.

That should sit well with Shadowhunters which is still bringing in fans and only gets better as their storytelling gets more focused and the characters are more cohesive as a group.

And while Freeform staple Pretty Little Liars may have taken its final bow, there is still room for returning series Famous in Love to one day reach hysteria levels.

After all, look how strong The Fosters is after five seasons. Their subject matter only grows and pulls in a larger audience the longer they're on the air!

So while none of that will ever answer the questions fans have after Kirsten was wide awake in the finale and lying to the man she loved about her supposed amnesia, at least you can take comfort knowing Freeform has your back.

They're still plugging away looking for more shows to get under your skin.

And if you miss the crew, you can always watch Stitchers online to relive the good times.

Share your thoughts about the cancellation below!

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Stitchers Quotes

Kirsten: how long have I been in this room?
Maggie: Answer the question.
Kirsten: I'm trying to. How long have I been in this room?
Maggie: Guess.
Kirsten: An hour?
Maggie: One minute. [smiling and leaning in] You really don't know, do you?
Kirsten: I have this condition, it's called temporal dysplasia. I have no time perception.
Maggie: I've read about this condition. I thought it was made up.
Kirsten: I wish, cause then you could unmake it up; it really sucks. I use memory, logic and math to approximate time difference, but I don't know what time feels like.

Kristen: Why is he here? Are you guys coroners?
Cameron: No. He's here to share his memories with us.
Kirsten: But he's dead.
Cameron: Hmm. Fun fact: After death, consciousness lingers for 30 seconds. After that, 10 minutes and the brain starts to degrade. If we get a sample in here fast enough, we can start a protocol that will slow down further deterioration for days.
Kirsten: Sample? You mean corpse?
Cameron: Tomato/Tamato.
Kirsten: You're getting this guys dead, deteriorating brain to talk to you? How?
Cameron: By inserting a living consciousness into those memories. We call it stitching.
Kirsten: That's impossible.
Cameron: Is that so, doctor I've never studied neuroscience unlike Cameron. The brain is a bioelectrical device with emphasis on electrical. Even after death the wiring, the synapses are all still in there, for a while anyway, and that means so are the memories, but it takes a living consciousness to access them and interpret them and that's where you come in.