Suits Round Table: Should Donna and Harvey Stay Apart?

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Donna finally plucked up the courage to let Harvey know how she feels about him on Suits Season 7 Episode 10, but was the admission a little too late for us to care?

Below, TV Fanatics, Stacy Glanzman, Christine Orlando and Jasmine Blu discuss what went down on the crazy episode. 

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What did you think of Donna kissing Harvey?

Stacy: Honestly, I don't know. I actually like Harvey and Paula together, especially that first scene when she told him she loves his loyalty. If the writers are ready to put Donna and Harvey together, and they're end game, then this is a fine way to start it.

I just don't feel confident that that is what will happen and the people who actually care about this relationship are going to be disappointed. 

Christine: I fear that this is just another cliffhanger ploy on which they won’t follow through. I like Harvey and Paula, and if they allowed Donna to be happy too, I would have been fine with that, but I’m so tired of them dragging on the shipper tease with no payoff.

If this kiss isn’t used as the start of finally bringing Harvey and Donna together as a couple, then I’m going to feel like they’ve wasted my time with all of this emotional angst. 

Jasmine: I didn't feel much of anything. The way it happened was ridiculous. She had to kiss him because she "just needed to know"? Isn't that what she's known for like 15 years?

I agree with Stacy, I actually like Harvey with Paula, and I dislike that Harvey has finally learned how to be in a healthy relationship, largely thanks to Paula, and NOW it's time to pair him with Donna because he's matured.

I also agree with Christine regarding Donna, my biggest frustration with Darvey is Donna was put on a shelf and not allowed to be in her own healthy romantic relationship(s) because she was waiting for Harvey.

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Did you care about any of the cases?

Stacy: I cared more about the effects they had on the characters more than the actual cases. I liked seeing the dynamic between Robert and Rachel, and Louis owning up to Donna why he failed to prepare her. 

Christine: Exactly. It wasn’t so much about the cases, but how they affected the characters and moved their relationships forward. It didn’t feel as though the cases themselves were the real focus. 

Jasmine: Agreed. 

A Family Affair - Suits Season 7 Episode 10

Will Louis finally be able to get back to his old self now that he realized that he and Sheila could never be together?

Stacy: I hope so. That poor guy has been jerked around so much by the writers this on Suits Season 7. I want to see him move on and maybe even find a healthy relationship with a woman who's actually available. He's made so many poor decisions; he needs to start truly learning from them. 

Christine: I’m tired of seeing Louis get emotionally tortured by both himself and others. Can we finally see Louis grow enough to have a stable, healthy relationship? He more than deserves it. 

Jasmine: Depends which "old self" we're talking about. He has so many. I'm so tired of this aspect of Suits. A reasonably happy, stable Louis Litt isn't asking for too much.

The writing for his character the first half of this season has been so frustrating. As Christine said, he more than deserves to be happy at this point. Please, let him.

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What did you think of Jessica losing her license?

Stacy: That was unexpected, but a nice way of giving them closure. It never really felt like she left considering all the guest appearances and Harvey turning to her with every insecurity. I'll definitely miss her, but it makes sense for the firm to truly be Harvey and Louis' now. 

Christine: It’s funny because I remember that scene last season and thinking, “Couldn’t Jessica now be disbarred?” This was a definitive way of ousting Jessica permanently and then ushering her into her new show set in Chicago.

I’m a huge fan of Gina Torres, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out. 

Jasmine: It was realistic. Jessica is a real leader, and real leaders eventually take the fall. I was relating to Harvey. I didn't want it to happen, and I didn't want to see her name on the door.

Their relationship, it's my favorite of the series, and it gets me every time. I loved their exchange. She's right though, Harvey needs to officially move on now, Chicago won't give a damn about her being disbarred, and it's time for mama to have a spinoff. Bring it on!

Grade Suits Season 7A!

Stacy: I'll give it a B. I liked watching them struggle to find their place with Jessica gone, and I enjoyed the prison case. I definitely did not like how Louis was handled, and there wasn't enough Gretchen. 

Christine: B-. Although I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, it still felt a bit off, perhaps because all of the characters were in a state of flux. I’m hoping that they all find their footing and begin to grow into new roles when Suits returns. 

Jasmine: B-. There were many times it felt choppy. I did like them struggling to find themselves after Jessica's departure. I love that Harvey and Louis are in a better place with their relationship. I love that Rachel has stepped up and developed outside of Mike, and I love her relationship with Robert. 

I despised the shoddy writing for Louis. The Donna as partner thing made me cringe. There were too many unnecessary flashbacks. Mike still hasn't actually learned anything nor married Rachel, and there was too little Gretchen.

What are you looking forward to the most about Season 7B? 

Stacy: I'm looking forward to some clarity in the Donna/Harvey relationship. They either need to get together or decide that's not what they want and move on. I'm still hoping for a Mike/Rachel wedding, but could see that being pushed off. I want to see less whiplash with Louis. 

Christine: Harvey and Donna finally navigating a real romantic relationship because that would be new, complicated, and entertaining. I’d also love to see Louis blossom at both work and in his personal life.

I think I’d rather see Louis in a happy relationship more than I want to see Mike and Rachel get married! 

Jasmine: Louis, consistently written, properly developed and happy. I would adore it if he spent more time with Brian's baby, just for the comedy. But yeah, something definitely has to give with Donna and Harvey. 

Over to you, Suits Fanatics! Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Harvey: Harvey and I don't want to be together.
Mike: Are you sure?

Mike: When someone is special to you, it can mess up your judgment.
Harvey: And when I want your advice, I'll ask for it.