Suits Round Table: Will Louis Ever Learn?

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Louis Litt needs to pick a mood and stick with it. 

On Suits Season 7 Episode 9, he squandered all of the respect we gained for him when he made things right with Stephanie. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Stacy Glanzman, Christine Orlando, and Paul Dailly discuss the flashbacks, Robert's motives and so much more!

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What is your take on the increased use of flashbacks during Suits Season 7?

Jasmine: I prefer when they're used sparingly rather than superfluously, as has been the case this season. I don't mind them, but sometimes I don't see the point of a flashback when dialogue is sufficient.

Stacy: I don't mind them as long as they're not distracting, but I don't always think they're necessary either. They have been using them a lot lately and sometimes less is more. 

Paul: They are being used far too much right now, and it's time to keep the story in the present. The persistent flashbacks could indicate the show is running out of ideas and looking to the past to keep things interesting. 

Christine: There have been times this season that I’ve found them confusing. Personally, I think they should use them sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

A Surprise Offer - Suits

Did you expect Robert to have an ulterior motive for working with Rachel?

Jasmine: I did not, actually. Robert and Rachel have an interesting relationship, and I love how it has evolved since he was first introduced. I think he has more recently realized how capable Rachel is as an attorney and he respects her as a colleague in addition to being proud of her as a father. The true motivation behind his taking on the case surprised me.

Stacy: That thought never occurred to me. After everything with Gallo, he seemed completely genuine in wanting to spend time with his daughter. I really enjoyed watching them work together. 

Paul: Not at all. It seemed like he wanted to spend some quality time with his daughter, and it was really good to watch. The story he told Rachel was rather unsettling, so I hope they get justice. 

Christine: No, but it was a nice twist. I enjoy watching Robert and Rachel spend time and work together. They have a fascinating father/daughter dynamic.

Fighting For What's Right - Suits Season 7 Episode 9

Were you shocked that Louis found himself at war with Shiela's husband-to-be?

Jasmine: It was unexpected the way it happened, but I can't say it was shocking. He slept with the man's fiancee, there was going to be some blowback if/when he found out. 

Stacy: Yeah, I figured it was going to come back to bite him in the ass, but I didn't expect it to happen the way it did. Regardless, we knew there'd be consequences of his actions. 

Paul: It was always going to happen, but the execution of it pulled the rug out from under me. 

Christine: I didn’t expect it, but it only made me hate this storyline all the more. Did they bring Sheila back and give her a fiancee just to have a new foil for Lewis? I’m just holding out hope that this leads to something good for Louis in the end.

Harvey Is Not Impressed - Suits Season 7 Episode 9

What did you think of the way Louis treated Brian? Did Brian deserve it?

Jasmine: I was livid. I just don't understand why he makes progress and takes steps forward only to be right back where he started. Every time I get happy because he's lovable Louis, the dark side comes out.

Brian didn't deserve that at all because it wasn't tough love or constructive criticism. It was Louis, once again, using someone as his emotional punching bag rather than facing what's really bothering him head on. I HATE it.

Thank God Gretchen was back to get in everyone's asses. I love her so much. She's the Louis wrangler and the den mom. Speaking of, the negative matters aside, I love the fact that Louis may finally have his own Mike in Brian.

Hell, he may have unofficially adopted a godchild who he'll spoil rotten in his own Louis way now that he has bonded with the baby. The toxicity aside, I love Louis and Brian as their own dynamic duo.

Stacy: Jasmine pretty much summed it up. I'm sick of watching Louis take one step forward, two steps back. I was excited when Louis praised Brian for letting out his inner Mufasa and was looking forward to watching them work together.

It was completely unnecessary to have Louis yet again act like a jerk and take out his emotions on everyone else. I did love Louis showing up to babysit though, and I'm again looking forward to their partnership. Hopefully, Louis doesn't blow a gasket and screw it up again. 

Paul: It's a full house. Who knew Louis would become such a problematic character? I mean, we watch him become a better man and then throw it all away in the space of a few scenes. 

It's frustrating as a viewer because we like to see progression for the characters. We don't want the same crap to be going on seven seasons later. 

Get it together, and keep it that way, or write Louis out. The show would not be the same, but I'm sick of always getting on board with Louis and rooting for him to be left disappointed. 

Christine: Yup, we all agree. It’s time for Louis to truly make some progress and stop being such an ass, especially when he thinks he has power over them.

What are your hopes for next week's finale?

Jasmine: I'm not a Harvey and Donna shipper, and even I need them to sort their relationship out already. Hopefully, that will be the case in the finale. 

Stacy: I don't really want to see this thing with Louis and Sheila's fiance drag out too long, so I'm hoping for a quick resolution, but I doubt that will happen. 

Paul: I want Harvey and Donna to either get together or decide they will never be together and keep it that way. This back and forth is tiring. We've been waiting so long for them to get together that I will respect in answer either way. 

Christine: My hopes are all relationship based. I want everything with Louis and Sheila to end, but I doubt I’ll get that. And I hope this isn’t yet another finale where we think we’re making some progress between Harvey and Donna only to have it back slide when the new season begins.

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