Supergirl Season 3: Why Mon-El Is No Longer Welcome

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As far as love interests go, Supergirl Season 2 offered a pretty good one with the introduction of Kara as Mon-El's girlfriend.

Oh, wait, did I get that wrong?

Sorry, from the focus on Mon-El throughout the season, I forgot the show was actually about Kara. Did the writers forget that, too?

Saying Goodbye? - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22

Super Mon-El?

What was once Supergirl became something much more like its companions on The CW: a show about a white man becoming a hero. Where was Kara's story?

From the moment he woke up from his coma in the DEO, Mon-El devoured screen time from everyone else on the show, and truly, the show became less about Kara and her endeavors as a superhero and all about Mon-El.

It's almost like The CW doesn't know how to have a series without a white, male lead? Anyway.

Gone were the days of Kara and James' romantic tryst (which was explained to her needing time to figure out who Kara Danvers was) and, shortly after, came the romantic entanglement of Kara and Mon-El.

This pairing was made for The CW because it took time away from the characters we'd actually grown to love in Supergirl Season 1, and it was a "forbidden love" given that their planets were always at war.

Mon-El - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 20

We saw less of Kara's struggle with her super heroics as the season progressed and more time was spent on trying to turn Mon-El into someone good, someone who could be a hero.

Not to mention the fact that the Big Bad of the season was only there (on Earth) because of Mon-El. His mother came to get him to return home.

Standing up to Mom - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21

Mon-El remained selfish through the entire season, even amidst all the work that was put on him to turn him into someone "great." He still couldn't do what it meant to be a hero, and he risked the world because of it.

His transmission back home summoned his parents, and if he were truly a hero, he would've gone with them when his mother threatened to destroy/conquer this planet. He should have found a way out of it after saving the Earth.

To be fair, that's kind of an impossible situation to be in, but isn't it selfish to risk the planet for one person? (That statement goes for both Mon-El and Kara.)

For a show titled "Supergirl," we should be seeing more of her journey to greatness (obviously with filler episodes revolving around other future heroes, i.e., James and Mon-El). But that's not what we got.

Where'd Kara Danvers Go?

Kara was written to lose herself in this relationship; nothing else was as important, nothing else mattered when they were together; the usual garbage that's written when writers don't know what to do with a character.

She literally was fired from her job as a reporter and said it was okay as long as she had Mon-El. What?

Double Date - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18

Season 2 was such a departure from Season 1. Season 1 focused on the friendships between characters -- even Kara and Cat Grant -- and was all about women standing up for themselves in life, in work, and in relationships.

Without Cat Grant, it's like the show lost the feminism that made it stand out in the way it did on CBS.

Kara found her power in Season 1 with the help of Alex, being Supergirl, Lucy Lane, and Cat Grant, but with the departure of two of those, the show lost what made it special.

And bringing Mon-El back will only further that loss. His departure on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22 should be for good; Kara loved him, lost him, and now it's time she moves on and gets back to finding herself as Kara Danvers.

Surprised? - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 17

She's never going to be truly happy unless she's able to strike a balance between her two competing roles.

Mon-El forced Kara to choose between who she wanted to be, and he was only really ever able to relate to Supergirl, not Kara Danvers. He tried being a "human" and working at CatCo, but there's a reason he couldn't and Kara could.

A New Path

How about instead of bringing Mon-El back, the series brings back powerful, strong women? Why not bring back Lucy Lane as a guest, just like Cat Grant?

We need more of these interactions on the show if it's ever to return to the greatness of Season 1.

Lucy is Back - Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18

Taking a step back from relationships and focusing more on power dynamics, friendships, and work relationships are what will make this show shine. That's not to say Kara shouldn't have a relationship in the future.

It's just that on The CW they don't know how to write a woman in a relationship when she's the main character. Said woman always gets written as a secondary character after that.

What do you think? Do you want Mon-El to return? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Supergirl premieres October 9 on The CW!

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