The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Carry the Weight

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On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10, the stakes were high for everyone and emotions appeared when you least expected them to. Not only that, but there was one of the most powerful scenes I've ever witnessed. 

Jane has one last article that she writes for Scarlet before telling Jacqueline that she is leaving. Meanwhile, Kat is feeling restless and regretful after not going home with Adena. And Sutton is juggling both work and her romantic life with Alex and Richard at the same time. 

Experiencing the ending or the start of a new beginning for Jane and Kat was exhilarating. Then seeing Sutton reach even more success at her job and possibly finding happiness with Richard again was truly heartwarming. But nothing could rival Jacqueline and the strength she showed to others and herself.

Speaking Out - The Bold Type

Jacqueline and that chilling but powerful scene snuck up on me, which is what I think was truly meant to happen. Much like Jane, we were distracted by her article and the way she had to tell Jacqueline she was leaving. 

Jane paid attention to the article, but she didn't connect with the way that trauma had to be showcased. We missed Jacqueline handling her own battle.

So when Jacqueline came to the park, I was happy to see her there supporting the girls, and when she reached for the scales, the moment hit me twice as hard.

It was painful, shocking, and most importantly it was inspiring unlike anything else. It was a moment that will stay with me forever because it struck me on so many levels.

It is these kinds of plots and revelations that continue to remind me why The Bold Type is so important, even when you least expect it.

Jacqueline deciding Jane should interview her was the first step in her healing process. There might not be a way to bring the man who hurt Jacqueline to justice, but this is about Jacqueline and her recovery.

Sharing information was a way to reach out to others who may have gone through the same thing, so they will know they are not alone. 

The Bold Type touches my heart with the topics they bring to the forefront that aren't always discussed the way they should be. Even the way Mia addressed survivors as both women and men was a small but significant detail. 

Jane: You're ridiculous.
Kat: You're tiny.

Sutton was tackling a lot, yet always being one step ahead of Oliver was the icing on the cake. She proves that she is more than cut out for this; she is above and beyond prepared for more chances to shine.

Her success wasn't a big portion of this episode, but it deserves some recognition because she is kicking ass in the fashion field. How encouraging is it to follow Sutton on this journey?

As for Sutton and Alex (and Richard), sometimes things don't work out the way you expect. 

I truly thought Sutton and Alex would at least give it a shot for a little while, but then again I didn't factor in Richard being aware of it this soon or having that conversation about their relationship. 

The only way Sutton and Alex could work is if Richard wasn't around because it is when Richard or Sutton see each other that everything resurfaces.

Alex was right, and it sucks, but I love that he didn't push the issue when he said that he shouldn't date Sutton if she loves someone else. There is moving on and then there is not knowing how to. And why should Sutton move on when she still wants to be with that person?

They didn't break up because they didn't make sense together, their jobs prevented them from truly experiencing that happiness.

That scene in the elevator gave me hope, but I'm also unsure what could have changed. They are still working for Scarlet, and they witnessed firsthand what it means when a couple is caught if one party is above the other in the workplace. 

But maybe the only reason they didn't work was because they didn't try to make it work. Once they stopped putting as much into the relationship, it was bound to crack.

Yet Sutton and Richard learned from their mistakes; it looks like they are aware that they can't move on from one another, and I'm loving the possibilities. 

Sutton: I'm going to go talk to him right now because I am emotionally mature.
Kat: Show off.

Kat was regretting her decision, which makes sense, and it was like a countdown to the moment when she couldn't stay in one place anymore.

I kind of wish she came to terms with that when she was with Adena in the airport, mostly because nothing major changed since then yet she still took a step back and traveled exactly where she wanted.

Of course, maybe it was that combination of hitting two million and being at a big Scarlet party, yet Kat didn't feel what she was meant to. She wasn't excited like she was meant to be and that really said it all.

We didn't get to see Kat with Adena in Peru but they are together and my heart is happy.

Things are going well for all of them, and Kat has come a long way from not being sure what she feels to finally getting to a point where she found happiness.

I have no clue what Scarlet will be without both Jane and Kat, and maybe Kat will have adventures while still working for Scarlet. 

It would be great to have Kat exploring the world while still working at Scarlet; it would fill that part of her that she was missing and wouldn't remove her fully from her present life.

Oliver: I will never share ink with Anthony Weiner.
Sutton: Not today, not ever.

Jane struggled with finding a way to quit, and for a second I thought she would stay.

But seeing her open that email twice because that showed her a piece of what was to come reminded me how much she wanted to leave.

Her relationship with Jacqueline took such a turn. It was another core part of what The Bold Type represented, yet it didn't go exactly as planned.

It was the parallel to A Devil Wears Prada that made me confident that Jane leaving doesn't mean her relationship with Jacqueline is going away. 

Jacqueline believes in Jane even if she isn't working for her, and that support is what Jane took with her.

It would be lovely to see Jane taking on Incite while still checking in with Jacqueline. That kind of support system is what made that scary choice seem like something Jane could take on.

I should have fought for you. I should have really fought for you.


The Bold Type is a masterpiece I feel lucky to have discovered and to have shared with me. It goes above and beyond what I could have hoped for with every single episode.

There only needs to be more episodes and more of this journey that we get to go on. There has not been a show quite like this since Sweet Vicious, and it is nothing short of amazing.

The relationships between the young women and the mentors are exactly what we should be seeing. It reminds us of what female friendships really look like in the midst of other relevant topics shines that much more.

The Bold Type never disappoints, and I can only imagine where they will go from here. 

What did you think of that season finale? What stuck with you the most? What did you wish you saw more of? What do you love most about this show? What do you want to see next season?

Let us know your thoughts below!

And don't forget that you can watch The Bold Type online right here on TV Fanatic if you love this show as much as I do right now.

Carry the Weight Review

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Sutton: I'm going to go talk to him right now because I am emotionally mature.
Kat: Show off.

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Jane: You're ridiculous.
Kat: You're tiny.