The Originals Spoilers: More Caroline Forbes, Relationship Woes & MORE!!!

By Paul Dailly at

Now that we know The Originals is entering its final season, fans are wanting to know which characters will be appearing and in what capacity. 

We previously reported that Candice King would be appearing as her The Vampire Diaries character Caroline Forbes on The Originals Season 5 Episode 1. 

Given the increased focus on the magic school she and fellow The Vampire Diaries character Alaric Saltzman opened, it was clear there was going to be room for some more appearances. 

Co-Showrunner, Julie Plec confirmed there would be more than one appearance from the character to a fan who asked how often we can expect the blonde-haired beauty to appear. 

"Two so far," she said, which means there is room for more appearances than the two, so it makes us think Caroline could be a significant focus of the show's final season. 

At the close of The Originals Season 4, Hope and Hayley left New Orleans behind for Hope to enroll at Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and the Gifted. 

This was after the Original family had to split up to keep Hope safe from The Hollow, who had previously taken over Hope's body. 

With that, it meant there would be a time jump in store and Season 5 is said to jump several years into the future. That also meant that Hope had to be recast. 

Danielle Rose Russell will assume the role for The Originals Season 5, but that's not to say Summer Fontana is completely out of the equation. 

Plec confirmed that viewers would get to see Fontana in flashback, but there was no indication whether it would be a guest role or a recurring gig. 

On top of that, she said that Freya and Keelin would face some obstacles in their relationship, but did not indicate whether they would remain together in the series finale. 

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The Originals returns in 2018!