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Did the Royal Family live up to the ones from the source material?

That was the big question on Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 1 when a war erupted between Black Bolt and Maximus. 

It paved the way for a lot of destruction as everyone worried about whether the family would be able to live for much longer. 

With a big chase to Earth, the family tried desperately to sort everything out. 

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Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Karnak: What is that?
Gorgon: The little baby car?
Karnak: No. What is that above it?
Gorgon: My hoof!
Karnak: You don't see a problem with that?
Gorgon: That little thing was just banging against our walls. And as leader of the Royal Guard it was my responsibility to do something!
Karnak: Yeah something smart ideally! If the humans on Earth sees th-
Gorgon: No one is going to know that is a hoof.
Louise (on Earth): It looks like a hoof!

Maximus, right or wrong, he is dangerous. You think you are being tough with him but you are not. He has the ear of the people and he undermines your decisions. You are blind to his intentions. That is one of your greatest weaknesses. Regardless, you have my loyalty. Never doubt that. - Karnak to Black Bolt.